Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Didn't we build the arena for all the citizens of Corpus Christi? Apparently not!

af2 team pathetic copy cats

Hmpf Toldyouso - 09:51pm Dec 13, 2006 Central

I heard a rumor that they're gonna call the new af2 team here in Corpus Christi the "sharks". Either they have NO imaginations; are pathetically copycatting off the Hammerheads; or this is a sleazy marketing idea, hoping that the uninformed with believe this team might still have an association with the Hammerheads and will buy tickets from them anyway. Either way it shows that their statement is loud and clear, they mean to steal the territory and capitalize on all the hard work that the Dittman family has done building the IFL out of thin air. Another hardworking LOCAL family business pushed aside with the overwhelming help of Mark Scott and the rest on the city council, via SMG management and the sleazy Marc Solis. SMG and Marc Solis have ousted the Hammerheads, The Shriners Circus, tradeshows and other groups who had been regular PAYING customers of the Coliseum and refused to help accomodate the Kiwanis Golden Gloves and other non-profit groups that couldn't afford his rates. He won't even give you the time of day if he knows you don't have money. It makes you wonder why we had the Center built because it certainly wasn't for the people of Corpus Christi.

When SMG has made all the money they can off of our city and the ABCenter is run down like the coliseum became they will skip off into the sunset laughing at us.

Thank god for the good sensible, customer friendly arena in Robstown. At the rate LOCALLY run events are moving over there I bet the possibility of them getting the Ice Rayz and the A&M sports programs should be pretty strong. Support the new Robstown arena and all their LOCAL events. Remember when you buy a ticket from the real Corpus Christi Hammerheads that money stays HERE in our local economy, the players and employees and the owners all live HERE. The money made here stays here! Support Golden Gloves in Robstown this February!

Shame on Mark Scott, dog poo on Marc Solis! Only national acts and entities matter to them. Money t

Hmpf Toldyouso - 09:52pm Dec 13, 2006 Central (#1 of 1) Reply

...Money that does NOT stay here. Didn't we build the arena for all the citizens of Corpus Christi? Apparently not!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Joe A Ortiz (National Civil Rights Director, American GI Forum) Writes Letter to the Caller Times (and it got published)

Should step down

We know that Del Mar College President Carlos Garcia is responsible to the Board of Regents. However, President Garcia should be more responsible to the public. His actions are compromising education at Del Mar.

Del Mar President Garcia should relinquish his position until the present investigation is completed.

The board is doing a disservice to the public by keeping Del Mar President Garcia as president while there is a cloud of suspicion and his integrity is being questioned and investigated.

Joe Ortiz

(Civil Rights Director,

National GI Forum)

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Feel the BYTE

EB: I'm not sure what it is Jaime does for a living either,bass.

JK: The discussion was not about
"what it is Jaime does for a living". It began as a dialogue about some unique skills. Why would I reveal to you how I make my livelihood so you can sabotage it?

EB. but I DO know he tries to pimp himself out to candidates running for public office.

How do you
"know" this EB? You offer not one shred of proof. Then you act as if these Politicians are being victimized by me. My agenda is to engage the voters, publish irrefutable documentation and they decide. It might not be as I want or as you want but as WE as a whole community choose. Give me one instance where the Candidate did not approach initially.

EB:.even if they don't live in his district.

JK: Christen Archer does not live in the District either nor does Montgomery so WATT?

EB:.and if a candidate passes on hiring him,then he goes into full on attack mode,and will try to destroy the candidate's reputation and blame him for everything from global warming to the common cold.

JK: Again, you are incorrect EB. I don't believe Global Warming or common cold are accurate as they have never been a style of words I would use. More like Reneging, Lying & Cheating. EB, you must go by the person's actions and when a man is not worth his handshake (meaning he shakes hands and gives you his word and reneges) and he proves it to me personally I will speak up, I have not a qualm about going into full attack mode. Candidate's Reputation? Yeah, thats kinda like destroying the reputation of Heidi Fleiss or Marion Berry.

EB: He'll TELL you he has no agenda,

JK: Where have i ever said "I have no agenda".

I seldom use the word although the students use the term all day long.

EB: but anybody who reads his rantings

JK: Why do you read my "rantings" EB?

EB: can tell he does,and 99% of the time,that agenda involves Jaime trying to get paid by somebody.

JK: Do you work for free?

EB: His volumnous rants against the Fernandezes?..he claims they owe him money.

JK: It is Fernandez' EB. The Fernandez' are in arrears and their case is screwed because they want to hide the other heirs. Maybe you are one to let it go, not me. One day they will be compelled to keep their agreements. Those I have the documentation and not just a handshake.

EB: His continued attacks on Juan Garcia?

JK: Hey if one of you
Juant to brown nose him and open the door.........?

EB: ..he claims Garcia "hired" him to work in his campaign..then reneged.

JK: He did? Not only did I make a claim, I am contemplating dragging it all in to small claims court and dare you and everyone else to defend him. Why would you continue to defend a Politician / Lawyer. Now you are really reaching out there EB. Desperation so as to win?

EB: His attacks on Del Mar College?..his brother's girlfriend is suing the college,and Jaime's hoping to get HIS piece of the action by slamming the college.I guess he figures that by continuously attacking DMC,he's "helping" her case,and is therefore entitled to a sizable chunk of change from any settlement she might get.

JK: Now here is a prime example of Libel. The statement is absolutely false. Please make a note of the IP for exhibit. This will be emailed to Mike Westergren and Robert Heil as both are very aware of the victim (non litigant) you just Libeled. All in due time my friend.

EB: Mary Cano?..he accuses her of "modifying" his "JOB opportunities" (whatever the hell THAT'S supposed to mean).

JK: This is true, Mary Cano did modify my JOB Opportunities per Havlinka v Schubert.

EB: Don't get me wrong..I'm not trying to pile on here,Jaime,

JK: Dude, if you even knew who you are siding with. Pile on EB, nah you would never do anything like that especially if you knew it was helping me. Continue, pile on I can take it.

EB: but other people are seeing what I've seen for the last year or so..that you're not nearly as "objective" as you claim to be,and that,if you look deep enough,there's almost always some financial angle to to whoever or whatever it is you're accusing of some konspiracy on any given day.

JK: That is your opinion and that is quite a sophisticated view you have of me. However, I must request you acknowledge the credibility now of what was once a Konspiracy theory. Del Mar Housekeeping, The President, CIA, and Swiss Bankers Hunting on the Armstrong Ranch, Keeping the Powder Dry, A Sham in Nueces County, KFATSO. Why do you read such rantings EB? Because you have wisdom beyond your years, that is why you read WATT I write EB.

EB: I,personally,don't care who you're trying to wheedle money out of by posting the stuff you do.Having read most,if not all of it,my guess is you won't be paid by anybody anytime soon,but it seems other people are starting to catch on to what you're doing and what you're really about,which means your motives for posting some of the crap you do are going to be called into question more often now.

JK: If this is true then, that means these "other people" are starting to Feel the BYTE.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

I am glad you mentioned these things EB
Posted on December 10, 2006 at 05:29:52 AM by Kenedeno

EB: "Did you or did you not post a few months back that you were dragged into Judge JAG's court over a truancy issue involving one of your kids?"

JK: Yes, I did. When a parent takes his child to school and he arrives on time (he becomes a student under the Jurisdiction of the school administration); the child is in the custody of the school. While the child is on school grounds he is subject to the rules of the school as the school is subject to the custodial responsibility. Anything that happens during the day is under the school's watch. If the student is absent during the middle of the day who's watch is it under? If the child is tardy or walking the halls; who's watch is it? However, when the student is tardy or skipping during the middle periods, the school admin, the attendance clerk and the truancy officer engage themselves. They begin the documentation of the "truant events". There is a computer that will call to inform the household that the "student was absent one or more periods today". Keep in mind the automated system is readily discounted by the administration when they cannot find the reason it called. That is when the parent contacts the school to inquire to specifically which class was the child absent or tardy, why was the machine reporting the child absent? Now all of this said kids roaming the halls, tardy and absent is being allowed by who? Who's custody did the parents release the child into? But, once the truant events add up as they are allowed; the child and the parents are charged with truancy and adult contributing to truancy respectively. That means for the child an automatic slam dunk $500 ching ching, the parent slam dunked and another $500 ching ching and then the other parent $500 ching ching. Now tell me how that is right and just EB? I have every right and every reason to write about this injustice. And you are correct I do have an angle it is called EQUAL JUSTICE for all.

EB: "You see,Jaime..I make it a point to remember these things because it helps me put your rantings on certain things in their proper context."

JK: You remember so you can take them out of context and twist for your anti Jaime angle. Hell EB I could say the temp is below 90 degrees outside right now and you would find a way to argue about it.

EB: "For instance:

Your rantings on "deadbeat MEs who cover up crimes"...stem from the fact that you think the Fernandezes owe you money..oh..and land,too."

JK: If he wants to cover up facts or other heirs would that not open the door to covering up or manipulating evidence? Now, I can provide a little more indight if you follow the link address.

"Marie Fernandez that showed up to my office one Friday and tried to bribe me with another family member by stated the cause of death could be changed."

EB: "Your rantings on Del Mar..stem from something you allege happened to some chick your brother USED to date..(and probably from the fact that you USED to be a student there,and now you're not,which would lead any thinking person to wonder whether you have some personal axe to grind).It's funny how you pretend to be morally outraged at "sexual harassment" at Del Mar,yet you supported a slug for Sheriff whose campaign manager and potential Chief Deputy is a serial womanizer and documented sexual abuser..and you knew it but supported him anyway."

JK: The "chick" (1 of over many victims who cam forward) is my brother's significant other. My involvement in this fight has everything to do with the community. There is a construction vested interest coupled with the self dealing shell game which is leveraged by others like Carlos Garcia who loves tits and ass. I have not one hesitation to refer to Mike Westergren , Joe Alaniz, Carlos Garcia and the like as corrupt along with police reports, written testimony and documents displaying them for the worms they truly are. With Pete Alvarez there is no certainty the womanizer would have become part of the Sheriffs Dept. You can make the arguement all day long. But if he would have moved with Pete would not these inappropriate actions be enough to deny him the position if the public spoke up? Why dont you show us some documents on the "sexual abuse" EB?

EB: "Your attempted character assassination of Juan claimed he couldn't be trusted,that he had no ethics or morals..yet you tried to sell your "services" to his campaign.It was only AFTER he told you and "Team Kenedeno" to take a hike,that you began attacking him.Which..again,would lead any thinking person to wonder..if he'd have hired you,would you STILL have dogged him in these forums?..I'll bet you wouldn't fact..I'll even bet you you'd hve been busily posting reams of crap telling us what a wonderful guy he is".

JK: I will keep this simple. Juan shook my hand, asked me to start working (writing) and bring the public into this race. He said he had very little money at the time to pay for my services but if we could bring the public into the HD #32 RACE the money would come in from the big donors. I told him I would challenge Mikal to kick in some dinero and I would get the money coming in. Juan also claimed he wanted a debate with Seaman but he said it would take an act of god. I assured him I would get Seaman to debate him. Juan was scared to debate Seaman. He got his ass kicked at every joust. Juan never told us to take a hike, he kept on saying tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow and then was too much of a puss to answer the phone and tell me to take a hike or whatever; he is ashamed and he cannot look me in the eyes (and I have been in his presence) because he knows he lied and hid like a coward. And you brought him up so don’t go there with the I cant let it go bs.

EB: “You're like the wizard from the "Wizard of Oz", PROJECT an image of bluster and fire and claim to have knowledge of all these various community goings on..but when you look behind the bluster and ignore the rhetoric for amoment and you pull the curtain back..there's a little guy behind it trying furiously to spin something into something it's not.”

JK: What is wrong with the Wizard of OZ? He got the people to have confidence in themselves. He enabled the Lion to find his courage. He enabled the scarecrow to find his intelligence etc etc etc……

Marie Fernandez that showed up to my office one Friday and tried to bribe me with another family member by stated the cause of death could be changed.

NOTHING, NOTHING ever happened because Ray Fernandez had now become more interested in a dear friend of my fathers, that worked with Elena Suess Kenedy. Posted on September 22, 2005 at 02:22:50 PM by Estevan

I have to agree with Jaime. I met several times with Ray Fernandez at his office. I was working on the Ruben Vela murder case and made an appt to see him and go over my investigation. The official cause of death was ruled an ACCIDENT. I discovered many loose ends that required the reopening of the case and view it as an ASSAULT which led to murder when Ruben died 5 days later. Dr. Fernandez agreed that I had enough new evidence to talk to the texas ranger that investigated originally plus I told him of a video tape that the asst fire chief of bishop had taken of the entire rescue event. He was not aware of it, as the ranger did not even look into this case enough to know the video was there. Dr. Fernandez stated to me that with the skull fracture that Ruben had he would have been immediately paralyzed and therefore would not have been able to ride his bike 7 blocks after he was assaulted at the hay barn (which burned down that nite!) and valiantly tried to ride his bike back home. I told him of the video and that MAria Vela, rubens mom, had told me Ruben had his hands up to his head when she arrived. The video would prove that ruben was not papralyzed and therefore any conclusion the coroner came to was not correct. It was not an accidental death, it was premeditated. NOTHING, NOTHING ever happened becasue Ray Fernandez had now become more interested in a dear friend of my fathers, that worked with elena. He wanted me to get enough info from the old guy to help himself. He now seemed to play a game of give me info and I''ll help you!! I did not give my father''s friend to him and consequently never got a damn thing done to help the Vela family and bring out the truth. WHY?? Then there is Marie Fernandez that showed up to my office one Friday
Then there is Marie Fernandez that showed up to my office one Friday and tried to bribe me with another family member by stated the cause of death could be changed. After this meeting with her, strange and ultimately lost my job because of her. She started telling the lie that I had slept with her. It is alledged she would do it in front of her husband, my chances for the vela case now get out of reach for me. Too many minds poisoned and untrusting due to her lies. Yes, I agree with Jaime.