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Watt a JOKE And oh so BORING

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SCANDAL : The Cheney Shooting or The Media's lack of Hunting Knowledge?2/13/2006 3:51 PM
Spoke to my hunter freinds and they are laughing at this whole incident cuz Cheney was using buck shot and the guy was 200 feet away-- so the worst that could have happened was skin breakage. It is not life threatening. The real story should have been--IF I WERE RUNNING THE SHOW-- that Cheney has to conduct all of activities with an ambulance and a host of doctors nearby. That tells us the real state of the Vice President's union! Hunters say the media is blowing this all out of proportion. I suppose it has everything to do with Liberal media heads who think hunting should be criminal anyway and now that Cheny is involved they think they have a new Anti-hunting/anti-gun poster child. I can see it now-- Cheney's scowling mug shot with a headline that reads-- BAN ALL GUNS NOW BEFORE THIS MAN SHOTS AGAIN! Next time it could a bird in your neighborhood or your attorney OR YOU! Give us all a break! Cheney needs to come back blasting--all puns intended. AND did you see the Brady's response to this mess: 2/12/2006 5:40:00 PM To: National Desk Contact: Peter Hamm of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, 202-289-5792 WASHINGTON, Feb. 12 /U.S. Newswire/ -- James and Sarah Brady made comments today related to Vice President Cheney's reportedly accidental shooting yesterday in Texas. "Now I understand why Dick Cheney keeps asking me to go hunting with him," said Jim Brady. "I had a friend once who accidentally shot pellets into his dog - and I thought he was an idiot." "I've thought Cheney was scary for a long time," Sarah Brady said. "Now I know I was right to be nervous." Jenni

Corpus Christi Caller Times Deleted the Dickless Shooting Accident

What happened to the VP Shooitng thread? It's disappeared?
harry reid - 11:44am Feb 13, 2006 Central“Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.”
Can anyone get to it? Also the Cheney thread about Plamegate is gone?
KhachTX - 01:38pm Feb 13, 2006 Central (#1 of 18) Going to church no more makes you a Christian than going swimming makes you a fish
havent' seen it....but would like to!
harry reid - 04:08pm Feb 13, 2006 Central (#2 of 18) “Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.”
I spoke to them an hour or so ago. The web site folks were told by "corporate" to make it disappear... along with the thread about him authorizing Libby to leak Plame's name. Incidentally, she was covert and working on IRAN intelligence at the time!
And get this, they didn't want to be embarrassed because of the d- - kless Cheney comments, yet they allow the "f" word from EW to remain?Censoring a totally made up word, and still allowing one of the well known 7 words considered illegal in broadcasting to appear makes as much sense as pillows in coffins! Its BS.. and the Caller Times knows it.. why though? Many of us has used that d- - ckless word for over 3 years.. I traced it to a Cisco, and Linda something as far back as 2003.... posts.
Suddenly it's an embarrassment? Yet the "F" word isnt?
harry reid - 04:15pm Feb 13, 2006 Central (#3 of 18) “Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.”
The Kenedy County Sheriff’s Department did not investigate the accidental shooting of prominent Texas lawyer Harry Whittington by Vice President Dick Cheney until the next morning.
Cheney, Whittington and U.S. ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein Pam Willeford were hunting quail on the Northwest part of the 50,000-acre Armstrong Ranch Saturday afternoon, when Cheney, firing at a covey of quail, sprayed Whittington with shotgun pellets.
Katharine Armstrong, one of the owners of the ranch, said the priority was to address Whittington’s injuries, and thus it didn’t occur to the family to contact the authorities. Oddly, she didn't include that in her first statement.. now did she?
"The sheriff came the next morning and took a statement." Armstrong said. "It did not even occur to me. It was not like somebody had robbed a filling station. It was not like a criminal thing."
None in the hunting party was drinking alcohol, Armstrong said.
"No, zero, zippo and I don’t drink at all," she said. "No one was drinking." And now, you couldn't prove it if you had too.. he he...
harry reid - 04:34pm Feb 13, 2006 Central (#4 of 18) “Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.”
Well maybe you were right EW. D- - ckless must be much worse than the "f" word, PG was booted off... you're still here.. And he has lost his privileges. Wow, there is something wrong here.. Someone asserted pressure...
Eric W. - 05:13pm Feb 13, 2006 Central (#5 of 18)
I am surprised. I don't want anyone to be kicked. Hell, we are all big boy here . . . except for Tejano2K, of course.
harry reid - 05:22pm Feb 13, 2006 Central (#6 of 18) “Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.”
Inconsistencies Abound with the Cheney Shooting Response
Word first spread that Vice President Dick Cheney had accidentally shot one of his hunting partners on February 12, nearly 24 hours after the incident occurred, when Katharine Armstrong -- the host of Cheney's hunting party -- passed the story on to her local newspaper, Texas' Corpus Christi Caller-Times. In a February 13 article, National Review White House correspondent Byron York wrote that Armstrong "said she did not coordinate with the vice president's office before calling the Corpus Christi paper." But when a spokeswoman for Cheney responded to the article by saying that, in fact, Armstrong and Cheney discussed specifically how the news would be disclosed to the public, York printed the White House response as an "author's note" at the bottom of the article, with no explanation for the discrepancy in Armstrong's and Cheney's reported accounts.
harry reid - 05:23pm Feb 13, 2006 Central (#7 of 18) “Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.”
From York's article on National Review Online:
Katharine Armstrong said she did not coordinate with the vice president's office before calling the Corpus Christi paper. If Armstrong had not made the call, it is not clear when, if ever, the vice president's office would have told the public about the incident. Asked what would have happened if the accident had happened another way -- if, for example, [Harry] Whittington [the Texas attorney that Cheney shot] had accidentally shot the vice president -- the administration source told NRO that it would have been handled in a similar fashion. "The priorities would have remained the same -- first medical care, then law enforcement alert," the source said. Still, in the case of Saturday's shooting, those matters were taken care of on Saturday, and the press was still not notified until after Katharine Armstrong made the decision to call her local paper.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: After this story appeared, Cheney spokeswoman Lea Anne McBride called NRO to say that Cheney and Katharine Armstrong did discuss telling the public about the incident. "The vice president was on the Armstrong ranch, and they were talking directly," McBride said. "The vice president and Mrs. Armstrong agreed that the media should be notified, and Mrs. Armstrong called her local paper."
harry reid - 05:24pm Feb 13, 2006 Central (#8 of 18) “Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.”
The "author's note" raises the question of how the discrepancy occurred, which York gave no indication of trying to answer. There are at least three possibilities: (1) York misrepresented what Armstrong told him; (2) Armstrong did not tell the truth; or (3) the White House did not tell the truth.
York's description of Armstrong's account was similar to a report by CNN. During coverage of a February 13 White House press briefing, CNN White House correspondent Suzanne Malveaux noted that Armstrong "told CNN that she did not believe that the Vice President's Office was aware that she was going to go to the local press." But Malveaux pressed White House press secretary Scott McClellan to explain the discrepancy between Armstrong's account and the Bush administration's line:
MALVEAUX: Katharine Armstrong talked to CNN Sunday evening [February 12] and she said that she thought this was going to become a story, so she was going to go to the local press. She also told CNN that she did not believe the Vice President's Office was aware that she was going to go to the local press. How do you square that with your account, that --
McCLELLAN: The vice president spoke with her directly, and they agreed that she would make it public.
MALVEAUX: Are you saying that she's lying? That her --
McCLELLAN: No. You ought to check with her.
MALVEAUX: We did check with her. So you're saying that's not correct?McCLELLAN: The vice president spoke directly with Mrs. Armstrong, and they agreed that she would make the information public.
harry reid - 05:29pm Feb 13, 2006 Central (#9 of 18) “Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.”
REALLY? C'mon Scotty.. who's telling the truth now? The WH track record hasn't been all that good.. we all remember Pat Tillman, Jessica Lynch, the now famous LEVEE line from Bubble Boy etc.
Someone please, step forward and actually set the record straight.. for once!
Eric W. - 06:01pm Feb 13, 2006 Central (#10 of 18)
Yeah, the Republicans assasinated Tillman, fabricated the rescue of Jessica and blew up the levees with atomic bombs to kill poor Black in New Orleans so that rich White people could steal their property.
FT__TX - 06:20pm Feb 13, 2006 Central (#11 of 18) "You and I have a rendezvous with destiny. We will preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on Earth, or we will sentence them to take the last step into a thousand years of darkness" ~Ronald Reagan~
hairless, as usual, you're makin' a giant mountain out of a tiny molehill here.
Anyone that has ever been bird hunting with a group of shooters, has been "peppered" by shotgun pellets.
It happens all the time.
The reson it's generally no big deal, is that normaly, when using 7 1/2 shot, it'd be tough to break even skin, unless the person "peppered" was really close. Or, if you were older and with that, had thin skin. As older people often do.
Cheney's hunting partner must have forgotten typical bird hunting rules. If you're going to approach a fellow hunter in the field, it's your own responsibility to alert your fellow hunter that you're within range. The hunter is looking for birds. Not for people quietly approaching the firing zone, from behind, unannounced.
That's just the way it is, and always will be, for everyone who's ever gone bird hunting.
harry reid - 07:31pm Feb 13, 2006 Central (#12 of 18) “Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.”
No, the administration tried to invent, fabricate heroes.. they wanted walking talkind recruitment posters.. laugh all you want EW, but when your government (has to resort to trickery, deception, bald faced lies) for recruitment something is way wrong!
I've never accused anyone of blowing up levees, but our own government's report says they screwed the pooch.. and we now know Bush lied while trying to deflect the heat about the levee's.
harry reid - 07:36pm Feb 13, 2006 Central (#13 of 18) “Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.”
The questions I've raised have little or nothing to do with anything you mention in your post FT.
The question/s I've raised are about the response to the accident, NOT the accident.
From__Said - 07:38pm Feb 13, 2006 Central (#14 of 18) I did NOT vote for him - and I'm proud of it!
The whole media world is wondering why it took over 8 hours for the news to reach the rest of the world, about Cheney shooting one of his best friends. And the poor guy is still in ICU.
If that's how Cheney treats his friends, how will he treat his enemies?
Never mind, not expecting an answer.
Eric W. - 07:55pm Feb 13, 2006 Central (#15 of 18)
The guy ain't in ICU because of the seriousness of his wound. The guy got a couple of bird shot. If it was anyone else they who have their wife pick 'em out with the tweezer like mine does.
Doya think the next time I hit my thumb with the hammer or stub my toe or do some asphalt surfin' on my motorcycle I need to call the sheriff and then call the national press corp.
Jan Shilling - 09:12pm Feb 13, 2006 Central (#16 of 18)
Why are bird dogs not used to fetch up birds on a hunting ranch?
Is this a common practice?
Elwood Blues - 10:15pm Feb 13, 2006 Central (#17 of 18) "I'm NOT the "voice of reason"
Sorry about porter,harry.We're all here at the sysop's pleasure,I guess..though I doubt anyone here was truly offended by the nickname.
I suspect the delay in reporting the incident was due more to alcohol being involved than anyone else.I know Eric,FT,and GR are no strangers to a good ol' South Texas quail what do you fellas think? Think there mighta been a couple shots of some good whiskey..maybe a few cold cervezas over the course of the day?
I'm not saying Cheney was falling down drunk..but given the political climate these days..word gets out his BAC was even 0.01%..there'd still be a firestorm over,even if he'd only had a beer or two,he'd be made out to be a drunk an alcoholic or he might even have Carlos Valdez (a Dem DA who wouldn't mind the publicity at Cheney's expense) wanting a word with him.

Jaime Kenedeno - 10:31pm Feb 13, 2006 Central (#18 of 23)
HR: "What happened to the VP Shootng thread? It's disappeared?"
Right here.

Eric W. - 10:34pm Feb 13, 2006 Central (#19 of 23)
According to folks who were there no alcohol was involved. I'm sure y'all have some special insight, possibly an inside source or a devine revelation.
I don't know that they were hunting with dogs. I doesn't appear that he was shot while trying to retrieve a bird anyway.
Elwood Blues - 11:07pm Feb 13, 2006 Central (#20 of 23) "I'm NOT the "voice of reason"
No special insight claimed..I'm just tryin' to calibrate my "bovine excrement" meter.
harry reid - 11:47pm Feb 13, 2006 Central (#21 of 23) “Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.”
TDS: Cheney makes Stewart so happy! Jon Stewart was having a really boring weekend and he was really sad. Nothing had been getting his blood boiling lately and he just wasn't excited to be alive anymore-Until:
Video-WMP Video-QT Later
Stewart was on fire tonight:
"Whittington was mistaken for a bird."
"Harry Whittington, seasoned to an inch of his life."
"Don't let your kids go hunting with the Vice President. I don't care what kind of lucrative contracts they're trying to land or-energy regulations they're trying to get lifted. He'll shoot them in the face."
Rob Courdry joined in.
harry reid - 11:48pm Feb 13, 2006 Central (#22 of 23) “Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.”
TDS: Cheney makes Stewart so happy! continued...
Courdry: "Jon, tonight the Vice President is standing by his decision to shoot Harry Whittington. Now according to the best intelligence available, there were quail hidden in the brush. Everyone believed at the time-there-were-quail in the brush. And while the quail turned out to be the 78 year old man. Even knowing that today, Mr. Cheney insists-he still would have shot Mr. Whittington in the face.
harry reid - 11:54pm Feb 13, 2006 Central (#23 of 23) “Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.”
Oh sure, there's no reason not to believe anything ANYONE in the Bush Admin says. After all, they've been so forthright these past 5 years...

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Mikal Watts, “Vilma Luna is our hero, and Jamie Capelo is our enemy."
Jaime Kenedeno - 10:19pm Dec 25, 2005 Central
Mikal Watts; YANQUI, he convinced TLR to Loophole HB 4 what do you think he is doing in S TX? Posted on December 25, 2005 at 11:46:15 PM by Jaime Kenedeño
“Vilma Luna is our hero, and Jamie Capelo is our enemy. First, Vilma wisely established a working relationship with the Republicans in control of the House.”
How many were TLR republicans?
“Second, she arranged for me and her to have a meeting with Rep. Joe Nixon, the author of H.B. 4, and did an outstanding job negotiating with him to save our practice.”
Rep. Joe Nixon, the author of H.B. 4 NOT Jaime Capelo!
“Third, I wrote an amendment that created large exceptions to the products bill as originally written, including exceptions re: adequate standards, misleading the government, or failing to warn of defects, and she caused Nixon to meet with us, and to actually consider it.”
Loopholes for Mikal Watt$ “to save his practice”?
"Fourth, Vilma negotiated with him, and convinced him to convince TLR that he should look at the amendment, which he agreed to do."
Watt did Vilma Luna do that convinced Joe Nixon to look at the amendment?
Rhetoric is usually backed up by something.
"Fifth, Greg Gowan and Alex Miller worked diligently with Vilma, as did Joseph Barrientos, to feed her with specific information needed to continue to lobby the other side.
Lobby the other side?
Feed Vilma Luna with specific information?
Are these guys registered lobbyist?
Is Vilma Luna a Lobbyist, an employee of Watts, or a representative of the people?
What is the “pecking order”?
“ Finally, Alex Miller traveled to San Antonio to write specific wording necessary to accommodate the demands of the other side, while allowing us to do what we needed to do. In a full two days of 350 amendments being offered, Vilma's amendments to the products bill, and her work on eliminating the retroactivity provisions, were among only a ve
Jaime Kenedeno - 10:23pm Dec 25, 2005 Central (#1 of 25)
and her work on eliminating the retroactivity provisions, were among only a very few of the amendments that actually were passed, and got into the bill. At 12:30 a.m. this morning, the house passed H.B. 4 with Vilma's amendments in it”.
Watt were the demands of the other side?
Who is the other side?
TLR & Mikal Watts were playing “Good Cop Bad Cop”?
Watt did Mikal’s crew “need” to do?
Watt made Vilma’s amendments “elite” enough to “pass” and “loophole” the bill?
"Everyone in the firm needs to take a moment to send an email to Vilma at her Texas House email address (attached) to tell her thanks for saving us. Additionally, the other referenced members of the firm are to be congratulated. Finally, keep a long memory. Jaime Capelo tried to shut us down, and we must not forget that when the next election cycle comes around."
Watt did Jaime Capelo do for Tony “Two Fer” Canales, Christus, KFATSO & supposedly for the Doctors (the Malpractice insurance went up after this). The Health Care is the one to benefit. So why was Two Fer Pissed at Capelo?
”Vilma's amendment to the product section of the bill converted a situation where originally all product manufacturers making a product that met federal standards (i.e., all cars and all drugs in this country) immune from suit in Texas.”
Watt benefited more?
The Consumer?
Or the Class Action “Slick” Lawyers?
”Now, the bill merely creates a rebuttal presumption that product meeting a federal standard is not defective, which we can overcome by proving any one of three things:
He really means three loopholes to exploit.
"The claimant may rebut the presumption in Subsection (a) by establishing that:
(1) the mandatory federal safety standards or regulations applicable to the product were inadequate to protect the public from unreasonable risks of injury or damage;
(2) the manufacturer, be
Jaime Kenedeno - 10:24pm Dec 25, 2005 Central (#2 of 25)
, before or after marketing the product, withheld information required by or misrepresented information provided to the federal government or agency that was:
(a) material and relevant to the federal government's or agency's determination that the mandatory safety standards or regulations at issue were adequate; and
(b) causally related to the claimant's injury; or
(3) with respect to the manufacturer of a motor vehicle, or a component thereof, after the product was sold and before the alleged injury occurred, the manufacturer learned the vehicle or component part contained a defect causally related to the claimant's injury and to motor vehicle safety and failed to either;
(a) give notice to the federal government, or agency of the federal government, that adopted or promulgated the applicable safety standards or regulations; or
(b) give notice by first-class mail to each person registered under Texas law as the owner and whose name and address are reasonably ascertainable by the manufacturer through state records or other available sources, or if the registered owner is not notified, to the most recent purchaser known to the manufacturer."
This is a critical amendment for the continued viability of any products case in the state of Texas, because
Section 1 gives us the ability to keep a case alive by arguing what we always argue anyway -- the federal standard governing our product is inadequate. We win cases only when the jury buys this argument anyway.
Section 2 allows us to attack the credibility of the product manufacturer's involvement or participation in the formulation of the federal standards. In the auto context specifically, we now get to get into evidence all the political b.s. the manufacturers pulled in the '60s and '70s in getting these standards watered down.
Section 3 allows us to resurrect a post-sale duty to warn in Texas. under the Dion v. Ford case, Texas recognized no common la
Jaime Kenedeno - 10:26pm Dec 25, 2005 Central (#3 of 25)
law post-sale duty to warn. Since 15 U.S.C. Sec. 1411 was rescinded, and watered down, it was a necessary amendment to allow us to continue to make the arguments we used to make that the manufacturer knew its product was defective and failed to recall it.
Most importantly, the previous iterations of the amendment were stripped; i.e.
(a) the previous version's immunity becomes a only rebuttal presumption; (b) level of proof to overcome presumption is reduced from clear and convincing evidence to preponderance of the evidence; (c) the previous exception contained separate provisions and the word "AND," meaning you had to prove all of them to not be summary judgment'd out: now, it says "OR", which gives us the ability to pick our exception, to tailor them to the facts of the case. (d) the previous exception provided for the fraud on the government stuff to apply only if it was information required to be given by the manufacturer, it now applies to any information they gave to the government, which is a critical distinction in our car cases, where almost all the information given is through the voluntary comments provisions. (e) the legislative history is going to be very helpful on this, because we went from a draconian version, to one that includes these exceptions, which should be very helpful to us in convincing trial courts that this kind of evidence should come in.
Watt he is really saying is This cost me a lot of money. If you make any of these mistakes “YOUR FIRED”!
"In addition to the efforts of members of our firm, which were critical, other lawyers in CC, including past members of our firm, played a critical role. Fil Vela (ROSE VELA’s HUSBAND) (lobbying other legislators continuously, and arranging lobbyists), Billy Edwards (testifying in the committee Braugh and Wigington & Rumley (taking victims to the legislature and assisting with meeting), Sico, White & p.r. efforts) and others constantly wor
Jaime Kenedeno - 10:29pm Dec 25, 2005 Central (#4 of 25)
constantly worked to keep the pressure on locally and state-wide re: the products issue. They are to be congratulated as well."
"The fight is not over. We have much greater opportunities as this bill reaches the Senate. We must continue our diligence, and keep working hard to get this bill fixed. We have got to continue to get present and former clients up there for the members of the Senate to see. We must work diligently for the rest of this session to make sure TLR does not immunize tortfeasors from their victims in this state."
John DeLaGarza - 03:12am Dec 27, 2005 Central (#5 of 25)
Vilma Luna is :cool:
Jaime Kenedeno - 10:08pm Dec 27, 2005 Central (#6 of 25)
I agree! I like Vilma Luna and have supported her even though she works for a YANQUI.
Watts is using her.
He will eventually get her into something she will be blamed for.
Mikal Watts & Tony Canales are in Tandem as a Political Force. Olivares has hired Montgomery and Associates. I like them too. Very shrewd Political Consultants. Independent Thinkers??
Pretty smart and wealthy too after running that expensive campaign for Two Fer's Daughter Barbara "all the little kids in the Colonias ran up to me and thanked me for running" Canales
They are using Vilma Luna.
Mikal Watts wont even open is mouth for less than $250k that is why he made TLR the offer they did not refuse.
Now Mikal wants to know who to buy. That is all there is to it.
"La Clica" is no better.
I ask you John,..... do you like Mikal Watts?
Jaime Kenedeno - 10:08pm Dec 27, 2005 Central (#7 of 25)
""A Tickler of Events to Come" for the YANQUIS Posted on December 27, 2005 at 05:11:53 AM by Jaime Kenedeño
Ok, trying to break down the factions and the affinities bringing them in and out of affiliation, I will try tomake sense of it ALL.
Tony Canales & Mikal Watts have a common enemy in Jaime Capelo. While Mikal Watts claims to be exacting his influence against Capelo for Capelo not supporting (politically) his Mother Sandra Watts (Nueces County District Judge); the other reason might seem to the average citizen as a most motivating factor, it is the Legislation Capelo Co Authored with Joe Nixon HB 4. A local proposition Capelo wrote apparently evolved into the HB 4. This legislation limited product liability amount$ at $250k per victim.
Canales seemingly should be applauding the Capelo Litigation as his close personal friend Hugo Berlanga sat Capelo into his vacated seat. Hugo had legal problems and probably was designing the medical legislation before he ran into legal allegations. So the bill is favorable to TWO FER, KFATSO & the Health care system; so why would Tony be mad?
Senator Carlos Truan "retired" but sources tell me he was told to not run again. So now Nueces has nobody to replace Truan. Two Fer has his Daughter run assuming that the usual crowd will back the Dr Hector "coat tails". It seems a rift occurred. rene odriguez Jaime Capelo & Shamsie represented a new faction and backed Chuey Hinojosa over Barbara Canales. Tony was humiliated and this is his reason for stirring up the Police Officers Association (Citgo Faction). He YANQUIED the Cops into going after Rodriguez. Capelo (Citgo Atty) settled with Rodriguez (CCPOA Atty). Capelo settled out of court for a small fee of course. Lawyers always do these type of "Rebates" as Homero terms it. Two Fer already had this info when he roused the CCPOA up against Rodriguez. So was Capelo a fall guy to get at Rodriguez for Two Fer and Watts alligned with Two Fer so as to Finish Capelo.
Jaime Kenedeno - 12:51am Dec 28, 2005 Central (#8 of 25)
Mikal Watts is not about Humanity or Goodwill he is about Mikal Watts.Posted on December 26, 2005 at 11:33:56 PM by Jaime KenedeñoSame thing with Vance Owen. They both used Mauricio Celis. He (Celis) brought the clients from Mexico through Vance to Watts. Then Watts distanced himself from all of the Players in the Firestone cases from Mexico (except an attorney named Mike Guerra in the Edinburgh Office). Vance took Mauricio on a spending contest going halves on many things including the EL TAPATIO, Ferrarri's, Havana Club,etc... etc...Women and more women. Whisked away on dates in the leer jet to Mexico and destinations unknown. I always wondered WATT they were packing on the way home. Probably money. Well I understand Mr Owens has since sold his half to Celis and is now liquid. I wonder what shit is fixing to hit the fan? CCPD has rumored of impropriety with these YANQUIs.
Elwood Blues - 11:27am Dec 30, 2005 Central (#9 of 25) "I'm NOT the "voice of reason"
"YANQUI": A white boy who posts under a hispanic name,and butchers the language by using non-words like "ponle".
Jaime Kenedeno - 08:59pm Dec 31, 2005 Central (#10 of 25)
Jaime Kenedeno - 08:10pm Dec 31, 2005 Central (#10 of 10) You are such a little bitch
If you go back in the archives I have been posting for quite a while under Jaime.
It is a pen name. You always have something to say that has nothing to do with the issue at hand.
YANQUI??? up the definition.
Ponle,,, that is what the Chucos would say before when they wanted to jump me.
It never happened the way they thought it would.
Physically you are no match, as well as in here and over there where I already rest my case.
Elwood Blues - 02:39am Jan 1, 2006 Central (#11 of 25) "I'm NOT the "voice of reason"
Jaime Kanabeanso~ If you go back in the archives I have been posting for quite a while under Jaime.
Yeah?...and? extortionist posting by any other name is still an extortionist,you deranged fool.
Jaime Extortionisto~ You always have something to say that has nothing to do with the issue at hand.
And you always have something to say that makes no sense whatsoever.Have you been barred from Girabaldi's yet?..or have the "politicos" taken out restraining orders against you?
Ricky Ricardo~ Ponle,,, that is what the Chucos would say before when they wanted to jump me.
I'd thought you would have checked this out by now,seeing as I've smacked you about this several times,but're still as clueless as ever.
Dumbass..there IS NO SUCH WORD AS "PONLE".What you heard was slang..Tex-Mex for the expression "pos orale".. which means "then lets go" Tex's shortened to "p'orale" fool.
Jaime Machismo~ Physically you are no match,as well as in here and over there where I already rest my case.
And you know this how,peabrain? Mentally,you're no match for me,in fact you're no match for why not head back over to the Defenzor board and continue to argue with yourself? I'd tell you to go back to shower boy's board..but you're ignored by the people there,too.
Somewhere..a village is missing it's idiot...
Jaime Kenedeno - 08:34pm Jan 1, 2006 Central (#12 of 25)
Where I came from it is "Ponle Vato"
Whatever I guess I have got to enter it into the unabridged.
Aint no Politicos can do anything to me.
I come from well respected and feared white boy familia.
Jew got the balls?
Garibaldi dont and the Pussy Cat Yanqui Politicos dont.
"Pos Orale"?
Jaime Kenedeno - 08:41pm Jan 1, 2006 Central (#13 of 25)
To be ignored is to not disagree, not engage or just stay out of the way.
It is the ultimate in respect.
Go back over there and get slammed again
You will see who Daddy is
Oh yeah make sure the ME pays you in advance.
Always the name caller arent you Elwood?
When all else fails WATT do you resort to?
Jaime Kenedeno - 08:42pm Jan 1, 2006 Central (#14 of 25)
Tony Canales Atty for Firestone, Mikal Watts Atty for Victims, Fil Vela Judge... HUM???? Posted on January 1, 2006 at 06:04:34 AM by Jaime Kenedeño
McAllen jury deliberating Firestone case BY LYNN BREZOSKY Associated Press Writer McALLEN, Texas — Jurors began deliberating Tuesday in a $1 billion lawsuit against Bridgestone/Firestone Inc. after hearing lawyers for the family of a paralyzed woman compare the company’s tires with mass murderer Timothy McVeigh. Firestone lawyers instead blamed the crash on Ford Motor Co., which made the Explorer sport utility vehicle in which the 39-year-old mother of three was riding. U.S. District Court Judge Filemon Vela gave the nine-member jury a 20-count charge to guide its deliberations, which lasted less than two hours and were scheduled to resume Wednesday. The judge asked jurors to determine whether the Firestone Wilderness AT tire had a manufacturing defect because of poor design and negligence. “This tire has killed more people than Timothy McVeigh. That is the awesome nature of the tragedy,” Mikal Watts, a lawyer for victim’s family, said in a closing argument. More than 200 deaths and 800 injuries in the United States have been blamed on Explorers rolling over after a tire tread separation involving a Firestone tire. Bridgestone/Firestone has settled more than 150 cases. “I wish at times the law would allow me to take this axle and beat these people up,” said another of the family’s lawyers, Tab Turner — referring to Firestone officials. “This is the day the American people can stand up and tell Firestone we’re not going to take it.” Firestone attorneys closed their case by continuing to argue that faulty design of the Ford Explorer made tires lose their tread. They said any other vehicle would not have rolled over after a similar tire failure. Lead Firestone attorney Knox Nunnally used the last minutes of the trial to present internal
Jaime Kenedeno - 09:02pm Jan 1, 2006 Central (#15 of 25)
Ford correspondence dating to 1988 that he said showed the auto maker knew early on about faulty design of the Explorer. Nunnally said the correspondence showed high fatality rates in rollover crashes involving its Bronco II, the forerunner to the Explorer. The documents show that even company test drivers had difficulty handling the Explorer, he said. “It is their job,” Nunnally said, referring to the injured woman’s family, “to prove with a preponderance of evidence that the tire was defective. We believe they have not yet done that.” Firestone attorney Tony Canales suggested that the jury should find Ford liable for $6.5 million in damages — even though Ford is not a defendant, having settled out of court for $6 million. During testimony in the eight-day trial, Firestone officials said that tread separations are common but rarely cause the kind of rollover accident that left Marisa Rodriguez paralyzed last year. Lawyers for Dr. Joel Rodriguez attacked the final Bridgestone/Firestone witness as a retired company loyalist whose job in court is to dodge blame for faulty tires. Watts, one of the Rodriguez lawyers, cited recent cases in which witness James Gardner blamed driver error in Explorer rollovers involving tread separations. Now, Watts said, Gardner is arguing that Ford Motor Co. is solely at fault for rollovers involving tread separations. Watts said that differs from a Mississippi deposition in which Gardner testified Explorers “do not have a propensity to roll over.” “That testimony took place Dec. 15, 1998 — before you started fighting with one another,” Watts said, referring to a public rift between Ford and Bridgestone/Firestone. Gardner said he “had always been under the impression that there were problems with the Explorer,” but that he wasn’t convinced until seeing a study commis
Elwood Blues - 11:42am Jan 2, 2006 Central (#16 of 25) "I'm NOT the "voice of reason"
Ponle boy~ I come from well respected and feared white boy familia. must have been adopted because you're neither respected nor feared by anyone here or anyplace else I've ever seen you post.
Ponle boy~ Garibaldi dont and the Pussy Cat Yanqui Politicos dont. they DID bar
Ponle boy~ To be ignored is to not disagree,not engage or just stay out of the way.It is the ultimate in respect.
Hahahahaha! "To be ignored is the ultimate in respect"? Ohhh..ok.Then allow me to heap even more "respect" on your narrow little shoulders by ignoring you,too.
Jaime Kenedeno - 12:31am Jan 3, 2006 Central (#17 of 25)
Digress. Digress, Digress
Now back to the subject at hand
Jaime Kenedeno Posts: 1403
There's a big announcement coming from District Judge Rose Vela's 1/3/2006 12:32 AM
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- court on Jan 2. Sources have informed me Rose Vela will run as a Republican. Is this true? Is it to divide & conquer? Is it an aggressive approach to the impropriety (allegedly) in her Court's Tenure? Was it planned at Kaffie's House? Remember the Watts Canales Vela triangle in the Big Dollar Firestone Litigation. WATTS is the shot Caller in this "PLAY".
Why were we not invited per Defenzor as before Mr Kaffie? Posted on January 1, 2006 at 05:22:16 AM by Jaime Kenedeño
Political Pulse: 12.25.05 December 25, 2005
Democrats meet, greet at Olivarez fundraiser
Last Friday night, Charles Kaffie and George Finley hosted some of the county's top Democrats at Kaffie's art-filled Ocean Drive manse to fete and fundraise for Democrat County judge candidate Larry Olivarez.
Talking politics in the crowd were District Judge Sandra Watts, her son, Mikal Watts, County Court at Law Judge Marisela Saldana, former port commissioner Tony Pletcher, his wife Laura and about 25 others with checkbooks large enough to kick in some dough.
Judge Watts makes a family correction
One of Olivarez's fledgling campaign staff bounced up to Judge Watts and said. "Nice to meet you Judge! I just met your husband Mikal."
Watts laughed and explained that Mikal is her son.
Attendees call Rodriguez 'Sheriff'
Several in the crowd at Kaffie and Finley's reception shook hands with Sheriff's Chief Deputy Jimmy Rodriguez and said "Hello,Sheriff."
Last Saturday afternoon at a bike giveaway program at the Solid Rock Worship Center, Rodriguez said he hoped to be sheriff.
Nearly a week later Rodriguez said in a statement, that if he is appo
Jaime Kenedeno - 12:32am Jan 3, 2006 Central (#18 of 25)
Nearly a week later Rodriguez said in a statement, that if he is appointed interim sheriff he will not run for the office.
"The employees of this department and the citizens of this community deserve to have someone serving out this appointment who is only motivated by a desire to maintain the continuity and stability and the duties and obligations of this office."
Shamsie shows humor with some gag gifts
After a short lecture on the importance of watching the budget, County Judge Terry Shamsie handed out Christmas presents to the county commissioners, much to their amazement.
"You're so cheap, judge," Commissioner Chuck Cazalas said. "I'm surprised."
Commissioner Betty Jean Longoria unwrapped her package carefully, showing off the frugality she says she learned from Shamsie.
"I'm trying to save the wrapping paper," she said. "I learned that from you."
Shamsie was apparently practicing thriftiness as well - aside from a silver compact for Longoria, the gifts were all gags, and a couple of them were recycled.
Commissioner Peggy Banales got a purple T-shirt with Schwing emblazoned across the front. Shamsie said he got it from Banales' predecessor, Frank Schwing.
Commissioner Oscar Ortiz unwrapped a can of bug spray that Shamsie said would come in handy during budgeting time.
"To keep all the ticks off the budget," Shamsie said.
And for Cazalas, the lone Republican on the court, Shamsie gave used copy of Bill Clinton's autobiography, "My Life."
"I want you to read about a real leader," Shamsie said.
Cazalas promised to read as much as he could stomach.
Shamsie plans the talk of several insiders
When County Judge Terry Shamsie announced that he would not seek reelection, he was quick to say that he was not closing the door to run for another political office.
For the past two weeks, the talk at the courthouse has been that Shamsie is gunning for the position of District Judge Sandra Watts, who has not drawn
Jaime Kenedeno - 12:33am Jan 3, 2006 Central (#19 of 25)
continued For the past two weeks, the talk at the courthouse has been that Shamsie is gunning for the position of District Judge Sandra Watts, who has not drawn another opponent.
Watts' son is Mikal, the powerful, big money lawyer behind several key candidates, who also recently financed a poll that put Shamsie behind Loyd Neal in the county judge's race.
Watts' political camp is saying the numbers and the poll angered Shamsie.
Shamsie was not taking calls late this week, but insiders close to his political camp including Mack Rodriguez say Shamsie was not mad at the poll and that he is not likely to take on Watts or anyone else this political season.
"I don't think it will happen," Rodriguez said. "It would be easier for him to stay in and run for county judge. He is worn out. I think he is just going to take a break and stay out and catch his breath."
But businessman and Democrat politico George Finley, who has remained one of Shamsie's closest allies, said Watts could be in Shamsie's sights.
"Anything is possible," he said. "All I can tell you is that it is the general consensus of those who know and love Terry is that he is a little bit wacky. And nothing would surprise us. Me or Fil (Filemon Vela) and Rose (District Judge Vela) or anybody."
Watchers keep eyes open for Vela's plans
There's a big announcement coming from District Judge Rose Vela's court on January 2 that has judiciary watchers guessing.
There has been speculation that Vela will step down in early January and be replaced by Republican powerbroker and attorney Colleen McHugh, who was recently named to the University of Texas Board of Regents by Governor Rick Perry.
Vela wants to run for the 13th Court of Appeals, according to friends of Vela and her husband Filemon.
"Rose is not stepping down," said George Finley, a close friend and political ally. "She is seriously contemplating running for the appellate court. Although they consider themselves to be
Jaime Kenedeno - 12:34am Jan 3, 2006 Central (#20 of 25)
continued friends with Colleen, they have not had any conversations about Colleen getting the governor's appointment to take Rose's place."
Finley pointed out that McHugh, who recently left Bracewell Giuliani, is his personal labor attorney.
"Although politically she could win if she were running, even though she is a Republican," he said.
Judge Hunter listed among nation's greats
District Judge Jack Hunter is in esteemed company this week after his inclusion in the 60th Diamond Edition of Marquis Who's Who in America.
Hunter is listed along with President George W. Bush, Sen. Hillary Clinton, televangelist Joel Osteen, actress Eva Longoria, entertainers Cher and Madonna, and hip hop star Missy Elliott.
The publication recognizes 109,000 accomplished people based on position and accomplishment.
Political Pulse is written and compiled by Caller-Times politics reporter Jaime Powell. This week's contributors include Powell and Brandi Dean. Have a tip? Contact Powell at 886-3716 or HYPERLINK,1641,CCCT_811_4341571,00.html
Jaime Kenedeno - 02:59am Jan 6, 2006 Central (#21 of 25)
To Rose Vela's critics, Friends, Former Friends and alligned per Common Enemy INTANGIBLES...... Posted on January 6, 2006 at 03:32:30 AM by Jaime Kenedeño
If they are not your friends now (because of your LABEL); they never will be your friends again. They think you betrayed them. One forgets the enormous influence of WATT large sums of money,... the intoxication effect or WATT money can buy. It is as intoxifying as any DRUG and for ME or you it matters not WATT it corrupts nor WATT it BUYS.
Vilma Luna should have dared to strut her GENIUS as Rose Vela boldy tells the Emperor he is indeed NAKED.
Vilma should step over and make public record her "DIPLOMACY", "STATESMANSHIP", "BILL WRITING PROWESS", and why her integrity has remained in PLACE.
No doubt Mr WATTS used her as now a theory of WATT tried to TOKYO ROSE Vela.
We know the Email was designed to leak?
For WATT reason?
To let South Texas know VILMA LUNA IS THEIR HERO?
Jaime Capelo is their Enemy?
If Rose steps down; who's hero will she be?
WATT was supposed to PLAY out when she stepped down from the 148th bench?
Was Fred Jimenez planning to run for 148th District Judge??
Was Guy Williams planning to run for 148th District Judge??
WATT about the "POWERBROKERED DEAL" POA involving Governor RICK PERRY appointing COLLEEN MCHUGH to serve the remainder of Judge Vela's Term?
How many zeros were on the end of the "TWO" and how many on the nickel?
Shamsie now will walk with the Vela Republicrats.
Mikal Watts and Tony Canales YANQUIS.
The Yellow Dog Democrats were at Kaffies Party. Who walks with Rose Vela?
There is nothing wrong with adversaries negotiating for the good of each and diplomatically resolving head BUTTS.
One's Elected Influence however is improper when weilded against one's own electorate and certainly not for an ELITIST YANQUI AGENDA.
Talk to us Vilma.
Jaime Kenedeno - 03:01am Jan 6, 2006 Central (#22 of 25)
I Dare YOU Rick Perry, Colleen MCHUGH and TWO FER and You TOO Mr WATTS.... Posted on January 6, 2006 at 03:43:39 AM by Jaime Kenedeño
Rose Vela argued on the Bob Jones Show her Legal Right to remain at her JOB in the 148th District of Nueces County.
There is no reason to pressure her to step down and the Republican Party better stand behind her.
WATT or who would have benefitted from Rick Perry Appointment of a Colleen McHugh ELITE Element (aromatic of a KFATSO, KING RANCH, TWO FER stench) to the 148th Bench? The bring the BRAHMA Maid Marisela Saldana to mop up and things nice and tidy?
I guess Fred Jimenez running saves Judge Vela from vacating her bench and some how is a "STEPPING UP TO THE PLATE FOR VILMA LUNA.
Don"t forget about my wife Fred!
Tejano2K - 08:37am Jan 6, 2006 Central (#23 of 25)
All i know is that Judge Hunter is for the rich and the establishment no wonder he is inducted...he likes to rule even legitimate lawsuits "frivilous" depending on the parties involved. That is a fact, Jack.
Jaime Kenedeno - 02:32am Jan 9, 2006 Central (#24 of 25)
WATT is Dirty Dancing for Mikal?
Jaime Kenedeno - 09:47pm Jan 30, 2006 Central (#25 of 25)
Everybody should rread the Article complete with email documentation.

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