Saturday, March 17, 2007

Corpus Christi- Nueces County Courthouse, Fridays at 5 o'clock are usually quiet but not so for March 16, 2007. Today it was jumping with local attorneys and lined up with two white limos and one black in front of the Lipan street entrance.

A swearing in Ceremonial and party kick-off occasion on behalf of the husband of Nueces County Commissioner Peggy Banales. Her husband, The Honorable J. Manuel Banales, 105th Judicial District Judge, "officially" sworn in as Presiding Judge of the Fifth Judicial Administrative District.

A party was to be held "somewhere" in Robstown directly after the ceremony.

This was not paid for by the county was it?

and if so who is writing this expense off ?

Well we know it ain't the infamous Moff....
Now who will dare to claim this as an expense when the people who live in the projects are required to provide receipts for the toilet paper they use to wipe their BUTTS? He ready 4 SO THE expense of the rich and dare to label it as "Income" is toilet paper the poor must claim on a W-2.

in order for the Government to not be tampering with Governmental document for the private purpose of stealing public sector "income"!?!