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Why Is The Corpus Christi Police Department One of the Worst in the State for Excessive Force Complaints? Are We Supposed To Just Relax & Enjoy It?

Circuit City Conflict
By Myra Arthur/Action 10 News
CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas- Frustrated customer Wayne Blackburn handed out flyers in front Circuit City last Thursday, describing the company's lack of service regarding his TV repair. Store employees called police, who then confronted Blackburn and asked him to leave the property.
"I was just trying to get their attention [Circuit City] because I didn't seem to be able to do that any other way," says Blackburn
Meanwhile, shopper Hank Littrell stood by watching what took place and taking pictures on his cell phone. He claims he was approached by an officer who asked for identification. Littrell refused to hand over his I.D., which was caught on Blackburn's home video camera.
"He says, "What are you doing?" I said, "I'm standing here observing, taking pictures of what's going on," says Littrell. "He says I need to leave. I said "Why? Im just standing here not interferring in any way."
Seconds after the home video camera is shut off, Littrell claims the policeman grabbed his arm, wrapped it his behind his back, and patted him down. Littrell admits that, up until that point, he refused to hand over any identification.
"I certainly resisted when all of the sudden someone is manhandling me and not telling me why."
CCPD officials tell us a by-stander is within their right to take pictures of police involvement, so long as they do not interfere. Littrell plans to file a complaint with CCPD Internal Affairs.
"All of this would not have gone where it did if Circuit City had handled this differently," said Littrell.
Wayne Blackburn was issued a criminal trespass warning for Circuit City and Moore Plaza. The company has still not contacted Blackburn about the pending repair to his television. His warranty expires December 16th.
"You have to, at some point, stand up for your rights," Blackburn said. "All I wanted was someone to listen to me and try to help me out."
4:00 p.m. CDT, December 16, 2008

Send us your stories, photos, or video that shows the world the lack of professionalism some members of the CCPD have.

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The lack of statistical comparison notwithstanding, Corpus Christi police say their excessive force complaints are few.
Christopher Gale, a San Antonio lawyer known throughout the state for representing people with excessive force complaints, says otherwise. He claims it's one of the worst in the state for excessive force complaints.
"It's not just a couple of bad seeds. It's a pervasive attitude that you can get away with it, where they feel like they're above it and right now I think they are," Gale said. "I probably get three calls a day regarding complaints about CCPD."

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Tasered Suspect Claims Police Brutality
Updated: Dec 16, 2008 11:14 PM

CORPUS CHRISTI - A Navy Corpsman was arrested and tasered for fleeing from police, and now the Corpusman is claiming he was the victim of excessive force and brutality.
A Navy Corpsman had been rushing home to get his fiance her emergency asthma medicines when police tried to pull him over. Police said he violated some traffic laws and refused to pull over.
However, the couple said the department owes them an apology and they have hired a lawyer.
"Her breathing became worse and I panicked," Nicholas Lowry, 26, said.
Lowry's fiance began having an asthma attack and he rushed to get her home Saturday night.
The police report indicated the officer started following the couple as soon as they sped right through the intersection of Baldwin and Ayers.
Lowry drove several blocks before stopping in his own driveway.
"I parked the car, turned the vehicle off, leaned over the window and I tried to tell the officer 'I'm sorry this is a medical emergency'," Lowry said.
However, before he could explain, Lowry said he was tasered, while sitting in his truck. He fell to the ground and was tasered again.
Lowry said things only escalated when Officer W. Hobbs criticized Lowry's service as a Navy Corpsman.
"Then, we walked in[to the jail] and he slammed me into a concrete wall. While taking me in, he laughed in my ear and said I'm gonna throw you in the cell with all the f-----, so they can rape you," Lowry said, of what Hobb's allegedly said.
Lowry's fiance took pictures of how officers scattered his military honors about while searching their truck.
Police said Lowry was already in the process of being cuffed when he tried to elbow the officer and a taser was authorized.
JK: IMHO The sentence below indicates the sentence above is untrue.
They also added that the bottom line was that it is a felony if a driver doesn't pull over for a cop.
"If this gentleman had pulled over, like he's required to do under the law, an ambulance could have been summoned or the officer could have escorted them to the hospital," CCPD Captain Todd Green said.
However, Lowry and his fiance said the behavior from the police was unacceptable .
"I think they should train their people. I felt like a criminal and we didn't do anything wrong," Nicki Redding, Lowry's fiance, said.
"It would be nice for someone to tell the truth and apologize," Lowry stated. "As far as the incident, I've forgiven the officer, I just want these kind of things to stop."
Police said the couple can file a complaint through their Internal Affairs Division and the arresting officer would be investigated.
Also, it's hard to validate that kind of situation because police said there was no dash cam video or recordings of the incident.
The couple is now talking with their lawyer and deciding what legal action they might pursue.
Online Reporter: Lauren Williamson