Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Larry ? Lloyd: Nueces County Constitutional Judge Race

Nueces county judge race, - what a joke!

Kyle Lovett - 07:08am Sep 14, 2006 Central

What's this? Larry "they-check-in-but-don't-check-out" Olivarez, and Lloyd "I-love-closed-door-insurance-deals" Neal for Nueces county judge candidates. It's laughable, but typical of what Nueces county is. The former sheriff's management record speaks for itself regarding the jail and all the lawsuits which caused the tax payer's huge amounts of money. When he first came to office, he ran off some of the best jail staff, purely for political reasons and it went downhill after that. Mr. Olivarez is s just another politico from the west side and will do more harm than good if elected, but, what's the other choice? Hah! Lloyd Neal ends up running off the best City Manager Corpus has had in decades, David Garcia, who laid the foundation for all the fine improvements CC enjoys today. This after David Garcia proceeds to expose the tawdry City insurance contractual deals between the good ole buds. Eventually it turned into a character assassination, the fact that Mr. Garcia was dating one of the City's Risk Management directors, which is none of Mr. Neal's business. Bottom line? Neal has no class, just like alot of other leaders in the community have no class....witness the Dr. Bria debacle.

Funny stuff, and is the type of tawdry politics Corpus has learned to love! Corpus gets what its deserves. What say you?

dannoynted1 - 02:29am Sep 15, 2006 Central (#1 of 9) Reply

WATT happened with Larry Lloyd? Posted on September 15, 2006 at 03:49:55 AM by Jaime Kenedeno

Was there a tiff today?

Did anybody happen to see the KIII news?
George Jones - 08:23am Sep 15, 2006 Central (#2 of 9) Reply

The last time Larry and Lloyd were seen they were out back, Lloyd's pants were down around his ankles and Larry was on his knees. They seemed to have made up.
Elwood Blues - 09:19am Sep 15, 2006 Central (#3 of 9) Reply
"Snide,self righteous old overlord"


It seems now that Olivarez' new strategy is to shirk responsibility for the conditions at the jail by blaming Rodriguez and Stutts for the problems.Neal's pounding him over the issue,and rightly so,so Larry's doing what he does best..pass the buck.It's been his trademark since he was elected Sheriff.Anybody who's seen the pictures the feds took of the jail before they removed their prisoners knows problems like that don't occur in the space of a couple months,but Olivarez would have you believe they did.Rodriguez and especially Stutts,who was jail administrator under Olivarez,certainly bear part of the responsibility,but for Olivarez to try to say it's all their fault strains credulity.

Another thing..I noticed a couple days ago that the sign out in front of the jail still says "Larry Olivarez,Jr..Sheriff"..and his name is still on marked Sheriff's Dept.patrol cars,even though he resigned as Sheriff at the beginning of this year.Who pays for removing his name from the patrol cars and the jail building?..I guess the same people who paid to have them put there in the first place..us.
GRusling - 07:26am Sep 16, 2006 Central (#4 of 9) Reply
History teaches us that men and nations behave wisely once they have exhausted all other alternatives. --Abba Eban

Elwood Blues 9/15/06 10:19am

Neal's pounding him over the issue,and rightly so,so Larry's doing what he does best..pass the buck.

I've been waiting for someone from Corpus to notice the inconsistency. The problem is, his opposition is another career politician, not a reasonable candidate for "Judge." Neal has a record as bad as Olivarez, if not worse.

Corpus Christi city politics looks pretty comical from the outside...
Kyle Lovett - 08:32am Sep 17, 2006 Central (#5 of 9) Reply

Corpus politics are the laughing stock both from the inside and outside - corrupt, stupidly "politically correct", with only self serving agendas catering to one ethnicity - Hispanics. I can't think of two of the worse candidates than those two for county judge, it just stinks. BTW, ask someone who worked at the jail intake about 6 years ago about the case in which one of Olivarez's kin (believe it was a cousin) was picked up for DWI and let go. They're both as crooked as a dog's hind leg.

Good luck!
tejano2k+ - 10:28pm Sep 17, 2006 Central (#6 of 9) Reply

Since Corpus Christi is one of America's friendliest cities[comp. size]why not give law enforcement credit for doing something right? That would include Ex-Sherrif Olivarez, imho.
Kyle Lovett - 07:10am Sep 18, 2006 Central (#7 of 9) Reply

You're saying Sheriff Olivarez should be credited for giving out smiles? Yeah he's smiling all right, smiling if you do his bidding, and to get elected so he can grab more power. Wonder who's punching his buttons?

Tell me, during his tenure, what did the good Sheriff do that was so wonderful?

According to Forbes.com, Corpus has one of the highest crime rates in the nation (ranked 147), guess the Sheriff is to blame for that, eh? Not only does CC have one of the highest crime rates, but the lowest educational attainment and the lowest cultural attainment, (latter in spite of the one sided Hispanic cultural news stuffed down the throat by all the media outlets).

The sheriff is to blame for the deaths of let's see..... at least 8 prisoners being held under his watch? How much did those lawsuits cost you, the taxpayer? Ever wonder why Corpus taxes are some of the highest in Texas, while the infrastructure (streets, parks, water) sux?
Kyle Lovett - 07:17am Sep 18, 2006 Central (#8 of 9) Reply

BTW, if you've ever driven the streets and freeways of CC, you learn quickly that CC is not such a friendly place. Corpus has some of the meanest drivers I've ever seen. There are many folks that will deliberately drive 60 mph in the far left lane on IH 37 and aligned with driver in the center lane so you can't pass, just to be mean. Corpus friendly? Another joke.
GRusling - 08:40am Sep 18, 2006 Central (#9 of 9) Reply
History teaches us that men and nations behave wisely once they have exhausted all other alternatives. --Abba Eban

Olivarez has been a pretty good cop and he's probably a good man, from what I can tell. Corpus Christi is a lot better off than some other places I've heard of but, being a good cop doesn't qualify him to be a Judge. A judge has to be fair-minded while cops, in general, are only concerned with catching someone doing something wrong and putting them in jail! If the Judge takes that approach, that would make him part of the PROSECUTION TEAM and mean any citizen, wrongly accused and only guilty of being in the wrong place at the wrong time has an uphill battle trying to PROVE he didn't do anything wrong! That's exactly what's wrong with our so-called "Justice System" these days and why I would never vote for an ex-cop to be a Judge.

Loyd Neal, on the other hand, is a professional politician. That makes his qualifications highly questionable as well.

Personally, I'd look for a retired business manager who's used to dealing with large numbers of people, like an ex-City Manager. He or she would makes a better "Judge" in my opinion...

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Rolando Garza and Joe Ortiz Practiced Due Diligence on Hot Potato George Moff

Comrade John Martinez Claims to be "In The Know" with respect to former Nueces County Chief Appraiser convicted of theft of property valued between $500 and $1,500 and was accused of improper spending.

WATT about Comrade Richard Borchard & Comrade Ronnie Canales?

And one other GUY who acted in the capacity of his office?

How was the calculation of the monetary amount decreased to les than $1500?

With WATT did George Moff balance the scales of justice?

WATT about Comrade Juan Reyna?

WATT about Comrade David Jones?

Once again we have the manipulation of JOB opportunities per Hvalinka V Schubert?

We need Comrade WATTS to do the hiring for CCISD. He surely, will get us a top notch Superintendent and eliminate the competition according to the latest Polls conducted?

Avarice? Don't ya just smell it?

Anyway, back to JUDGE John Martinez; tell the public WATT really happened since you were so instrumental in the Due Process and justice rendered.

John Martinez

Age: 32

Occupation: Lawyer

Q: What is the most important lesson you have learned in your legal career?

A: It's more points that you come across that remind you of what you are doing. I was in a trial in Abilene, and we were picking a jury. One gentleman (a recent U.S. citizen) had a death in the family. When the judge asked if he wanted to be excused he said no, he wanted to be on the jury, and he got on. He said being on the jury was part of being a citizen. We take so much for granted here with the system that we have and the system that is in place.

Q: What's your take on the current jury selection system?

A: Picking a jury can be very complicated, so it is not a question of having a perfect system. I don't know that there is a better way. Although there are problems with it, I think overall it is the best way.

Q: How does your record as an attorney translate to the judiciary?

A: When I was in law school I did an internship with the district attorney's office so I got a taste of criminal law, but of course most of my experience is in the civil area. I represented the appraisal district when George Moff (former Nueces County Chief Appraiser convicted of theft of property valued between $500 and $1,500) was accused of improper spending. I also represented the county on the 30-year-old boundary dispute with San Patricio County. I'm young, but I have done some cool stuff.