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Disclaimer: We have discovered no connection between this Lencho and Lencho Rendon we assign responsibility and request an investigation into international dealings where international affairs, such as at hand currently; command the Jurisdiction of an Independent Agency with International Jurisdiction. Singapore, Mexico, China, & The United States of America are Sovereign Countries with a commonality of the 27th Congressional District and the agents there of including but not limited to Florencio "Lencho" Rendon, Terri Shamsie, Dos Logistics, Omega Consulting, Ocean Shipholdings Inc. (OSI), Brownsville Navigation District (BND) & "The Bridge To No Where", Dannenbaum Engineering (DC), Randolph & Tom Delay. Continuing on, Governor Richard James Perry whose political appointments are directed with the intent of malice, conspiracy or other Abusive Acts of Power circumventing the same rules and laws they demand (adherence to) of the average citizen and indicative of an Existent Political Hedgemony and Absolute Abuse of Power.

Where are the ones of Professed Integrity and the Prowess to Stand Against This Corruption?!

Cuz right now all yous guys are intent to either relax and enjoy it


You are grateful for the crumbs dropped in your mouth?

Remember the Little Red Hen?

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includes Barra de Navidad, Tiltepec, Nopala, Manialtepec, Los Negros, San Pedro Mixtepec, Colotepec, Ventanillos
Map of Puerto Escondido Centro

Posted by • Enviado por: Leticia Enciso (
Date • Fecha: September 07, 2007 06:38PM



Posted by • Enviado por: Eric S. (
Date • Fecha: September 07, 2007 10:16PM

I just went to see a freinds land on the highway just before it reaches Puerto Angel.
8 hectareas, 400,000.pesos. He may not lower the price, after all, it is 8000 sq. meters.
A driveway, one small cement house on the top of the first hill, then the road continues up to the top of a hill, with an ocean view between some hilltops, and about 100 feet above the highway entering Puerto Angel. I'm not really interested as I can't develop it like I would like due to some steep hillsides. So it's up for grabs, 40,000 dlls. 8 hectareas. Great for a hilltop home, of two floors. You'll be king of the zone pretty much. Plenty of land to spare.

Posted by • Enviado por: lencho (
Date • Fecha: September 09, 2007 06:40PM

8 hectareas or 8000 sq meters?

Posted by • Enviado por: Eric S. (
Date • Fecha: September 09, 2007 08:25PM

I was told 8 hectareas. I figured that was 8000 sq. meters. I got to that conclusion by figuring 100 meters by 100 meters was 1000 sq. meters. OOPS! I see where I went wrong. 1 hectarea would be 10,000 sq. meters.
So the nice piece of land being sold by an elderly man from our pueblos church group is 80,000 sq. meters. The papers are original and he is feeling old and ready to cash in, and spread the money to his children before he goes. That prevents the sibling war that sometime ensues I guess.
Thanks for calling my mistake to my attention Lencho. I made a pretty lame mathematical miscalculation.

Posted by • Enviado por: doodah (24.71.126.---)
Date • Fecha: September 09, 2007 11:13PM

still a lot of land... about 18 acres in our country..

Posted by • Enviado por: frogfart (
Date • Fecha: September 10, 2007 08:55AM

About 18 acres in Mexico too.

Posted by • Enviado por: Eric S. (
Date • Fecha: September 10, 2007 09:46AM

And it's just one minute outside of Puerto Angel. If I had the money, I would pick it up. It's on a peninsula of land that the highway goes around completely. So you have highway access on three sides. Though, all cliff on the highway except for the driveway on one side. So your actually over the road about twenty feet up. Cool for a private getaway, very inpenetrable. With more to invest, you could design an apartment complex up there, opening up a new double wide driveway with a gate where the cliff has a low spot.
Or divide it into a few different homes.
You need money to make alot more money though, and i'm all out. I work for the rich man though, so i'll lead you to some more financial victory if your interested.

Posted by • Enviado por: BME (
Date • Fecha: September 10, 2007 12:36PM


I have interest in seeing this property. Please email me your contact information at or call my PE cell at 044.954.109.0798. Thank you.


Posted by • Enviado por: Sal (193.138.160.---)
Date • Fecha: November 13, 2007 01:08PM


Yo soy de Italia y soy interesado a este terreno en esta zona.
Se puede conocer otro mas? Puedes enviar tu email a
Muchas gracias

Posted by • Enviado por: Eric S. (
Date • Fecha: November 13, 2007 04:52PM

20 hectareas on a newly opened beach. It's near the San Augustin Bay next to the Huatulco airport. The guy is asking 300,000 pesos per hectarea. I think 10 have been sold to one client, and there are ten left. The owner is a simple dude about 20 years old! He inherited this communal land from his grandad.
The street isn't even opened up all the way yet. Park and walk a 1/2 mile thru brush, The stretch of beach is nice, with a huge lagoon behind it. The local community has an ecological plan where everyone participates in developing the beach front, ecologically. Their plans are kayaks, bike paths, horses ect. This may be the last or one of the very last truly virgen beaches south of between Pochutla and Huatulco. It is in the Huatulco zone. This land is a triangle with the long side parallel to the beach, the point of the triangle goes up a hill. Pretty damn cool.

Posted by • Enviado por: njscott63 (
Date • Fecha: November 13, 2007 05:45PM

That hammock shop is an awesome location.Drove up that road last year to the shop, what a view.The woman was weaving away in the palapa with an awesome view.I would worry about the hippy traffic myself along the road.Then again it could be pretty entertaining watching some of them walking by, as long as ther is an onshore breeze

Posted by • Enviado por: Eric S. (
Date • Fecha: November 14, 2007 11:29AM

Last drive thru, some hippies put out their thumb, since my kids n family were in the back of my truck, I just went on past. And do you know what, those hippies got all violent and tried to scold me. Some hippies, they sure aren't those old Deadheads of yesteryear. Anyway, when I turned around and went back past on my way outta there, they were walking out in the middle of the road, so I just put my vehicle within about a thin inch of their grumpy group. Vroom! Watch your feet bud, cuzz I just might squish them.
My mom in law says it's pretty exciting riding around with me.
I guess the hillclimb I pulled on an old deserted and very steep dirt road was the real shocker that day. Locals aren't used to going vertical in a vehicle I guess.

Posted by • Enviado por: njscott63 (
Date • Fecha: November 14, 2007 07:19PM

Yeah, some of the hippies amd artesenia's can be a real pain in the ass.The mellow ones are fine, but the arrogant one's can be a real hassle.Sounds like a good subject for a Puerto Bill essay.
It was the same way when I followed the Dead in the 80's(yeah I know I missed the best part). The ones that dont bathe just to shock people, or ripoff everyone they come in contact with.The artisans from Europa who sell shit for 10 times the locals and take money out of their kids mouth's.Or the one's who prance around naked in Palenque just for the shock value.
I remember taking my buddy Jay to Palenque and walking around Mayabell showing him the palapas.He stayed in the hotel after seeing a shit stained hippy chopping away at wood to make a cup of tea.I mean it was only 25 cents to go up and buy a cup.
Hippy chicks are okay though, they can do no wrong except when they are with one of the asshole hippie's.
I guess Puerto was always spared the worst of them though because of Zipolite, and surf hippies are always cool. Scott

Posted by • Enviado por: mariobeach (
Date • Fecha: January 14, 2008 11:09PM

Hello Eric S

Is the land still available? If so, I would like to know more details about it. Please contact me at aspirante_x at

Posted by • Enviado por: mariobeach (
Date • Fecha: January 15, 2008 03:09PM

Hello Eric,

I'd appreciate you also send the information on San Agustin terreno.

Thank you

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Colleen Mc Hugh Radio Shack Tandy Heiress?? Shadow Government in the Body of Christ

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Patrick Carr


Patrick Carr was the 23-year-old son of a Corpus Christi, TX Presbyterian minister who was murdered in Clear Lake, TX on December 10, 2000 three days before Al Gore withdrew from the disputed presidential race in advance of a Supreme Court decision which gave the election to George W Bush.

Year 2000, Y2K, threatened a techno-meltdown. There was a meltdown...moral, ethical and spirtual. Not at the begining, but throughout the year. There was a dark convergence of five singular points of a pentagram with the catalyst being the power struggle over the nation's highest office. 1. Funeralgate linking Tony Coelho to GWB, Allbaugh and John Mecom 2. Tony Coelho's departure from the Al Gore campaign, replaced by the son of Chicago's mayor William Daley. Coelho's connection to Roberto Hernandez of Banamex, Mexico's biggest drug money washing bank had been outed in Mexico and Britain 3. The release of evidence in the Hamilton Securities Case by former CIA chief legal counsel, Judge Stanley Sporkin including Texas-based J-Hawk and First City Financial Inc. in a drug-money-mortgage scheme. 4. Release of the Hitz Report, ordered by John Deutsch, former CIA director and squelched by Porter Goss and seen as a whiteout of the CIA involvement in the drug trade.( 5. Release of the long censored accident report from the 1963 traffic fatality in Midland, TX, involving Laura Welch and Michael Douglas.

Al Gore's former campaign manager, former Democratic Congressman, Tony Coelho, bad-boy of the Congressional Post Office scandal, had moved to Houston and had joined Iran-Contra asset John Mecom at SCI Corporation in Houston in June, 2000 (this parenthetical addendum added 5/20/06...for the reason why Coelho really left the Gore campaign and joined SCI read ....."May, 2000 - NarcoNews reprints FTW's lead story from our April issue entitled The Democratic Party's Presidential Drug Money Pipeline. Giordano translates the story into Spanish and from there he sees to it that the Mexican national glossy news magazine La Crisis runs the story as a two-part series. The story which describes how former DNC Chairman Charles Manatt, (connected by FTW and author Dan Hopsicker to drug smuggler Barry Seal), has formed a partnership under Gore Campaign Chair Tony Coelho to funnel drug money via his post as U.S. Ambassador to the Dominican Republic, into Gore campaign coffers. The FTW story is subsequently also picked up by the British Magazine, Year Zero. Coelho, under pressure from many fronts, quits suddenly in June and is replaced by William Daley just months before the US presidential election." (William Daley, youngest son of Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, had been Clinton's Secretary of Commerce from 1997 to 2000. He left politics to become president of San Antonio based SBC Communication with offices in the same building with William Sessions' law firm and where Cassandra Carr was Sr. VP. Carr, a former assistant for the House Ways and Means Committee, left SBC to join Public Strategies Inc.. She now serves on the boards of Austin Presbyterian Seminary and Temple-Inland Inc.)

Coelho's colleague , John Mecom, was the former owner of the New Orleans Saints. He had also owned Houston's Warwick Hotel on Main Street across from First Presbyterian Church. Mecom and Coelho worked together with SCI Inc., Service Corporation Incorporated, the funeral home company which was the focus of "Funeralgate". "Funeralgate" cast a shadow over an increasingly dark political arena as a wave of unbridled ambitions crested in Florida. Funeralgate was the secret that both parties desperately needed to hide from the spotlight, but none more than Texas Governor Bush. It was Bush's staff and friends who had attempted to sweep "Funeralgate" under the rug prior to the election, thus covering over a growing American culture of deception, intimidation and death (see and for the connection of Tony Coelho to the opium growing and drug-culture-savvy Hmong tribes of Laos and Cambodia which our CIA befriended during the Vietnam Era and which we abandoned to an unknown future, see Anne Fadiman's THE SPRIT CATCHES YOU AND YOU FALL DOWN, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, NY., 1997, pp. 20-21 and 123f).

(parenthetical addendum Oct 21, 2006...On Tuesday, December 12, 2000, two days after the death of Patrick Carr, one day after the death of the teenage grandson of the FBI's former Counter-Terrorism Chief, Oliver "Buck" Revell in Dallas and the day before Gore's concession speech, James S Randall appeared before Texas' Sunset Advisory Commission's hearing on complaints that the multi-billion dollar prepaid funeral burial insurance business in Texas was in need of reform and stronger oversight. This investigation coincided with Eliza May's complaints about the same industry, indeed, Commission staff member assigned to both investigations, Ginny McKay, confirmed that Fred Bosse, a Democrat, overheard both the banking and funeral services cases for the Commission in 2000. This put Bosse in a powerful position in determining the future fate of the Texas funeral industry. Texas Attorney General, John Cornyn, now US Senator and uncompromising supporter of GWB, took an unprecedented interest in the case as did Texas State Comptroller, Carole Keeton McClellan Strayhorn, mother of the President's press secretary and head of Medicare, Scott and Mark McClellan. On the Texas Banking Commission was James S Randall who appeared before the Houston attorney and Texas State Congressman Fred Bosse who chaired the Sunset Advisory Commission. Bosse, husband of Trisha Newberry Bosse whose parents lived DIRECTLY across the street from Rev. Carr's home on Chadbourne Drive, Houston and whose parents had sold Bosse his Houston New London Townhouse had married the sister of close friend, Penny Newberry. Penny and Trish's mother and Rev. Carr used the same Houston physician, Dr. George W. Hetherington Jr., the physician for First Lady Barbara Bush. A George W. Hetherington Sr. from Reagan, TX. is the father of Brig. Gen. Travis Monroe Hetherington a former head of the National Security Agency or NSA, the US's largest intelligence gathering organization from which General Michael Hayden was recruited to replace George Tenent as head of the Central Intelligence Agency or CIA. Dr. George W. Hetherington Jr. was also an elder at Carr's Grace Presbyterian Church at Westheimer and West Belt (for the connection of GHWB Presidential Library Trustees....Hetherington, Valenti, Allbritton, Mosbacher, Coelho and others mentioned in this report see . Texas A&M's president, Robert Gates came not from the halls of academia, as many had hoped, but from the head of the CIA, an odd choice for a university president. Many speculate that from this position Gates could help to defend the legacy of the Bush name in Texas since many of the presidential records in the GHWB Library at A&M remain sealed and with Gates' tenure at the CIA he was well aware of the Iran-Contra/Texas (For Ted Koppel's story on Robert Gates' connection to the Iran-Contra and to Chilean arms dealer Carlos Cardone see ).

Journalist Wayne Madsen who confirms Koppel's story and Gates as gatekeeper on Bush secrets has written..."Gates' obfuscation on Iran-Contra continues to this day. As President of Texas A&M University, Gates has been the host for the George H. W. Bush Presidential Library. In the bowels of the library are presidential papers that could shine a bright light on the Iran-Contra scandal. However, in November 2001, George W. Bush signed an executive order that upended the 1978 Presidential Records Act and permits the Bush Iran-Contra papers to be kept secret in perpetuity. The executive order also affects 60,000 pages of papers from the Reagan Presidential Library that include details of then-Vice President George H. W. Bush's role in Iran-Contra. Robert Gates has always been a trusted consigliore for the Bush family. At the Pentagon, he will undoubtedly use his two years to clean up for Dubya and suppress incriminating information on the Iraq debacle -- all in a continuing effort to protect the Bush family legacy. His nomination should be rejected." The Walsh Report on Iran-Contra documents how Gates was kept within North and Poindexter's Iran-Contra loop.

Also on Texas' 2000 Sunset Advisory Commission with Representative Fred Bosse and Senator David Sibley was Texas Senator Judith Zaffirini whose husband, Laredo, TX. attorney Carlos Zaffirini was Chief of Staff for John Connally. Travis County DA, Ronnie Earle, also worked for John Connally. Fred Bosse's Austin business addresess is 1005 N Congress #410 which is the same address for D D P Chicago LP with an address of 200 Randolph, Chicago....the Standard Oil Building built in 1973... 1005 Congress was also the address for The Delay Group with Tom's brother Randy Delay as agent, but with a Briarpark Blvd. mailing address in Houston.)

Patrick's uncle from Dickinson and League City, Texas had worked for John Mecom ferrying Mecom's yachts across the Gulf of Mexico. John Mecom, Tony Coelho, AJ Foyt, the race car driver were all board members of Robert Waltrip's SCI corporation. Waltrip, a trustee for the GHWB Presidential Library at Texas A&M University along with Coelho, received special treatment from GWB during the Eliza May inquiry.

A common thread running through Texas’ associations with the Bush/Walker/Harriman/Skull & Bones circle is the funeral business. This would help to explain GWB’s protection of Waltrip/Mecom/Coelho’s SCI Inc. and intimidation of Eliza May during “Funeralgate”. On the Houston church board with Edgar Smith, Wilhemina Cullen Smith’s husband, was Mary K Haddock, an heiress of the Settegast family whose funeral home business was acquired by SCI. Dying is big business in Texas and elsewhere. SCI is currently the world’s biggest purveyor of mortuary services having more recently moved into France. At Patrick Carr’s church in Corpus Christi was the owner of the largest cemetary and mortuary in Nueces County, an attorney with the Kleberg & Head Law firm...historically linked to the King Ranch in Kleberg County and to LBJ who clerked for Texas politician Richard Kleberg. The attorney’s son was a U-2 Pilot for the Air Force and CIA. When asked by Patrick’s father “what’s the biggest challenge for the funeral home business?” the lawyer responded sardonically “not enough people are dying.” It was this man’s employee who had sold photos of Tejano singer Salena’s body in Las Vegas prompting a $5 million lawsuit by Selena’s family. The lawyer’s mortuary administrator had a twin brother who worked in Nueces County for SCI.

Patrick had been living with his uncle in Houston for only a few weeks, but this move put him in unspeakable danger. His uncle had a longstanding relationship with John Mecom. Patrick's uncle had bragged that parties from the boat had entertained him extravagantly in the Bahamas in May 2000 when he accidently knocked over an urn containing ashes. He was told that the urn contained the ashes of dead movie star Steve McQueen. After Patrick's death, this macabre tale sent Patrick's father to investigate. Mr. McQueen's ashes were to have been spread over the Pacific Ocean by the New Orleans based funeral home running the L.A. company that was paid by the McQueen family. From there the rest of the story unfolded.

(parenthetical addendum 12.05.06.....Patrick's mother's best friend in high school, David Allen, had attended Indiana University in Blommington. He had been an extra in the film "Breaking Away" written by Steve Tesich and directed by Peter Yates the same man who had directed Steve McQueen in Bullitt. David Allen dove into the stone quary for actor Dennis Quaid. More importantly, Tesich, a Serbian immigrant, was an outspoken critic of Bush/Reagan's Iran-Contra initiative. He wrote..."We looked to our government to protect us from the truth. The high crimes and impeachable offenses committed by Ronald Reagan and his administration, which included our current President, in the Iran-Contra scandal were far more serious and un-American than the crimes for which Richard Nixon was kicked out of office. These crimes attacked the very heart and soul of our republic. A private little government was created to pursue a private foreign policy agenda and thereby circumvent the law of the land, the Congress, the Constitution itself. This hidden layer of government which diminishes democratic institutions to a series of front organizations is a well known feature of all totalitarian regimes. In all of them there is the so called "front" government line which means nothing and then there is the "party line" which goes on behind the scenes. The line in this case was the Republican Party line but it was no different in its implementations and in its implications from the Communist Party line of the pre-Gorbachev Soviet Union. And yet, nothing happened. Nothing really happened. The Iran-Contra scandal became the Iran-Contra farce. President Reagan perceived and perceived correctly that the public really didn't want to know the truth. So he lied to us, but he didn't really have to work hard at it. He sensed that we would gladly accept his loss of memory as an alibi. It had slipped his mind what form of government we had in our country and we didn't really want to prod him and find out. In the short period of time since Watergate, the wimping of America picked up steam.")

Appointed at the height of "Funeralgate" to Texas' regulatory agency overseeing funeral home accreditation and complaints lodged against SCI was Dick Cheney hunting partner, Harry M Whittington (see... With Whittington's 1999 appointment to this agency he worked closely with Joe Allbaugh. Allbaugh, after serving as Governor Bush's chief of staff, was Bush's 2000 campaign chairman. Allbaugh was appointed head of FEMA by Bush following the Supreme Court ruling. Allbaugh brought with him to FEMA Michael Brown. Just prior to the 2000 election, Allbaugh had fought the SCI whistle-blower lawsuit filed by the Texas funeral agency's director, Eliza May. This suit sought to expose the intimidation tactics of SCI while seeking to bring Mr. Bush to court as part of the cover-up which included Allbaugh's appointment of Whittington. (see...

Mr. Whittington was also serving on the board of the Texas Department of Corrections which oversaw prisons in Texas. Two state universities were given the contract for prisoner health-care...Texas Tech in Lubbock and University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston. It is not known at this writing if SCI has a contract with Texas prisons as it did with FEMA for the recovery of bodies in the wake of Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana, but many speculated that the purpose of this contract was to insure that the Katrina body count was lower than that of the 9/11 plot.

Galveston physician, Dr. Ben Raimer and husband of Ambassador to Switzerland, Pam Pitzer Willeford, George Willeford, were both appointed to this prison agency, an agency that was reportedly underfunded and negligent in accounting for approximately $20,000,000 in funds. Raimer's appointment by Governor Bush, whose eye was on the 2000 presidential election, coincided with Judge Sporkin's release of important evidence in the Hamilton Securities Case, the arrival of the Halliburton/Dresser boat in Texas, the damage control of the "funeral gate" problem by Allbaugh and the repositioning of Gore's campaign manager and moneyman, Tony Coelho away from the Gore campaign. All of these factors put Patrick Carr unwittingtly in the crosshairs of the Iran-Contra network in Texas. Meanwhile, other states were exporting prisoners to Texas on the basis of available cells and cost per prisoner including "Freeway" Ricky Ross, the Los Angeles informant in reporter Gary Webb's San Jose Mercury News article on Iran-Contra. Dr. Raimer, head of the Texas prison system's healthcare program, was Patrick Carr's pediatrician when Patrick was a boy growing up at Galveston's First Presbyterian Chuch (parenthetical addendum added 5/20/ 1980 Patrick's father had taken a youth group to Merida and Cancun, staying with the former national moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Mexico, Ramon Celiz, at Cancun's First Presbyterian Church. Fellow pastor and colleague at Galveston's First Presbyterian, Rev. Jack K Bennett, was at the time, the head of the Presbyterian Church USA's Board of Mission for Mexico, Central and South America...fear that Patrick's history provided a working knowledge of key players in Galveston/Houston as well as the Yucatan were based in fact, but the boy showed no interest in such according to his father who had no knowledge of how close his family was to criminal activities in Houston/Galveston. Indeed, Patrick was only eight years old when the family moved from Galveston to Houston). Patrick's family moved to Houston and then to Dallas, where his father became the pastor of Grace Presbyterian Church where Oliver "Buck" Revell, friend of Oliver North and former General Deputy, head of counter-terrrorism of the FBI and damage-controller for the Bureau's Iran-Contra response was a member. At least eighteen of the Iran-Contra masterminds from the Elder Bush adminstration have been resurrected to the Bush Jr. administration. It was in Corpus Christi that Patrick would hunt and fish with the son of the King Ranch's foreman and where he went to school with the son of Congressman Solomon Ortiz whose security company controlled the Port of Corpus Christi, a practice that was in clear violation of House ethics standards but which was never investigated by Congress.

Historically, the patriarch of the Armstrong clan in South Texas was a Texas Ranger and enforcer for the King Ranch's patriarch, Richard King. Richard King had married the daughter of a Presbyterian minister, Henrietta Chamberlain, who kept a home in Corpus Christi near the Presbyterian Church. Rev. Hiram Chamberlain, Henrietta's father married Sarah Wardlaw after Henrietta's mother died. Catherine Armstrong's mother, Anne Armstrong, was on the board of Braniff Airlines while Catherine was on the Board of the Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife with Houston District Attorney Johnny B Holmes' kin Ned S Holmes...related by marriage to Corpus Christian/Houstonian, John H. "Jack" Modesett, a Sunday school teacher at Houston's First Presbyterian Church and on the Board of Billy Graham's CHRISTIANITY TODAY magazine. The importance of these connections will become obvious from the letters below (specifically , but Modesett's ties to the Iran-Contra network are disclosed in Peter Brewton's book The Mafia, CIA and George Bush, Shapolsky, New York 1992, p. 53 and p. 96. In 1984, Mr. Modesett's business partner, Ed Baker, was found burned to death in his car in West Houston. A former president of the Corpus Christi Symphony, Modesett had built a major condiminum on Mustang Island near the homesite of West Point president, General William Lennox. The President of the Modesett condo's home owner association, whose son flew a U-2 spyplane for the CIA, was on the board of Rev. Carr's church and his wife had been on the pulpit committee that had brought Rev. Carr to Corpus Christi from Revell's church in North Dallas). It was members of the TDPW who were first on the scene at the Armstrong Ranch following the Whittington shooting. (Parenthetical addendum added 5/20/06...following his first year out of high school Patrick worked as an intern for the TDPW in Rockport, TX. At the time of the Whittington shooting, Patrick's father shared an office with a colleague who was suing Mr. Whittington. This colleague is related to Henry E Catto, former U.S. ambassador to Great Britain and El Salvador at the height of the Iran-Contra program; vice-chairman, Aspen Institute; former vice-chairman, National Public Radio; former director, U.S. Information Agency, San Antonio. )

November/December 2000 was a very politically charged and sensitive time, one that put Patrick Carr in the crosshairs of the tyrannical Bush/Rove/Allbaugh machine in Texas. The minute he stepped onto the Halliburton/Dresser boat in Clear Lake, Patrick was a target. The names listed on the Coast Guard documentation for the Halliburton/Dresser boat (Dresser executive, William R Breland and son-in-law, Thomas Hajecate, who was convicted of racketeering and money laundering) had found their way into Columbia University Professor Ingo's book The Secret Money Market: Inside the Dark World of Tax Evasion, Financial Fraud, Insider Trading, Money Laundering and Capital Flight (Harper Business, 1990 pp. 35-36). Professor Ingo notes that Hajecate's legal counsel in his racketeering case, a lawyer with his own corruption issues, was NY attorney, Lance Eisenberg...see

(For a comprehensive analysis of Dresser's place in America's political landscape see Kevin Phillips' American Dynasty : Aristocracy, Fortune, and the Politics of Deceit in the House of Bush, Penguin Group, 2004. Phillips, a former White House strategist is also author of American Theocracy, Penguin Group, 2006. In Houston the Cullen-Dresser Tower links Dresser to famous Texas wildcatter and owner of Quintana Petroleum, Roy Cullen, whose daughter Wilhemina, had married Houstonian Edgar A Smith, an elder in Patrick Carr's church in Houston. In San Antonio directors of the Cullen-Frost Bank include former Ambassador to El Salvador, Henry Catto, Klebergs from Kingsville and Corpus Christi as well as son of Roy Cullen, Houstonian Harry Holmes Cullen. Houstonian Helen Cullen, was one of 17 civilians onboard the submarine USS Greenville when it accidently sank the Japanese vessel Ehime Maru off the coast of Hawaii on February 9, 2001, causing an international incident and raising many questions about the propriety of Navy policy and underscoring the deep ties of Texas oil interests to the US military.)

Lance Eisenberg's connection to New Yorker, Jeffrey S Silverman, is confirmed in, a comprehensive social network tool used by a variety of journalists and investigators. The diagrams confirm Jeffrey S Silverman's relateness to son-in-law of the Dresser Industries executive, Thomas Hajecate and to George Leon Argyros, Robert Mosbacher and Chase Untermeyer. Argyros is buddy of William Stamps Farish, head of Bush family blind trust from Beeville, Texas whose father was head of John D Rockefellers's Standard Oil Company.

(Parenthetical addendum 12/21/06...this week while in Beeville, TX. I visited the Paul Barnhart Library named after a prominent Houston Medical Center surgeon . I asked for any information that the library had on William Stamps Farish. The head administrator brought me a two volume book on the history of Bee County from the period of the Spanish missions to September 2001 by Margaret Lyne Moser whose husband, an attorney and contributor to Bush political campaigns, owns Southwest Land and Title Company in Bee County. The book was published by the Bee County Picayaune, a paper once owned by The New Orleans Picayaune. The paper's current owner is Fred C. Latham whose son Jeff shares a San Marcos, TX. address with Hill Rylander, ex-husband of Carole Keeton McClelland Rylander Strayhorn, mother of Bush's former Press Secretary, Scott McClelland and his brother Mark, former head of the Food and Drug Administration and now head of Medicare/Medicaid. Margaret Lyne Moser who is on the Barnhart Library Board was entering the library whe I asked her "why are William Stamps Farish and his widow's famous husband, architect Hugo Victor Neuhaus, not mentioned once in your book?" She said "who is William Stamps Farish? Oh, the fellow who owns the ranch where Bush hunts from time to time?" Neuhaus, a world-class architect who built the Esperson Building in Houston, is buried in Beeville.)

Mosbacher was a member of GHWB's cabinet. Chase Untermeyer, a Representative from West Houston and former executive of the University of Texas Medical Branch is now Ambassador to Qatar where the US military's forward operations leadership for the Middle-East are domiciled. Untermeyer had also been a speech writer for Ronald Reagan along with Peggy Noonan and David Demarest.

Dresser's long-time CEO had been Neil Mallon, after whom GWB's brother Neil Mallon Bush had been named. Neil Bush's troubles were never deeper than during the S&L scandal for his service on the board of Denver's Silverado Savings & Loan which bilked taxpayers of hundreds of millions of dollars. That the S&L nighmare was focused in Houston and that many of the same players were also involved in Iran-Contra was a shocking discovery for Patrick's family as it had been to journalist/author Peter Brewton. Neil's ex-wife, Sharon, had remarried in Houston, the wedding performed by Rev. Joe Gossett, future pastor of the Island Presbyterian Church, Corpus Christi, and a graduate of Austin Presbyterian Seminary like Patrick's father.

It was ironically the work of the Houston Chronicle's award winning reporter and son of another Presbyterian minister from Austin Seminary, Peter Brewton, now a professor of journalism at Texas Tech University, that unpacked these connections in his book, The Mafia, CIA and George Bush (Shapolsky, 1992). Paramount Communications Inc., on whose board was Bush friend and investor in Zapata Petroleum, Pennzoil founder Hugh Liedtke, purchased Simon and Schuster Inc, then rejected Brewton's manuscript after S&S had signed a contract with Brewton which provided, Alice Mayhew, editor of Woodward and Bernstein’s ALL THE PRESIDENT’S MEN. The Shapolsky family being one of the largest holders of sub-standard New York properties and publishers of a number of conspiracy theory books was, in the end, Brewton's only option. Brewton has since told Patrick's father that he'd publish any future works himself. In a similar way Richard Baer's book Sleeping With The Devil: How Washington Sold Our Soul for Saudi Crude (Three Rivers Press, 2003) came out on top of See No Evil (Three Rivers Press, 2002) which was made into the Hollywood movie, SYRIANA, but which never addressed the most important issue in Baer's book...that the CIA was keeping from its field agents extensive involvement with the Moslem Brotherhood which had spawned Al Qaeda, the terrorist network harbored in Saudi Arabia by the House of Saud and that the CIA-within-the-CIA was using the Brotherhood to do its dirty work around the world. Sleeping With The Devil reveals (pp. 96-97) that Oliver "Buck" Revell's counter-part for Iran-Contra at the CIA was Thomas Tweeton. Tweeton's son-in-law, CIA agent Matt Gannon (search this document for name Gannon for further connections), was to fly home from Frankfurt Germany with Revell's son on PAN AM 103 which blew up over Lockerbie, Scotland. Revell's son changed his flight plans. Men from the Halliburton/Dresser boat were tracked by Patrick's family to the Bin Laden owned Houston Gulf Manor Airport near Ellington Field which had been purchased by GWB associate James R Bath (search this document for name Bath for further connections) and Khalid Bin Mahfouz for the Bin Laden family. (parenthetical addendum 1.13.07...on 1.12.07 Peter Brewton inquired by phone if I knew a Houston attorney named William E. King, a man threatening to write a revisionist history of the S&L scandal. I sent him the incorporation records for Southwest Airport Services Inc. showing King as an officer with James R. Bath and located at Ellington Field. King is also on the board of a new fire fighters' foundation similar to the polices' 100 CLUB.)

Patrick's burning car and body were found near the tarmac of the CIA-linked Ellington Field not far away and Patrick's father would later discover that Revell was working for Hollywood Casinos which had a multi-million dollar property on Clear Lake where the Halliburton/Dresser Boat was moored. News of similar deaths of kids in Mena, Arkansas near the Barry Seal/Iran-Contra airport there (search the internet for the story of the lives of Don Henry and Kevin Ives or for an overview of their story, proved equally disturbing to the Carr family in Texas. The investigator in the Ives/Henry murder case, DEA agent Jean Duffey, resigned in disgust after bringing the cover-up to light (parenthetical addendum added 5/20/ see Duffey's letter ). This Arkansas operation was in full swing during the Clinton governorship and provides the clear connection between both political parties---Iran-Contra being a Reagan/Bush brain-child. The Reagan/Bush/CIA Mena operation could not have functioned without the knowledge, compliance and support of the Arkansas governor's office---William Jefferson Clinton's office.

(addendum 12.09.06...Mena, AR, was built by railroad man Arthur Stilwell and named for Queen Wilhimena of Holland. "Make the law so just, that it will tease capital to furnish all the money needed for railroad building; that capital may realize that railroad investments will hereafter be governed by safe and sane laws, all over the country, and that it may make investments which no radical demagogues can oppress, grind down and ruin," wrote Stilwell. That was before W L Harriman and John Warne Gates, the "King of Barbed Wire" and founder of the Spindletop oil field in East Texas, stripped Stilwell of his railroad for a $44 debt. Stilwell, for whom Port Arthur, TX is named, would later write the book Cannibals of Finance about Harriman and Gates. That Stilwell found funding for his railroad from British, German and Dutch investors, creating along the way the town of Nederland, TX. is less problematic than a modern Dubai Ports deal.)

(parenthetical addendum 1/5/07…Asa Hutchinson was US attorney for the Mena area during the Iran-Contra program that included CIA smuggler Barry Seal's Mena Airport operation. A Republican and graduate of Bob Jones University, Hutchinson is widely reported to have hindered the investigation into Barry Seal’s murder and was appointed head of the Drug Enforcement Administration, by GWB, anyway. For the reaction to this apppointment by author Mara Leveritt see... That Hutchinson knew that Seal was an important Federal witness when he was gunned down while being provided with no protection as he made his way to a court ordered meeting is inexcusable. When Hutchinson resigned in 2003, his replacement was Karen Tandy, sister of M. Colleen Tandy McHugh of Corpus Christi. Colleen, president of 3200 Ocean Inc. which marketed four lots known as Hawn Estates next door to First Baptist Church and near the Gary Levitz home, is an attorney with Bracewell & Giuliani Law Firm. Patrick Carr had visited the home of Susan Hawn Thames Yuras in Houston the week before his death with Susan’s stepson, Nathan Yuras. Patrick made a phone call to Nathan an hour before his death from outside a League City, Texas club. The Tandy sisters, heirs of the Tandy/RadioShack fortune, found RadioShack receiving a four-year contract with RCA Inc. beginning in 2000. Hutchinson's successor, DEA Administrator, Karen Tandy is married to FBI agent, Steve Pomerantz, former head of the Bureau’s Counter-Terrorism Department and colleague of Oliver “Buck” Revell who had previously held that position. As a member of the University of Texas Board of Regents, Colleen Tandy McHugh was appointed as the board's representative to UTIMCO where she serves with fellow Corpus Christi businessman, Robert Rowling. Karen Tandy has been criticized for stonewalling the investigation into a drug-related mass murder in Juarez, Mexico across the border from El Paso.)

Over one quarter of Peter Brewton's book (122 pages) is committed to Houston developer and Iran-Contra asset Walter Mischer from the King/Armstrong hometown of Kingsville, TX. in Kleberg County. It was Mischer, according to Brewton, who purchased the 700,000 acres in Belize with Coca-Cola CEO and former owner of Duncan Foods, Charles W. Duncan. This acreage was used by Oliver North to train the Contras. Mischer was also a Braniff Airlines board member with Anne Armstrong, on whose ranch Cheney and Whittington hunted quail with Anne's daughter Catherine, Pamela Pitzer Willeford and the others. Braniff CEO, Howard Putnam, had been a member of Patrick Carr's church in Dallas along with the FBI's counter-terrorism chief during Iran-Contra and head of the Dallas FBI office, Oliver "Buck" Revell (Patrick's father received acknowledgement in Putnam's book THE WINDS OF TURBULANCE: A CEO's Reflections on Surviving and Thriving on the Cutting Edge of Corporate Chaos, Harper Business, 1991). Anne Armstrong had also served on the board of Halliburton as well as the board of the King Ranch with Charles W Duncan's brother, John Duncan.

With concerns for the protection of the US southern border, the rise of demands for a general amnesty for Mexican workers and the exportation of jobs to Mexico-based American companies, the porous nature of that border and the drug flow into the US, one cannot overlook the connections of Coca-Cola to Mexico and its president, Vincente Fox. Grupo Inc., Mexico’s largest Coca-Cola distributor was for years the employer of Mexico’s president Vincente Fox.

For the connection of Vincente Fox to Banamex see .

Grupo’s CEO, Corpus Christi, Texas native, Burton A Grossman, a close associate of Duncan, is said to have taught President Fox, leader of one of the most corrupt administrations in Mexican history, how to speak English. Grossman became a naturalized Mexican citizen and owned a home in Tampico where a street is named after him.

In 2005 the president of Coca-Cola spoke at Yale University where students symbolically splattered themselves with blood and protested the killing of Coca-Cola workers organizing in the nation of Colombia, an act consistent with the death squads created by the Contras and other CIA-backed groups in Central and South America. Students at Yale are presumably close to the source of America's most powerful secret society, though these protesting students were unaccepting of that society's power tactics. There are critics even at Yale (see ... link broken: it has been noted that this web page with story and photos has been removed from its previous site at this address. A letter by Rev. Carr has been sent to Yale requesting information.
Dear Sirs:Your publication carried a story about students protesting before the CEO of Coca-Cola while he gave a speech on your campus. Can you tell me what happend to this article? It is no longer in your archives. Were you pressured to remove it? Did it take legal action on the part of Coca Cola to have you remove it? William Carr

Braniff, whose CEO had been Howard Putnam, a member of Patrick Carr's church in Plano, TX., the same church as that of FBI Counter-Terrorism chief, Oliver "Buck" Revell, had purchased CIA-linked Panagra Airlines in South America, the title coming from Pan Am and W R Grace. Pan American Airway's founder Juan Trippe, Yale Class of 1921, was a 50/50 partner in Panagra Airlines with W R Grace & Co. . They serviced primarily Peru and Chile in the early years and Panagra, home based in Fort Lauderdale, FL, finally folded in 1999. It was Trippe who attempted to kill off his competition and to put Howard Hugh's TWA out of business. In the film, The Aviator, Trippe was played by actor Alec Baldwin. WR Grace, whose founder was William Russell Grace, goes back to Yale University and the parent organization of Skull & Bones, the Russell Trust. W R Grace is a company that had been on the US Government's "watch list" of companies known or suspected to be trading with the Nazi's during WWII. It has also had the dubious distinction of over 250,000 asbestos claims and was the focus of the John Travolta and Robert Duval movie "A Civil Action", the story of the small New England town where five children and one adult died of acute lymphocytic leukemia from exposure to chemicals in the drinking water. George W Bush appointed WR Grace defense attorney, Granta Nakayama, to head up the EPA's enforcement division. (for an indepth look at Skull and Bone, read America's Secret Establishment: An Introduction to the Order of Skull & Bones, by Antony C. Sutton, Liberty House Press, Billings, Montana, 1986. Sutton, a former professor at Condelezza Rice's Stanford University, is cited by Kevin Phillips in American Dynasty, chapter 6, titled..."Armaments and Men: The Bush Dynasty and the National Security State". There he notes Sutton's discovery that George Herbert Walker, Averell Harriman and other close colleagues profited from the sale of weapons to both Germans and Bolsheviks in the early to mid-20th Century with hope of prolonged conflict. [p. 179]. For more on Anthony Sutton....

For years, Anthony Sutton was discredited, his work avoided by the main stream publishing world and as a Stanford University insider he was blackballed by the Stanford establishment which would protect and promote Condelezza Rice and others who gave blind allegiance to the Bush political machine. When celebrated Washington insider and best selling author Kevin Phillips recognized Sutton's well documented work the lid came off the Bush charade. Sutton wrote....

"Our two party Republican-Democratic (= one Hegelian party, no one else welcome or allowed) system is a reflection of this Hegelianism.....For Hegelians, the State is almighty, and seen as 'the march of God on earth.' Indeed, a State religion. Not only did Skull and Bones become a major force in drug smuggling [the Bush and Prescott families in the 1860's], but in true Hegelian fashion, generated the anthithesis, the so-called 'war on drugs'. This hypocritical policy maintained the price of drugs, controls supply, and puts millions in jail while the gainers, in great part, are none other than the same 'Bonesmen' who pass the laws to prohibit." Anthony Sutton, America's Secret Establishment, p. xiv

(For a fascinating study of how this dialectic works in real life one needs only view Harriman, Tennessee, which was built by the Harriman Coal and Iron Railway Company in a region where whiskey distilling is an art form. There the land was auctioned to future residents but with deed restrictions prohibiting any use related to alcohol production or consumption. Harriman became the home to the Women's Temperance Movement Temple, a major force in the prohibition era. Harriman, Tennessee produced Baptist minister,Carlyle Marney, who as pastor of Austin, Texas' First Baptist Church, was also professor of ethics at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary. Marney, a liberal within the conservative Southern Baptist Church of John D. Rockefeller, appeared nationwide on CBS Television in 1965 drawing over 500 letters of praise and protest. A sample of the direct mail advertising pieces sent to prospective buyers during Harriman's planned development of Harriman, Tennessee read "Compliments of The W T Smith Investment Co," and shows Uncle Sam talking to "Baby Harriman, Two Years Old To-Day February 26, 1892", "Of all my children Happy Prohibition Harriman has the brightest eyes...a brilliant object lesson to all my children"; reverse is an extensive ad for investing money in "...stocks bonds, Income Warrants, City Property, Farm, Iron, Coal and Timber Lands...our 16 page Southern Investor's Guide and our Baby Harriman Birthday cards. Also Maps, Plats etc of Willard Park Land and Developement Company...PROHOBITION OF LIQUOR TRAFFIC FOREVER IN DEEDS...Cor Roane and Queen Sts, Harriman Tenn"; In the personal correspondence of W. Averill Harriman are letters to W. T. Smith.)

What was learned by the Bush family as far back as the 1860's is entrenched. This explains why Clinton and Bush ran the Mena operation from both sides of the political isle, why Coelho, Gore's campaign chairman was absored as a trustee of the GHWB Presidential Library; why there was simply no room for a real threat to the Hegelian system with a third-party enterloper like H Ross Perot; why the general dumbing down of the American educational system with it's emphasis upon test taking rather that upon critical thinking that had been the historical benchmark of Western British/American and Judeau-Christian training was systematically abandoned by these power elites; why the conservative party of the Republicans under the Hegelians oversaw the massive buildup of big government and state sponsored reduction of civil rights; why the Bush/Baker connection to the tyranical House of Saud saw no contridiction in this alliance with anti-American values. They want unquestioning cogs in their political/economic machinery just like Arab Sheiks and Fascist dictators demand willing pawns. Sutton covers it all his his writing.

After he left the 60' Halliburton/Dresser yacht moored at South Shore Harbor Marina in Clear Lake/Houston, Patrick Carr's body was found in his burning Ford Bronco near Ellington Field, the home of James R Bath and George W Bush during their Air National Guard duty and an airport with longstanding ties to the CIA. James R Bath controlled the fuel sales at this airport. League City and Ellington Field were home to another covert operator from the WWII generation whose American Volunteer Group or AVG, General Claire Chennault, had funded his Flying Tigers with opium and heroin sales through Chaing Kai Shek's connection to a Chinese Triad called the Green Gang (read Sterling Seagraves' THE SOONG DYNASTY, Harper Collins, 1985). Chennault's Flying Tiger Airline Inc., still in operation during Iran-Contra, had supplied helicopters to Barry Seal's Mena, Arkansas operation according to Peter Brewton (p. 162) . CIA operative, Barry Seal, whose airplane was shot down over Nicaragua with pilot Eugene Hausenfus captured, thus triggering the Iran-Contra scandal, was murdered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana before he could give testimony in the Iran-Contra hearings. One of Chennault's flying aces was David "Tex" Hill, a close friend of Oscar Wyatt of Corpus Christi's Coastal Refinery. Wyatt would become the biggest US player in the UN's oil for food scandal. "Tex" Hill was the son of Presbyterian Missionaries and his brother, Sam, would become a Texas Presbyterian pastor. Their father, Rev. Pierre B. Hill, a Texas Ranger like the Anne and Catherine Armstrong family patriarch, was also pastor of First Presbyterian Church, San Antonio, home to such notables as Texas newspaper magnate, Houston Harriman Harte whose relative, Edward Stettinius Jr. had been not only president of US Steel and head of WWII's lend-lease program, but also Secretary of State and UN Ambassador. "Tex" was head of the Texas Air National Guard when GWB and Texas Air National Guard buddy, James R Bath, were in training at Ellington Field. Evidence of this connection is clearly seen in the document shown in the Michael Moore film FAHRENHEIT 911. Moore noted that segments of the document were blacked out by the White House thus covering over Bath's name and his connection to GWB. When Chennault was postumously awarded a medal in 2005 after the last of the high-ranking voices of protest died, who was present front and center? Oscar Wyatt and "Tex" Hill.

This connection of current events to a longstanding history with Chennault to the Texas Gulf Coast was further reinforced when Patrick's father was taken by the son of a former Corpus Christi mayor, Jason Luby, to view the Cadillac limosine of Madame Chaing Kai Shek on McBride Street in Corpus Christi. The black and brown, leather apolstered limo was owned by Texas industrialist, Gus Cargile, who handed Patrick's father a post card featuring a photograph of what Cargile said was Dr. Martin Luther King at a communist meeting in Angola. Patrick's father believes that he was shown this limo because it was Julian Carr, North Carolina tobacco magnate, who educated Chaing Kai Shek's father-in-law, T.V. Soong. That same week Luby introduced Patrick's father to the primary suspect in the murder investigation of the son of former Vice-Presidential candidate and the first woman to seek such a lofty office with Eugene McCarthy, Frances Cissy Farenthold, also from Corpus Christi. At that meeting a senior investigator in the Corpus Christi police department was also introduced offering to help with the investigation of Patrick's murder. The first man, shrugging off the accusations that he was young Farenthold's killer, admitted that he been a mercenary in South America many times, but was never charged with young Farenthold's murder. That case like Patrick's case remains unsolved. Patrick's father left the meeting when a young Colombian woman who knew the suspect came up to him in the middle of the discussion and propositioned him.

Ruled a suicide by the Harris County Medical Examiners Office, two sets of independent forensics experts determined that the HCME was wrong and that Patrick Carr's death was a murder. The HCME is currently under investigation by Michael Bromwich the Justice Department's leading Iran-Contra investigator. Bromwich's presence in Houston at the HCME is more than coincidence. Houston is the oil capital of the world. A third of the nation's oil is refined there and yet the Bin Ladens owned an airport within minutes of these refineries purchased by James R Bath and Khalid Bin Mahfouz for the Bin Ladens. This fact should be as disturbing to Americans as the Bush-backed proposal that the UAE be allowed to control the loading and unloading of cargo at US ports. The newly appointed US District Judge for the South Texas District, Chuck Rosenberg, a close friend of investigator into the Valerie Plame affair, Patrick J. Fitzgerald, has a vested interest in insuring that the truth about these murders never surfaces. To uncover the truth would be to expose the criminal enterprises of our nation's leadership within both political parties.

Meanwhile, the story of Allbaugh/FEMA/Katrina and Whittington/SCI connections to Funeralgate was resurfacing with SCI's connection to the Katrina recovery effort. An SCI controlled company was appointed as the official morgue operator and mortuary.

All of this threatened to bring new attention to the old "Funearalgate/Bush" connection thus further eroding the president's support. That the last bid on the purchase of the British company controlling the ports was made on February 10th, 2006 and that the news of the UAE's takeover was released prior to a 30 day review (an admitted violation of the 45-day statutory review process), suggests that the ports story, released to the media at the height of the Cheney/Whittington hunting fiasco on February 11th, was meant to put the spotlight back on the issue of terrorism, even at the expense of great embarassment to the administration.

Telephone records reveal that in 2000, Harry M Whittington's associate in Whittington's Vaughn Building in Austin was fellow attorney and RNC member William Crocker Jr. . William Crocker Jr. had an Austin address of 3503 Bridle Path. That address was shared by a William relationship to either Patrick (William Patrick Carr) or his father, William Harvey Carr. Patrick's father was also told by the man currently dating the widow of Barry Seal that he had been informed that Mecom's Iran-Contra involvement had included the Bass brothers from Fort Worth. The Bass' were also close to GWB's partner in the Texan' baseball franchise, Richard Rainwater, the money-man behind Columbia Health Care which had purchased Senator Thomas Frist's HCA Hospitals. Columbia went belly-up after over 500 FBI indictments for Medicare fraud sent its stock plummeting. Columbia received the biggest Medicare fraud fine in US history. The identity of the boyfriend of Barry Seal's widow making this connection of Iran-Contra to the Bass brothers was confirmed by Peter Brewton. After the divorce from Richard Daniel Bass, Ruth Crocker, an heiress of the Betty Crocker fortune, became the wife of the US Deputy Secretary of Defense and future Texas Governor Dolph Briscoe.

(parenthetical addendum added 6/3/ appears that the Crocker name in Texas is linked historically to Charles Crocker, founder of the Western leg of the Trans-Contintental Railway and to Crocker National Bank in San Francisco. Crocker was a partner with Leland Stanford, namesake of Condelezza Rice's alma mater, Stanford University. This is significant because one of the leading judges protecting Oliver North and the CIA during Iran-Contra also protected Crocker National Bank from investigation. When Judge Laurence Silberman was appointed by President Bush as co-chair of the commission to investigate intelligence failures prior to the Iraq invasion Tara McKelvey of The American Prospect wrote an article titled "Judging Larry" on 2/25/04 [see and for the running total of what this intelligence failure is costing American families see ]. Silberman is a longtime Republican operative who is said to have planned President Reagan's "October Surprise" and overturned San Antonio, Texas native, Oliver North's, Iran-Contra conviction along with that of John Poindexter and Caspar Weinberger. Found among McKelvey's many questions..."why did independent counsel Lawrence E. Walsh say in his book Firewall: The Iran-Contra Conspiracy and Cover-Up that you were so biased during the oral arguments of North's appeal that you nearly prevented an appellate counsel "from presenting a coherent argument?" and ....
"Why did you and other officials of Crocker National Bank of San Francisco, where you served as executive vice president from 1979 to 1982, fail to report $3.98 billion in currency deposits from foreign banks, which U.S. Senator Paul Simon described as "laundering" transactions, according to The Washington Post [Oct. 3, 1985], and which resulted in a $2.25 million Treasury Department fine on the bank?" This blogsite was created after a number of subsequent murders in Texas revealed connections to Patrick Carr's case. Specifically one involving University of Texas college students from South Texas and Little Rock, Arkansas. (for full view of this case as well as letters written by Patrick's father to the Austin community visit: )

Patrick Carr's father decided to take this story to the heart of Texas... Austin, where the families and students impacted by this tyranny might best make the necessary links, draw the necessary conclusions and ferret out and expose tyranny where they find it. His letters to follow in their entirety including those to Ronnie Earle, Travis County District Attorney, Texas State Senator Florence Shapiro and others. The brutal murders of two Austin colllege students had connections to Patrick's hometown of Corpus Christi and to events there.


It may not be what it seems.
Teachers from Pitonyak's past say he was never violent....okay people change? Still consider this....
Why is Sam Bassett, Pitonyak's attorney, quickly selected and from the same firm as that which defended Tom DeLay's buddy named in the TRMPAC scandal, Tom Craddick, and also the firm involved in the yogurt murder trial? The yogurt shop Harbison girls? Related to the Harbison family so close to Halliburton's Dresser Industries? You know the one. The one that GWB signed legislation to protect against "law-suit" abuse by limiting the awards for asbestos related claims. Harbison is big into asbestos.
Did the Breed brothers of the Ace Hardware store have any connections to the City of Austin's building/codes scandal which had honest police officers (there are some) crying foul and filing a qui tam law suit against the city when they discovered it? Have experts looked closely at any video footage that may have pointed a finger at Pitonyak? Lie detector tests for Breed/s and their clerk/s?
Doesn't this senario make Pitonyak look to be a really DUMBER THAN DUMB T-Sip? PLEASE, this is a premier university that takes some degree of intelligence to enter. Would anyone cooking a turkey OR dismembering a body tell a sales person at the hardware store that they're cooking a turkey and want to cut it up using a hack saw?
This would put poor Pitonyak between what George Carlin describes as a DF and a FOS (go watch his tapes for definition of DF and FOS, I'm writing this in a public library). Anyone who is both a DF and FOS is in a VERY VERY limited segment of the population.
And if cocaine is his drug of choice, doesn't it make one slightly sharper than dumber?
Is Pitonyak's family involved in anything in Little Rock that's anywhere near the Rose Law Firm then connects them to South Texas? If you want the connnection to buddies "muck-and-mire" GHWB (the mind behind Iran-Contra) and Clinton (who was Arkansas Governor at the time and needed for Barry Seal's Mena smuggling operation where two boys were on Mena Train Deaths) look to Mena, Arkansas (also read Peter Brewton's a journalism professor at Texas Tech)
Is Jennifer's family in South Texas anywhere near the Bush Iran-Contra network that was NOT disassembled after Secretary of State George Shultz promised the nation it would be, but is still in operation? Read Peter Brewton's THE MAFIA, CIA and GEORGE BUSH...the most censored book in the world in 1992...Brewton an attorney and award winning journalist from the Houston Post and Chronicle. Are any of the personalities he uncovers anywhere near either of these three families? (Hall, Pitonyak or Cave?)
If Iran-Contra's drugs-for-weapons-for-hostages program taught us anything it's that our two-headed hydra of a government is a criminal enterprise. If these families are/were anywhere near that enterprise they're in....deep yogurt!
Posted by: walker.freeman
October 12, 2005 01:08 PM

(Parenthetical addendum 10.06.06... Letter sent to Ronnie Earle on 10.05.06 after discovering that Duncan Coffee, a part of Duncan Foods which was bought by Coca-Cola was begun in Corpus Christi, TX. and that a Charles W Duncan Sr. had lived in Robstown, TX. Begun in 1921 Duncan Coffee imported its coffee through the Port of Corpus Christi from South and Central America, but the rebirth of the Duncan Coffee Company ties together Breed Hardware Store, GHWB with the grandson of Charles W Duncan whose role in Iran-Contra is well documented. The late September discovery of the bodies of two boys on a Union Pacific tracks near Tyler was another reason for concern. )

Dear Mr. Earle;

The recent deaths of two boys on the Union Pacific track near Tyler, looks very similar to the death of Ives and Henry at Mena, Arkansas.

Azleway is recipient of funds from the Mabee Foundation from Tulsa, a foundation with which my churches have had some connections especially Grace, Houston which you can read about on the previous email to you.

Since the death of CPS Director, Sally Blackwell in Victoria, I have been operating on the premise that CPS and the Texas prison system are controlled by some very shady characters and they will stop at nothing to tell others to "tow the line". I mention elsewhere Whittington and the finance person for the TDC who offices on the Jimmy Walker pier at Kemah. It is my stong belief that the 100 Club Houston, Rick Hartley president, is a conduit for fear and intimidation of the Houston Police Department, Houston DA's office and HCME.

The previous letter and blogsite suggests that the Breed's in Austin were involved in a building code or insurance scandal in Austin, of some type. That they are singled out to be on the inner circle of Duncan Coffee a HARDWARE STORE?!.... with help from GHWB....we'll you can see my rationale for not believing their story about poor Pitonyak. What murderer is going to admit that he's going to cut up a turkey with a hacksaw? He'd want to be flying WAY under the radar. If Pitonyak's father bought his Little Rock business from the father of a prominent Houston/military physician, as I believe, one involved in the governments Agent-Orange'll have more to go on along with the info from Corpus Christi...Loren Hall, etc.

I have made this information available to others.

These are very dangerous times for the Republic, Mr. Earle.


Ronnie Earle Travis County DA Austin, TX.

Dear Mr. Earle:

I had spoken to your assistant DA previously re. the Pitonyak/Cave case. I had told FBI agent Andy Walton and Texas Ranger Robert Garza about my concerns for a company in Alice, Texas which imported Chlorine and Bromide from Tampico, Mexico on the Texas Mexico Railway. This company had an office at the Alice, Texas airport. Odd, I said, that a commodity that is the perfect cover for contraband (dogs have a very hard time smelling anything through chlorine and bromide) and ships by rail from Mexico should have a facility at an airport. Jennifer Cave's grandfather started this company.What precipitated this conversation with Walton and Garza (from Alice, TX) was that I was investigating the death of my son in Houston on December 10, 2000. Agents for the company who controlled the Halliburton/Dresser boat my son was on the night of his death were from Alice, TX. My son's body was found burned beyond recognition near Ellington Field, Houston and parties from the boat were linked to the Houston Gulf Manor Airport not far away. Ellington was home to James R Bath and GWB during their Texas Air National Guard days and Houston Gulf Manor was owned at the time by the Bin Laden's having been purchased by Bath and Khalid Bin Mahfouz, the Saudi Royal Family's banker, for the Bin Ladens. Others connected to my son at the time worked for an associate of Tony Coelho, who was Al Gore's former campaign manager living in Houston. Gore conceded the presidential race on December 13, 2000 but made the decision to do so on the night of December 11, 2000. Something else happened the morning of December 11th just as the nation anguished over the Supreme Court's decision concerning our next president. The grandson of my parishioner, Oliver "Buck" Revell, supposedly committed suicide in his Dallas home that morning. His car was found two blocks away on the side the of the road. Buck was former General Deputy of the FBI. The car door was open. Young Revell supposedly shot himself with his father's 9mm in his father's closet. This was the son, I believe of Revell's son who was suppose to have flown home on Pan Am 103 with Matt Gannon, the CIA agent son-in-law of Thomas Tweeton. Revell's son changed his itenerary. Gannon died on the flight and is mentioned in SLEEPING WITH THE DEVIL, by CIA agent Robert Baer. No one believed at the time I called Buck that his grandson was suicidal. I asked Buck for his help in my son's investigation. He gave me the name of Houstonian, Bronislaw Mogenis, a fellow former FBI agent and security head at Lockheed Martin, on whose board sat Mrs. Dick Cheney. Mogenis refused to take my son's case after hearing who was involved. (patenthetical addendum 11/29/06...just learned that Julie Mogenis, Bronis' daughter, ex-FBI agent and Texas hunting guide was critically injured by accidental shooting on a hunt in Utopia, TX., December 4, 2004. Kinky Friedman helped to raise money for her medical expenses. It was Julie who phoned Patrick's father to offer name of Houston investigator who would be interested in case.) Revell and Tweeton were the damage controllers for the FBI and CIA's Iran-Contra involvement, respectively. When I sent a letter to hundreds of Presbyterian ministers making this connection and linking it to the story of journalist Gary Webb (Dark Alliance) on December 5, 2004, Webb turned up dead of a suicide (two shots to the head) on the anniversary of my son's death, December 10, five days later.The corporate agent for the boat from Alice, TX. had moved to Rowlett, TX where he lived two blocks away from Buck in the same neighborhood. Not far north in Princeton, TX is George W Cave. Cave was brought into the Iran-Contra scandal when at the insistence of Thomas Tweeton, he replaced indicted Iran-Contra conspirator with Richard Secord, Albert Hakim. Find a link to George W Cave and Jennifer and you'll have what you need to get to the truth of her murder. Please don't disregard this information. I don't believe that Pitonyak killed Ms. Cave. That's what I told your Assistant DA. You will find in these two deaths a horrific message to families possibly involved in Arkansas and Texas with the government sponsored criminal enterprises of our nation. If, Mr. Earl, you are what you say you are....and as your record seems to indicate at some will respond since this case goes to the heart of the corruption of the two-headed hydra that currently leads our nation and will take a true patriot to address. Treason laws should be observed and parties should be lined up against a wall and shot...but the right parties! Families are being destroyed by this corruption at the same time we say we are promoting a better world afar. What hypocracy! Jennifer Cave's funeral was performed by Anglican pastor Rev. David Stringer in Corpus Christi, a former pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Kerrville, TX. This is VERY significant. IN addition, Randy DeLay was married by my associate pastor at First Presbyterian Church, Corpus Christi, at Jackson Woods Presbyterian Church...on Stonewall...a street where another of the boat's corporate agents lived. That Pitonyak's attorney is from the same law firm that defended Tom Delay's close TRMPAC associates is also VERY problematic. I am currently concerned about the corruption, as well, at the Harris County Medical Examiner's office and the cover-up there that looks to me to go far beyond mishandling of DNA evidence to include falsification of records as in my son's well as the Harris County DA's office (Johnny B Holmes...related by marriage to a known Iran-Contra player, Jack Modesett... and Chuck Rosenthall...also from Alice, TX.), the independent investigation of Michael Bromwich which is being paid for with confiscated drug money promised by Rosenthall's office....the new South Texas District Judge, Chuck Rosenberg, appointed by Bush's new Attorney General and man of questionable sensibilities, Alberto Gonzales...and perhaps even Chuck Rosenberg's good friend Patrick J Fitzgerald whose employment credentials link him to Bush Whitehouse via Comey and Judge Walker, can't be far from the truth of this matter either. Bromwich works for the Sargent Shriver New York Law firm and I wouldn't be surprised to find a strong tie between this firm and Patrick J Fitzgerald. Joseph P Kennedy, Shriver's kin, drilled oil wells in Texas with Modesett who was head of the Corpus Christi Symphony at one time just as Loren Hall, believed to be the grandfather of Laura Hall, who was with Pitonyak in Mexico, was head of the Corpus Christi Community Band. This Loren Hall lives on the same street in Corpus Christi with David Stringer, the minister who performed Jennifer's funeral.W.CarrCorpus Christi, TX.

(Parenthetical Addendum: April 8, 2006...George W Cave's Iran-Contra connection is recorded in Special Investigator Lawrence Walsh's Final Report on Iran-Contra, Part I. Included among the Iran-Contra financial contributors in the Walsh Report is Robert Driscoll and Ellen Garwood AKA Ellen Clayton Garwood of Houston. Walsh's report recounts the fundraising efforts of Spitz Channel, Reagan's chief Iran-Contra money man.

"Beginning in January 1986, Channell through Fischer was able to set up private meetings with the President for the top contributors, who included Barbara Newington, Fred Sacher, Mr. and Mrs. David Warm, Ellen Garwood, Hunt, May Dougherty King and Robert Driscoll.11 Fischer said he set up photo opportunities for donors with the President through the Office of White House Chief of Staff Regan."

Robert Timberg, author of The Nightingale's Song about the relationship between John Poindexter, Oliver North, Robert McFarland, John McCain and Jim Webb, said of Spitz Channell "Together they raised millions, mostly playing on the fears of highly conservative and relatively obscure people, many of them elderly women. Though far to the right himself Channell found the often uninformed conservatism of his targets alternately chilling and hilarious. They were, he said, paranoid, enthralled by secrecy. 'They just loved to hide in closets and talk into cans with a string from one closet to the other.' Channell considered himself a genius at rasing money, until he saw Ollie North in action and realized he was a bush leaguer by comparison" (Simon & Schuster, 1995, pp. 433- 434). John McCain had trained in Corpus Christi and had even crash landed a Navy trainer in Corpus Christi Bay, while North's ties to Texas went deeper. North was born in San Antonio. Jim Webb would rise to office of Secretary of the Navy during the Reagan administration and resigned in protest a few months after Frank Carlucci replaced Caspar Weinberger who had resigned because of Iran-Contra.

Robert Driscoll, who according to the Walsh Report attended the Spitz Channel fundraisers, is a relative of Clara Driscoll whose philanthrophy helped to preserve the Alamo in San Antonio. Robert's money helped to create Bishop and Robstown, TX. near Corpus Christi, minutes from the Armstrong ranch. Tom DeLay's brother, Randall, had not only been the agent for Continental Oil (Conoco), he had owned a restaurant in Corpus Christi's Gas Light Square and served on the board of a local hospital with Robert Driscoll whose family ranch land adjoined the King Ranch to the north which included Bishop, TX., home of Jennifer Cave's family.

May Dougherty Carr King was related to Dudley Dougherty whose wrangler turned lawman, Sam Smithwick, gunned down Alice, TX, newsman, WH “Bill” Mason during the heat of the Ballot Box 13 scandal involving George "the Duke of Duval" Parr that many claim put LBJ into the US Senate.


"At least one scholar has suggested that this election continued to haunt Johnson for the rest of his political life. See id. at 402. It certainly did during the 1954 election, and Johnson remained informed during this time about continuing legal developments affecting Parr. See Letter from Robert Clark to Lyndon Johnson, Feb. 10, 1954, LBJ Library Comparison Docs., 1954 File (giving Johnson the “low-down on the campaign of terror against Parr”). The concern even went so far as to documenting old rumors resurrected by his opponent Dudley Dougherty concerning the 1948 election. See Report, undated, LBJ Library Special Political File (remarks made to the Associated Press concerning Sam Smithwick, a former horse wrangler for Dougherty’s father). The gist of the rumor was:Smithwick, sent to prison for the slaying of an Alice radio commentator, wrote former Governor Coke Stevenson that he could give the whole story of Box 13, from which an avalanche of late-counted votes defeated Stevenson in the 1948 Senate race. A few days later he was found strangled to death in his cell at Huntsville."

For the best account of LBJ's Ballot Box 13 story and his use of Yale attorney, Abe Fortas, to run cover for the fallout see

Ellen Clayton Garwood's connection to Iran-Contra and the S&L scandal conspirators is explored in Brewton's book, p. 257. Connections can be drawn from these persons to Morton C Blackwell, head of the Leadership Institute in Arlington, VA. . Blackwell, from Louisiana, is related to the Blackwells in South Texas.

During Social Worker Month in Texas, March, 2006, the head of the Children's Protective Services in Victoria, TX, Sally Blackwell, was found strangled to death, her body dumped in a field. CPS works very closely with the Texas Prison System. Atop the CPS network in Texas are Bush cronies from Houston, Robert Mosbacher, Jr and wife who serves on the CPS Board. Robert's sister is a graduate of Pitzer College in California, named after Prof. Kenneth Pitzer, from Stanford (home to Condelleza Rice) and Rice University (home to the James A Baker Center for Public Policy). It was Professor Pitzer, believed to be a relative of Pamela Pitzer Willeford (Ambassador to Switzerland and hunting companion of Cheney, Whittington and Armstrong), whose testimony to Congress stripped Robert J. Oppenheimer, father of the A-bomb, of his national security clearance after he had been wrongly labeled a communist. Oppenheimer did not wish to develope the hydrogen bomb and saw nuclear energy as a great liberating force. Professor Pitzer made this testimony against Oppenheimer while working as a researcher in high-octane fuels for the hydrocarbon industry in Texas.

After a six month investigation Sheriff Michael O'Connor stood before cameras in Victoria, Texas whose mayor is a member of the Armstrong family and announced that Sally Blackwell's killer is the 23 year old son of her former boyfriend, Michael Grimsinger and NOT a Victoria County Deputy Sheriff who had just returned from Iraq where he trained security personnel. Grimsinger's DNA had been linked to the murder by the Nueces County Crime Lab in Corpus Christi, TX. Jeffrey Grimsinger's DNA was supposedly found on a cigarette butt near where Ms. Blackwell's body had been left and under Ms. Blackwell's fingernails. No one in the Blackwell family suspected Jeffrey Grimsinger. One must remember that Corpus Christi is home of The Caller Times, previoulsy owned by Houston Harriman Harte, but also home to the Spohn Memorial Hospital where Harry M Whittington had been taken following the Dick Cheney shooting on the Armstrong Ranch in Kenedy County. It's at Spohn Memorial that traumas are initially taken and so it has close ties to the Nueces County Medical Examiner's office. Doctors at Memorial Hospital had announced that Whittington had been hit with between "5 and 150-200 pellets," a very odd distribution provided by the nervous physicians at the hospital. No reporters asked whether or not a 12 guage shell with 7.0 bird shot could even hold 150-200 pellets....which might suggest a second shot. This is the county lab that was to do DNA evidence on the Sally Blackwell murder? Like Houston's crime lab it had been the focus of scandal and investigation. The agent for Michael Grimsinger's company, Grimsinger & Associates Inc., is Thomas W Rowan. If Jeffrey's father will confirm that this is Thomas Winder Rowan who married Mildred Sears Mosher in Houston with Rev. Charles L King of First Presbyterian Church, Houston officiating, he will see a pattern. Mildred Sears Mosher endowed a professorship at the Presbyterian Austin College, Sherman, TX., but more importantly, she was an heir of Mosher Steel which sold 13,000 metric tons of steel to the World Trade Center, New York. Mosher Steel was purchased by Trinity Industries, Dallas, Texas, which provides rail cars for the railroad industry and whose president attended Oliver "Buck" Revell's church in Plano. The Army Corp of Engineers' chief consultant on the 9/11 attack of the Pentagon which insured his participation in the investigation into World Trade Center attack was Reed Mosher. He worked closely with Lt. Col. James R Rowan. Reed Mosher is the technical director for survivability of structures for the Army Corp of Engineers and reported to Lt. Gen. Robert Flowers. They had developed a team of specialists that goes to these terrorist strikes as soon as they happen. Lt. Col James R Rowan worked with Taylor Engineering Inc., a Florida engineering company whose founder had been president of Tetra Tech Inc., AKA Tetra Technologies Inc., a company mentioned elsewhere in this report and which had facilities not only at the Alice, TX., airport, but also at the Victoria, TX. airport where Larry Blackwell, formerly at the Minden, LA, airport is currently the administrator. Tetra Tech becomes the focal point of two murders, therefore. That of Jennifer Cave of Alice, TX. and of Sally Blackwell of Victoria, TX.. Tetra Tech is an oil field service company that morphed into a high dollar bomb squad in American's war on terror. Its trucks are seen traveling the private and posted roads of the O'Connor ranch off Texas' Corridor 69 south of Victoria.

Edward J Mosher, founder of Mosher Steel, is an alumni of Texas A&M, home of the Bush Presidential Library. It was there that he established the Mosher Institute for Defense Studies.

During the 2000 Presidential election that pitted Gore's Tony Coelho against Bush's Joe Allbaugh, Morton C Blackwell said of the Democrats... "These people are basically Leninists. They will stop at nothing to win. It could get bloody -- figuratively and, I fear, literally."

Blackwell, whose politics some say are a few degrees to the right of fascism is creator of the Leadership Institutes' School of Journalism, the institution which trained fake newsman Jeff AKA selected (real James Dale Guckert), it is believed, to send a message to rank and file CIA and FBI agents to tow the line...a reminder of what happened to Thomas Tweeton's son-in-law, Matt Gannon and others. The Center for Print and Broadcast Media is located within the Leadership Institute. Also, the CPBM operates out of the "Sacher Multi-Media Center" named after Fred Sacher.

Fred Sacher is a Director of Blackwell's Leadership Institute and is listed with Garwood, Warm, Driscoll and others in the Lawrence Walsh report as quoted above.

David Warm, was the former city manager at Liberty, Missouri. In Liberty is William Jewell College. William Jewell College was home to Farhad Azima, an Iranian once close to the Pahlavi family, the family of the deposed Shah of Iran. Azima was, according to Peter Brewton, the primary trafficker of arms to Iran in the Iran-Contra plot, though he is NEVER mentioned in the Lawrence Walsh report.

Thirty-three (33) pages of Brewton's book are dedicated to Farhad Azima who was responsible for the shipment of twenty-three (23) tons of missles to Iran as part of the Iran-Contra drugs-for-weapons-for-hostages scheme. Why did Azima NOT appear in the Lawrence Walsh report when he was the biggest arms shipper in the Iran-Contra scandal?

The FBI prevented any investigation of Azima because he was a CIA asset. Brewton put it this way, "...the FBI was told that Azima was a CIA asset and therefore they knew any investigation and prosecution of him would be a waste of time because he had a 'get-out-of-jail-free card" (p. 389).

Azima bought Buffalo Airline in Waco, McClennan County, Texas...also home county of the Crawford Whitehouse and of First City Financial and J-Hawk Inc., companies named in the Hamilton Securities case. Patrick Carr's uncle had attended William Jewel College in Liberty playing football for the WJ Cardinals in 1967, the same that Azima graduated. Patrick's father had also been offered a football scholarship to William Jewel, having traveled to the campus for a weekend in 1968, but changed his plans when he moved to Houston with his family that summer. This fact would have made Patrick Carr's connection to Iran-Contra player Farhad Azima, protected by FBI Counter-Terrorism chief, Buck Revell, to appear on the surface to go way back. Nothing could be further from the truth, but as we now know, our nation's intelligence leaders, having had years of working beneath the umbrella of our nation's political leaders are not only inept, but are also morally, ethically and spiritually bankrupt. Now we know that they are murders, drug runners and traitors. The civilian political leaders who are suppose to be above the US military complex and rule justly over it, actually rule it thorough the industrial wing of the that complex and benefit financially from every conflict. They may have dodged military service themselves , but they are not above profitting from America's sons and daughters dying with weapons in hand created by their companies or selling those weapons to third parties with money passed under the table in narco-dollar mortgage laundering schemes.

Azima has close ties to a Republican Senator from Al Gore's home state of Tennessee and film actor, Senator Fred Thompson, who was half of the senatorial representation fromTennessee along with embattled Senator Thomas Frist.

The Los Angeles Times reported Farhad Azima hosted Thompson at Azima's home in Missouri.
Azima, his wife and sister-in-law gave a total of $3,000 to the senator, and the dinner netted $9,500 and Azima also leased his jet to Thompson's campaign twice.
In 1983, before the Iran-Contra story broke, Azima purchased a controlling interest in Capitol Airways of Smyrna, Tenn. Thompson served on the board at the time and later became Azima's attorney.

Brewton ends chapter 15 of THE MAFIA, CIA and GEORGE BUSH with these words....

"After Azima bought Buffalo, a number of its high-ranking employees moved on to a small aircraft company in Houston run by a mysterious aircraft operator with friends in high places." (p.217)

Who was this "operator with friends in high places"? Brewton's Chapter 16, THE CIA TAKES A BATH, begins....

"When Jim Bath arrived in Houston in 1965," and goes on to explain his connections to GWB, to the S&L scandal and to Iran-Contra and Ellington Field. (p. 218-229)

So Azima didn't disappear after Iran-Contra, which may underscore his continued connections to key personalities in Iran who went undercover following the fall of the Shah's regime. Michael Wooster of THE PHILANTHROPHY ROUNDTABLE wrote the following about contributors to President Clinton Library in Arkansas:

"Those prepared to donate $1 million to the library included developer Walter Shorenstein, Global Crossing chairman Gary Winnick, former Democratic National Committee finance chairman Alan Solomon, investors Alan Shuman and Tom Lee, aviation leasing executive Farhad Azima, and fashion-industry executive Arnold Simon."

A SEC search of companies shows that Farhad Azima and the Mohammed Atta flying school, Huffman Aviation's Wallace J Hilliard, are heavily invested together in SPATIALIGHT INC.. Hilliard and Azima are major stockholders and who is COO of Spatialight? A goldenboy at the company that made Jack Lyons, the benefactor of Arkansas' Presbyterian-related college, Lyons' College, wealthy along with Coca-Cola and RCA Inc....David F Hakala. Robert Cizik of Temple-Inland, Air Products and Chemicals Inc. and a board member of the major CIA contractor, Harris Industries, located in Melbourne, Fl. where the Halliburton/Dresser boat had been before being brought to Houston, also had long-standing ties to RCA. It's noted elsewhere that next door to Huffman is a company owned by the Duncan brothers from Texas, Duncan Aero Inc..)

Posted by: William Carr November 25, 2005 08:27 AM
Open Letter To Texas Senator Florence Shapiro
Dear Senator Shapiro:
In 1997 I wrote to you to ask for your help. While Buck Revell's pastor in Plano, I was also the pastor of Plano mayor, John Longstreet, and City Manager Tom Muehlenbeck, who had also been a parishioner in my church in Galveston, Texas.You remember that during your political campaign in 1990, there were racially charged actions and that I wrote a letter to the Plano paper and Dallas Morning News protesting these actions.I believed that you were a friend. You wrote me thanking me for the strong words and thanked me in person on several occassions, twice at the Harvey Hotel where John Longstreet was manager.When in 1997 I faced the wrath of a parishioner in Corpus Christi and lack of support from my Executive Presbyter, I asked if you would be willing to be a reference on my resume as I sought another church. You refused. I never knew why. The Plano Church had doubled in size in my 4.5 years there and I still had a good relationship with not only 90% of the congregation here, but with John, Buck, Tom, too. Howard Putnam graciously spoke at my church in Corpus Christi.At issue in Corpus Christi was word that a prominent parishioner and lawyer was involved in a business that was conducting illegal activities. I was asked to intervene pastorally. I now know that this was a ploy to ferret out my sensitivities.In August, 2000, my 23-year-old son moved to Houston where he lived with his uncle, a man I would later learn had a longstanding relationship with Iran-Contra figures in the Clear Lake area. When my son was murdered on December 10, 2000 I phoned Buck Revell for help. He acted stunned on the phone. "I can't believe you're calling me," he said. He explained that his grandson died the next morning in Dallas under equally mysterious circumstances.Buck gave me the name of Bronislaw Mogenis, a security chief with Lockheed Martin and former FBI agent with Buck. Upon hearing the specifics Mogenis refused to help. You see, Patrick had been on a Halliburton/Dresser 60' Hatteras moored at South Shore Harbor Marina the night of his death and his body was found near the tarmac of Ellington Field. Mrs. Dick Cheney was on the board of Lockheed Martin.

Q: Mrs. Cheney was on the board of Lockheed Martin at the time Bronislaw Mogenis was it’s security agent in Houston. What are Mrs. Cheney’s other board memberships?
A: Lynne V. Cheney, wife of US Vice-President Dick Cheney, was a board member of Lockheed Martin for the period 1994-2001, picking up a handy US$120,000 per year for the privilege. (Mrs Cheney other lucrative directorship's include AXP Mutual {an American Express subsidiary}, the Union Pacific Resources Group, & the Reader's Digest Association. As a director of Union Pacific when it merged with Anadarko Petroleum, Lynne Cheney received Anadarko stock worth $250,000 to $500,000. Her husband's major source of vast wealth, Halliburton, had done business with Anadarko Petroleum since 1959.

Q: What is Halliburton's relationship to the John D. Rockefeller syndicate?
A: On a wintry March morning in 1949, a team comprised of Halliburton Oil Well Cementing Company (today known as Halliburton Energy Services) and Stanolind Oil Company personnel gathered at a well site 12 miles east of Duncan, Oklahoma, to make oilfield history. They had perfected hydraulic fracturing, a revolutionary oil and gas retrieval process that was to permanently change the workings and fortunes of the hydro-carbon energy business. This successful fracturing technique had been developed and patented by Stanolind (later known as Pan American Oil Company). Stanolind was a subsidiary of Amoco (American Oil Company) which was originally Standard Oil of Indiana. Standolind issued an exclusive license to Halliburton to perform the fracturing process. Thus began the marriage of the Rockefeller and Halliburton families. William Stamps Farrish was both head of Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Company and of the Bush family blind trust when the Bushes entered public office.

Other parties from the Halliburton/Dresser boat were traced to Alice and Corpus Christi, TX. where the Iran-Contra network had deep ties in South Texas, as evidenced by the work of award winning Houston Post and Chronicle journalist and attorney, Peter M Brewton, the son of another Presbyterian minister. Brewton's 1992 book, was the most censored in America in that year. It was in Brewton's book that I discovered that Iran-Contra player from Houston, Walter Mischer, was also on the board of Braniff when Howard Putnam was President and CEO. I would later learn of Braniff ties to a parishioner of mine from Houston, whose businesses were linked to a pattern of narco-dollar laundering through HUD mortgages and exposed by the May, 2000 release of evidence in a qui tam law suit involving former Under Secretary of HUD, Catherine Austin Fitts, a case presided over by the CIA's General Counsel in the Iran-Contra affair and then a Federal Judge, Stanley Spoorkin.

(Parenthetical addendum 7/7/06....Chairman of ENRON, Ken Lay died on 7/5/06. Lay had been President of Houston Natural Gas which morphed into ENRON, but not before making Edgar Smith of First City Financial/J-Hawk Inc. and Commonwealth Mortagage, whose VP was Greg Cizik, a millionaire many times over. White House spokeman Tony Snow said of Lay after his death that he was merely an acquaintence of GWB. Kevin Phillips said of Catherine Austin Fitts..."One maverick, politically experienced Washington investment banker, Catherine Austin Fitts, concluded that the Bush Administration did manage a late 2001 Enron bailout of sorts by failing to seize control of all the documents in the case, in effect allowing extensive shredding by Enron and accountants Arthur Anderson....." [American Dynasty, p. 170]. During the California energy shortage with it rolling brown outs, the single biggest trading partner with ENRON was Pacific Gas and Electric Inc. . Claiming that the company had been duped by Enron, PC&E and Governor Gray Davis sought a blank-check-bail-out of the company from California taxpayers. They only got a pawltry $400 million instead. PC&E was the company chronicled in the Erin Brockovich story about the poisoning of a city water well in Hinckley, California.)

Two independent sets of forensics experts determined that the Harris County Medical Examiner had it all wrong and that rather than a suicide, Patrick was murdered. I traced parties from the boat to the Houston Gulf Manor Airport, purchased by James R Bath and Khalid Bin Mahfouz for the Bin Ladens. Bath, Bush's Air National Guard buddy, had owned the fuel concessions at Ellington. I also did a comprehensive social diagram of the parties influencing decisions at the Harris County Medical Examiners Office including the Houston DA, Johnny B Holmes and his hand picked successor from Alice, Texas, Chuck Rosenthall. More importantly, the Harris County Fire Department investigator conducting Patrick's investigation is named William Sivley, a name that has family ties to a similar Texas name, Sibley. Buck Revell was working for Hollywood Casinos in 2000. A $23,000,000 site on Clear Lake, owned by Hollywood had to be sold when casino legislation wasn't forthcoming (parenthetical addendum 7/12/07...and who chaired the Texas Senate's committee on Gaming? Senator David Sibley of Waco who happens to live DIRECTLY across the street from First-City Financial and J-Hawk's CEO, James Sartain.) The Pratt brothers of Hollywood couldn't wait for a return on their investment and began raping the company coffers. The SEC stepped in and indicted them placing Buck in charge of the clean-up of the company. There is a Robert Shapiro who was CFO of Hollywood Casinos at the time. Would you know him?
At the same time David Sibley of Waco was head of the Texas Gaming Commmittee of the Senate. I noticed that you and Sibley used Karl Rove for your campaigns and that you also served on Tom DeLay's committee currently the focal point of the Earle investigation...just recently having your telephone records provided to Earle, the Travis County DA. Also subpoened were the phone records of the Purple Sage Ranch in Bandera owned by Continental Oil, the company for which, Randy DeLay, Tom's brother, was corporate agent. There's a 3800' runway at that airport. That's a mighty long runway.
My assistant pastor in Corpus Christi had married Randy Delay at Jackson Woods Presbyterian Church, on Stonewall Street, Corpus Christi. A fellow associate pastor in Houston had worked with DeLay at Continental Oil, CONOCO. Like you, this pastor is now a Republican politico from Edmond, Oklahoma (home of Allbaugh and Brown) and bought his Houston Home using Sessions Mortgage Inc. Would you know if this Texas Mortgage company is/was owned by William Sessions of Waco and San Antonio, former FBI Director under GB #1? Sessions appears to have been bought by Commonwealth Mortgage, Houston, whose VP is Greg Cizik, a kin of Robert Cizik of Temple-Inland Inc. on whose board is L Paul Bremer, the first Iraqi Ambassador. They hob nob with Ms. Beechloss, head of the Carlyle Group and Robert Cizik had an office across the street from South Shore Harbor Marina, Houston, where the Halliburton/Dresser boat was moored on the night of my son's death.
In Corpus Christi, one block down Stonewall Street on the left lives another party from the boat that night.
If it was your child, Senator Shapiro, who had been burned to death in his car. What would you do? Would you at least write a letter denouncing such actions as similar to the practices of a Fascist state? Would you call for a clean-up of the Houston Medical Examiners Office? Who would you turn to for such help? The government? Really?
I would learn later that Revell was pointman for the FBI for damage control on Iran-Contra and that his counterpart at the CIA, Thomas Tweeton, lost his son-in-law on Pan Am 103. Scheduled to fly home with Matt Gannon, was Revell's son...either the father or uncle of the Buck's grandson.
In Austin in the last few months the death of two students has made the headlines and shaken many. Jennifer Cave and Trey Ehrhart. Few know of their connections to each other through Corpus Christi. I have written to the authorities about the connections of the two young people. Jennifer's grandparents were also from Alice, TX. Trey Ehrhart died shortly after my conversation with FBI agent in Corpus Christi, Andy Walton, Buck Revell's protege' and frequent visitor to Grace Presbyterian Church, Plano. I reminded Walton of my investigation in Alice and that I had specifically mentioned the business on the end of the Alice airport runway to him and a Texas Ranger,who sat in on the conversation...Robert Garza from Alice, Texas. The Alice business was started by Jennifer's grandfather.
"You realize that you two were the only two I told about this?" I said to him.
"Are you from Arkansas and a member of the Walton family?" I asked.
"The short answer to that is 'no', the long answer is 'yes'," he said.
"You're from Arkansas?" I said.
"Yes," he responded.
"Do you know the Corpus Christi Attorney who just went to Bentonville to become General Counsel for Walmart?" I asked.
"No," he said. "But it's all a game. A big game."
Pretty serious game, don't you think Senator?George Cave was a key figure in Iran-Contra'weapons/drugs for hostages scheme that was an embarassment for the Reagan/Bush White House and which, reguardless of George Shultz's claims to the contrary, was never broken up by the powers that be.I don't give a damn about your policital affiliations or Earle's who worked for John Connally. What I do care about is the Fascist state that is coming. Remember your own Jewish history, Senator. Remember your own history.
Sincerely,William H. Carr

(01/01/07...Also investing in Hollywood Casinos with Revell and Edward Pratt is CLP Family Partnership LLP, believed to named for Charles L Pratt. Theodore Strauss, the brother of GHWB's Ambassador Robert Strauss and a former executive with First City Bank is a key investor, too. Strauss with Bear Stearns, backed Rudy Giuliani's move into the post 9-11 terrorism/security market. A partner with Giuliani & Bracewell law firm is Dallas' Roy W Bailey who was William Session's son, Pete's, campaign chairman. Theo Strauss is also on the board of CLEAR CHANNEL Inc. whose CFO is Tom Hicks...see )

Posted by: William Carr December 21, 2005 02:20 PM
From William Carr
Dear Florence:
Gary Webb, the Pulitzer Prize winning author from the San Jose Mercury News whose career was destroyed for telling the truth about our government died on the anniversary of Patrick's murder.
What had he discovered? That the CIA and the Iran Contra network was responsible for the crack cocaine epidemic in the US. But it's much deeper than that and goes back much futher. Remember John Deutsch, CIA director under Clinton? He went to Central LA after Webb's stories broke. Why? Because Clinton feared a race riot. The power structure was dumping drugs into our inner cities.
Follow the trail. Ambassador for Qatar is your former Texas Congressman colleague from Tanglewood area of Houston where GHWB had his address while in the White House (Joe Russo's owned by Sumner Redstone), Chase Untermeyer. He is married to the former Diana Cumming Kendrick of Sheridan, Wyoming (Wyoming is home to US Senator Alan Simpson whose photo is featured in Brewton's The Mafia, CIA and George Bush at Florida's infamous Ocean Reef Club. Wyoming is also the state to which Dick Cheney's 11th hour transfer of residency from Texas in order to circumvent Constitutional requirements prohibiting a President and Vice President coming from the same state.) Untermeyer and Kendrick met in the White House the first week of the Bush administration where she was executive assistant to Boyden Gray, counsel to President Bush.
Most important is Hugh Smith Cumming of Sheridan Wyoming. He was not only the Surgeon General during the 1939 decision to create the narco-economy structure that is controlled by a few American power elites, but he was also in charge of the Tuskogee Experiment which used black American's as medical guinepigs just like in the prison camps of Nazi Germany. (parenthetical addendum 7/12/ this point one would want to ask "since the US Constitution prohibits a US President and Vice-President from coming from the same state and since Cheney, like Bush, was from Texas, what really went into Dick Cheney's decision to run as VP from Wyoming besides property ownership?)
Look it up for yourself and then ask why the Bush administation provides such unparalleled protection to our enemies.
They don't deserve your blind trust.
I am a simple man, Florence. I didn't know about this stuff when Revell was telling me that his agents were getting ready to poke holes in the buildings at the Branch Davidian Compound in Waco. If I could go back and do anything it would be to say to him on the Sunday morning in the Grace Church narthex.....WATCH WHAT YOU DO!
I have written of this to people I know and trust. People who have known me for fifty years... my high school class. I tell them and anyone else who will listen before it's too late.
Dear Tony and SHS friends;The problem is complicated. The 9/11 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia. Read SLEEPING WITH THE DEVIL by Robert Baer, a former CIA officer in the Middle East. Look up Thomas Tweeton in the index. Tweeton was the CIA agent in charge of field agents and point man for the CIA's Iran-Contra program. Tweeton's son, Matt Gannon (same last name used by the gay guy who found his way into the White House Press Corp without being screened...which may help to set the context for why Scooter Libby is writing THE APPRENTICE published by Graywolf Press....funded by the Bush Foundation and why Libby was the attorney for Mark Rich, the blockade runner indicted by Guliani and Patrick J Fitzgerald, but released thanks to a Presidential pardon by Clinton) was also a CIA agent on his way to Washington to ask a pressing question. "WHY THE HELL DO FIELD AGENTS HAVE NOTHING ON THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD WHICH SPAWNED AL QAEDA? Matt Gannon made arrangements to fly home from Frankfurt, Germany with the FBI agent's son who was in charge of the FBI's damage control for the Iran-Contra program, Buck Revell. Revell's son changed his schedule shortly before Matt Gannon flew home. Matt never made it. The jet was PAN AM 103. Buck Revell was my parishioner in Plano, TX.Revell was also head of counter-terrorism for the FBI, Tweeton's counterpart for damage control for the Iran-Contra fiasco, and his son who didn't fly home on 103, was either the uncle or father of Revell's grandson who died in Dallas the morning after Patrick died in Houston. It was Buck whose voice cracked when I told him of Pat's death on December 10, 2000. Revell's grandson died on December 11, 2000., the morning after. It was also Buck who gave me the name of Bronislaw Mogenis, a former FBI agent, then a private eye in Houston. Mogenis declined to investigate after hearing the story. I lated learned that he was a top dog in security with Lockheed Martin on whose board sat Mrs. Dick Cheney. Mogenis' daughter, also an FBI agent and now a producer of hunting films called Third Eye Productions, gave me the name of another PI who worked on the case for a few months until he learned the names involved.

According to Baer, the CIA and FBI were using the Moslem Brotherhood (which originated in Egypt, migrated to Syria where it was squealshed by Assad and moved to Saudi Arabia where the terrorists movement was embraced by the Saudi Royal Family...including the Bin Laden's. So there are very definite distinctions to be made among Moslems and Moslems.)Remember that Patrick's murder needed a corrupt Harris County Medical Examiner's office in Houston to pull it off. That's exactly what Houston has...a license to kill with impunity. This was confirmed to me by an ME who had moved to Travis County but who had worked in Harris County for 19 years.Patrick J Fitzgerald's buddy, Chuck Rosenberg...not to be confused with Harris County DA...Chuck Rosenthal... was appointed US District Judge this summer for the South Texas District and will handle any prosecution coming out of the independent investigation of Michael Bromwich (who happened to have been the Justice Department's Iran-Contra prosecutor and who now works for the Sargeant Shriver law firm in NY....connected to the Joseph P Kennedy family) and who was appointed by Geneva Convention rejector and ethically challenged Attorney General Roberto Gonzalez.Rosenberg worked for an attorney named Comey who happened to work for US Judge John M Walker, a nephew of George Herbert Walker. Patrick J Fitzgerald, on the other hand, is NOT from Chicago, but from NY where he received the Henry L Stimson Award from the NY Bar Association. Stimson, FDR's Secretary of War and head of the Manhattan Project was also running the American Volunteer Group of Claire Chennault out of the White House just like Nixon's Plumbers and Reagan's Iran-Contra's. Stimson was using Edward Stettinius, Lauchlin Currie and Tommy "the Cork" Corcoran...all of whom have deep ties to Texas. Chennault trained at Ellington Field and was a known drug runner, using Chaing Kai Shek's Green Gang to fund his operation.You Missouri boys should be concerned, since in St. Louis is George Herbert Walker III who serves, among other things, on the Board of Washington University.George Herbert Walker Bush is named after George Herbert Walker. GHWB'S son, Neil Mallon Bush, is named after Neil Mallon, long-time head of Dresser Industries. Halliburton had bought Dresser Industries which owned the boat Patrick was on the night he died. The son of the Dresser executive was indicted for money laundering and racketeering in the 80's...about the time of Iran-Contra. That was about as deep as the judicial surgery relative to Iran-Contra went. It would have all been too embarassing for companies like Coca-Cola, United Fruit, Dresser, Halliburton, and the others. Dresser had bought Harbison-Walker Inc. which had massive asbestos claims which were effectively derailed by federal legislation pushed by? Yep....GWB...who, by the way....will need alot of support on the Supreme Court to insure that this legislation is not overturned.Here's a letter I sent out to TXN Television, Houston after finding out what was going on in Houston in the way of covering up the crimes of the Harris County Medical Examiner's Office.

(Parenthetical addendum 6/30/06.....A plea for help to the mainline media was feutal. I was learning what Gary Webb was up against. When Gary Webb's story on Iran-Contra broke and the meeting with CIA Director John Deutsch occurred in LA, present was LAPD vice-officer, Michael Ruppert. Ruppert later spoke of Webb's death as clearly being a suicide inspite of the fact that he had two self-inflicted head wounds. Not knowing any of these connections yet, I had spoken to Mr. Ruppert's secretary months before Webb's death at Ruppet's magazine, FROM THE WILDERNESS, which is previously cited for showing Ruppert's article linking Tony Coelho to Mexican power brokers during the 2000 election which Ruppert says triggered Coelho's resignation from the Gore campaign. Coelho is now a Trustee on the GHW Bush Presidential Library in College Station, TX. When I sent Ruppert's magazine a short summary of Patrick's story I received a phone call from his secretary saying "there's nothing we can do with this story, it's not time yet, but we'll put it in a vault and save it until things cool off." Within days I received another call from Ruppert's secretary stating that there was a woman who was in Texas needing a place to stay because she was on the "outs" with the military intelligence group she had worked for and needed a non-threatening environment for a few days. A preacher's home seemed ideal. What she didn't say, and what Michael Ruppert had to have known, was that there was another person named Carr with extremely significant ties to the Iran-Contra case, Steven Carr, an American mercenary from Naples, Florida, who was, like Barry Seal, to provide the smoking gun of our government's involvement in drug running....for varification of this story about Steven Carr see The New York Times... Steven Carr was the one other person who could provide a Miami Grand Jury with an eye-witness account that in addition to the drugs showed the weapons transported from the US to El Salvador were in violation of the US Neutrality Act and the Arms Export Act. Some major media outlets covered the Barry Seal connection, but the Steven Carr connection was virtually buried. What's more, his untimely death from what the LA medical examiner said was a drug overdose, occurred in Ruppert's home town where Ruppert had served under Police Chief Gates, a city already rife with racial tentions even without the proof that America's leaders were profiting from the poisioning of their own people. I would later call Peter Dale Scott, a professor at Berkley who had written the book DRUGS, OIL, AND WAR: THE UNITED STATES IN AFGHANISTAN, COLOMBIA, AND INDOCHINA [2003, Rowan and Littlefield]. Scott had substantial insights into Iran-Contra. "Is there anything you know of that was happening during the summer and fall of 2000 that could have put my son at risk? "Yea," he said, "The Hitz Report was released after it had been promised by CIA Director Deutsch but was squelch" some of the same players who were squelching the Hamilton Security Case evidence. By 2000 Deutsch was gone from the CIA and Tenet didn't honor Deutsch's promise...if Deutsch really meant it in the first place which seems unlikely given other factors associated with Deutsch's service to country. Porter Goss chaired the House Committee that oversaw the Hitz Report with California's Nancy Pelosi there for the Democrats. This lying report said it found NO PROBLEMS! What Peter Dale Scott, like Ruppert, failed to tell me was the connection of Steven Carr to Iran-Contra. PD Scott already had the following on record:

Thanks to Patricia McRae, T350134@UNIVSCVM.CSD.SCAROLINA.EDU for transcribing the following broadcast by Pacifica Radio station WBAI-FM (99.5) 505 Eighth Ave., 19th Fl. New York, NY 10018. This is a transcription of an interview with Peter Dale Scott, co-author with Jonathan Marshall, of COCAINE POLITICS. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * [Dennis Bernstein is referring to Steven Carr, who was murdered before he was due to testify in court against criminals in our Government.]

DENNIS BERNSTEIN:I did some research on this myself and I know, in terms of the autopsy, the coroner's office in Los Angeles was immediately notified that this was a potential Congressional witness, and nevertheless, the body sat over a week-end unprotected, and there were many concerns about how it was being kept and being transported. There are still many questions about that.

PETER DALE SCOTT:My memory is that the family insisted on moving the body to Florida and, when it was moved to Florida, insisted on another autopsy report. And for the first time, there was a report of needle marks behind the left elbow, which doesn't sound like your classical way of ingesting cocaine, so I think it was a very suspicious death. Not the only one,by the way, of witnesses to this case. Other witnesses who did testify had their lives threatened. A bomb went off outside the house of Joe Coutine. Jack Terrell was told that if .... what happened to Jack Terrell is a whole story in itself, but his life was threatened. And I must say that it was amazing to me as I went, as a university professor, to Washington at the height of the Iran-Contra affair.During the hearings, I was in Washington talking on your WBAI show from time to time. And the number of people in Washington who had bravely helped to break the Contra drug story, but who were terrified and who will not allow me to name who they are because that's how terrified they are. And this was happening right in the nation's capitol.

As a results of these factors, Rev. Carr sent a letter to Congresswoman Maxine Water's office on 10/28/06...

Dear Mr. Moore:

Having re-read Michael Rupert's website concerning the "suicide" of Gary Webb it is vitally important that Mr. Webb's family....especially his siblings and children know that it is HIGHLY unlikely that he killed himself. Neither Mr. Rupert nor Peter Dale Scott informed me of Steven Carr's connection to Iran-Contra when they knew of it. Mr. Rupert actively tried to suppress this story while at the same time trying to gather it in. There are very strange inconsistencies here.

In addition to giving this information to Congresswoman Waters, would you see to it that the family knows the additional details?


William H. Carr
Corpus Christi, TX.)



The Dean of South Texas Law School, Mr. Gerald Treece, appeared on TXCN news, a Texas-only-news cable channel last week to say that the clean-up of the (Houston) Harris County DA's crime lab is the most important local news item in some time.
If Houston, Texas weren't, thanks to the power of oil and the military industrialist complex that defends it, the shadow capital of the world, I'd say Mr. Treece was right. Instead he's wrong.
The Houston Crime Lab is the printing press for Mob and CIA get-out-of-jail-free-cards and licenses-to-kill.
This is the biggest local, state, national AND international news story to come down the Pike in the history of the Republic. Period. NO national scandal compares...not Tammany Hall, not the Texas Veterans Land Board Scandal, not Watergate, not Iran-Contra nor the S&L Scandal..though the Iran-Contra and S&L Scandal are part of this story.
Iran-Contra was operating out of Texas and Louisiana and thanks to a qui tam law suit involving former Under-Secretary at HUD, Catherine Austin Fitts, we learned that Houston was also ground-zero of the S&L slime pit.Drug money was being funneled through HUD loans to fund the Contras.
KBR, Halliburton, Temple-Inland (on whose board sits the CEO of the Carlyle Group), Air Products and Chemicals (on whose board sits L Paul Bremer), etc. all have a substantial presence in Houston and Ellington Field, Houston, was not only home to Claire Chennault's Flying Tigers during WWII, whose mercenary efforts were funded by Indo-China's drug money, but also home to key Iran-Contra personalities in the 1980's including James R Bath, GWB's Texas Air National Guard buddy.
Chennault's Flying Tiger Airline provided planes to Barry Seal's Mena, Arkansas operation and David "Tex" Hill, was not only a Flying Tiger, but head the Texas Air National Guard when GWB and Bath were there together.
Michael R Bromwich of Sargent Shriver's Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver and Jacobsen Law Firm in New York...who is now asking for more money to uncover the Harris County Crime Lab debacle?
His work for the Justice Department confirmed the findings of the San Jose Mercury New's Pulitizer Prize winning author, Gary Webb.
Webb, who supposedly committed suicide on the anniversary of Patrick's death five days after I sent a letter to fellow Presbyterian ministers uncovering this mess, discovered that the CIA had funded Iran-Contra with money from the drug cartels.

(this parenthetical addendum added 6/3/06---I had asked several reliable sources the question "what besides the release of the Hamilton Securities evidence in May, 2000, the resignation of Tony Coelho from the Gore campaign and his increasing responsibilities with SCI, Houston, and the death of two boys in Texas was significant. The answer? John Deutsch had promised a full investigation into Gary Webb's claims....for Webb's interview with Philip Dru.... Known as the Hitz Report, it was a major issuse during the campaign of 2000, but was buried by the CIA Director who would "slam dunk" the Iraqi WMD line, George Tenent. He received help in squelching this report from his successor, Porter Goss. For a view of the Hitz Report see Walter Pincus' "CIA Ignored Tips Alleging Contra Drug Links, Report Says." Washington Post, 3 Nov, 1998, A4. at By the summer of 2000 the Hitz Report had just been released.)

(parenthetical addendum 11.29.06...yesterday GHWB was in Corpus Christi raising money with Katherine Armstrong for the CC Art Museum...I had just learned of Julie Mogenis' hunting accident that conjured up images of Harry Wittington. Last night another answer to the question "what besides..." was happening in 2000, from above. In May 2000, someone...a journalist perhaps... had used the Freedom of Information Act to force the release of normally public data of the Laura Welch Bush/Michael Douglas accident which claimed the life of Michael Douglas in Midland, Texas. Douglas, Laura Bush's ex-boyfriend was dating Regan Gammon at the time. Gammon, now a Austin activist, is on the board of All Saints Episcopal Church across the street from Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminiary. All Saints Episcopal is home of Heather Catto Kohout, daughter of Ambassador to El Salvador, Henry Catto, but more importantly, the long-time church secretary, Nancy Maurite Bose, was the bridesmaid in the wedding of Patrick's parents in Galveston, Texas)

Now Bromwich, who was the Justice Departments' point-man for the Iran-Contra investigation is going to uncover the problems at the Harris County Crime Lab? Really?
His investigation during Iran-Contra didn't lead to the dismantling of America's narco-money-laundering schemes and now drug money is going to clean up the problem at the Harris County Crime Lab? My nose isn't particularly sensitive, but this stinks.
Sargent Shriver's fellow patriarch of the Kennedy Clan, Joseph Kennedy, was drilling oil wells in Texas with one of the Iran-Contra personalities related to former Harris County DA, Johnny B Holmes, John H. "Jack" Modesett.
It was really under Holmes' watch that the Houston crime lab turned to mush. It's Holmes' hand-picked successor, Harris County DA, Chuck Rosenthal, who is offering to use confiscated drug money to un-stick Bromwich's "independent investigation" which has run short of cash. Two million wasn't enough. He needs three million to filter the fiasco. My best bet is that next month it will be four.... and the bucks are sure to be there! ------------------------------------------------
To continue, read former Houston Chronicle writer and author, Peter Brewton's book, THE MAFIA, CIA and GEORGE BUSH and look up "Kennedy, Joseph P" in the index. It's all there. You won't have to look hard to find it.
This is why Brewton's work was the most censored book in American in 1992 and why the mainline media ignored him and why this talented, award winning author is now a journalism professor at Texas Tech University in Lubbock.I didn't know Brewton before Patrick's death, but our paths were crossing in Houston for years. The son of a Presbyterian minister he attended First Presbyterian Church, Houston, where, Modesett teaches Sunday School. Now a professor at Texas Tech in Lubbock he is an award winning journalist, but his book was squelched by the Bush machine. He says in the preface that had the Democrat won the 1988 election, he would have named the book THE MAFIA, CIA and LLOYD he's hardly a partisan hack. According to Brewton, Flying Tiger Airline, the Louisiana company of WWII "hero" Claire Chennault (for the truth about this episode in US history and the China narco connection to America's power politics read Sterling Seagrave's THE SOONG DYNASTY) was supplying airplanes for Barry Seal's Mena, Arkansas operation. Seal, you remember was murdered before he could testify in the Iran-Contra investigation, though it was his plane shot down in Nicaragua that led to the North/Poindexter/Abrams indictments. Now for the kicker. Barry Seal's Lear Jet was owned by Gary Levitz, son of the Levitz Furniture mogul who employed the father of Peggy Noonan, speech writer for Reagan and Bush and the woman who coined the phrase "1000 points of light". Levitz lived on Ocean Drive in Corpus Christi.

(Parenthetical addendum 11/25/2006 .....

Q: What is Dick Cheney’s relationship to Peggy Noonan and Reader’s Digest?
A: Mrs. Cheney is on the board of the Reader’s Digest Association. Peggy Noonan is a regular contributor to Reader’s Digest.

Q: What’s Peggy Noonan’s relationship to Mel Gibson? A: Peggy Noonan interviewed Mel Gibson for Reader’s Digest after he had been accused of anti-Jewish remarks [see]. Critics claimed that Gibson, while admitting that the Jewish community suffered during WWII drew a line at admitting to the Holocaust. Critics claimed Gibson had failed to recognize the level and intensity of the state sponsored genocide. [The Nation, “The Protocols of Mel Gibson”, by Katha Pollitt, March 29, 2004, ])

You can imagine my surprise to see Peggy Noonan sitting in the congregation during the funeral of a prominent Corpus Christi physician, Dr. Jackson Giles, whose father was also a prominent physician. Not far from the church on Ocean Drive is the home in the 3000 block that was purchased by Gary Levitz who had a number of hangars at the Corpus Christi Airport. Convicted of drug dealing with the Whittington brothers he spent a couple of years in jail and died in Reno, NV a couple of years ago while racing airplanes.When I came to the church in Corpus Christi they told me it was a very troubled church. They never tell you exactly what that means. Well, they kind of do, by emphasizing the Reformed Theological concept of "total depravity"....meaning that there's no aspect of life that is not trained and tainted by corruption. Here's what it means in specifics. In 1940, about the time that Claire Chennault was recruiting pilots for the American Volunteer Group (the Flying Tigers) while funding the group with narco-dollars from opium and heroin and who really worked for Chaing Kai Shek (who was working for the Chinese Triad, The Green Gang...again read the SOONG DYNASTY by Seagraves and explore history of Cornelius V Starr, founder of AIG Insurance and uncle of Special Prosecutor, Kenneth Starr) there were four physicians and eight pharmacists indicted for narcotics violations in Corpus Christi. While there were multiple confessions...and in 1940 that many pharmacists had the whole city covered...the first jury in the trial of Jackson Gile's father's hung. Others defendants were convicted in separate trials....some went to Levenworth. When Gile's case came to court again the second jury hung as spite of all the confessions from the other trials...and the convictions. Consequently, ALL defendants were released. The real interesting local story was WHO was on Gile's second jury.

I was taken to see the bullet-proof limosine of Madame Chaing Kai-Shek in Corpus Christi. I guess I was suppose to understand the importance since my last name is Carr and Madame Chaing Kai-Shek's father , T.V. Soong, was educated by North Carolina tobacco mogul, Julian Carr. Big tobacco owed its success partially to advertising mogul, Edward Lasker, good friend of Cornelius V Starr. Lasker's wife would sit on the board of the American Cancer Society while her husband got richer off of cigarette sales and millions died of lung cancer. In addition, Randy DeLay, whose brother Tom is in deep trouble, was married in CC by my associated pastor, Arnott Ward.So anyway, they couldn't have a pastor who knew this information...or at least one who would care about the implications for the present and future.The terrorists of 9/11 used their connections to these groups to get access to the US. The Lear Jet owned by Barry Seal and Gary Levitz was also owned by Wally Hilliard...the man who owned with Rudi Dekkers the Venice Florida flying school where Mohammed Atta, the lead 9/11 terrorist, was trained.It's a tangled web. Patrick's body was found near Ellington Field, Houston...home of the Flying Tiger's Claire Chennault....of GWB and buddy James R Bath...while they were in the National Guard together. The Texas Air National Guard was, at the time of their training, headed by "Tex" Hill, Chennault's best ace and son of Presbyterian Missionaries to Korea and later pastor at First Presbyterian, San Antonio, P.B. Hill. Edward Stittinius, head of US Steel AND Lend Lease during WWII and also Secretary of the Treasury and the nation's first UN Ambassador was also the son of Edward Stittinius Sr., best friend of Joseph P Kennedy, father of JFK. Stittinius's other sons went into the newspaper business in Texas not unliked fellow Presbyterian, Henry Luce who along with wife, Claire Boothe Luce, were big promoters of Chaing and Chennault. David Stitt, the president of Austin Seminary, is believed to have been named Stittenius at one time. Lauchlin Currie is believed to be related to a family of Presbyterian professors associated with the same seminary.Chennault was recently given some postumous awards only after the last of WWII Generals who knew him died with their objections. Along with General Stilwell and Hap Arnold, they considered Chennault a pimp and drug runner NOT a patriot. So who was pushing for the awards? Good question! They are surely concentrated in Texas and Louisiana. At the ceremony was Tex Hill and Oscar Wyatt, head of Corpus Christi based Coastal Refineries and the US's biggest participant in the UN's Food for Oil scandal.Five miles from Ellington is Houston Gulf Manor Airport...purchased by James R Bath and Khalid Bin Mhafouz (Banker for the Saudi Royal Family and BCCI....the Iran-Contra connected bank) for the Bin Laden family. That's why 1. Bush wanted the Bin Laden's out of the US after 9/11 and why the airport was dismanted after Patrick's death and the 9/11 tragedy and 2. why the James R Bath's name was so fiercely guarded by the White House. I tracked parties from the boat to that airport.WHC
Posted by:
William Carr December 25, 2005 11:46 PM
An Open Letter to Ronnie Earle and Florence Shapiro:
Dear Mr. Earle and Mrs. Shapiro:
Joseph P Fitzgerald was the prosecutor on the first World Trade Center explosion. Rudy Giuliani is now with Giulian and Bracewell Law Firm, Houston. Formerly Bracewell & Patterson. Bracewell & Patterson was home to Robert Logan Clarke, whose name runs through Peter Brewton’s book, THE MAFIA, CIA AND GEORGE BUSH with links to the S&L Scandal while Senator John McCain, whose committee was in charge of investigating the Abramhoff scandal was part of the S&L Scandal. Mr. McCain was a member himself of the “Keating Five” and the mess at Lincoln Savings. Joseph P Fitzgerald worked with Comey and Comey is the attorney partner of Karl Rove’s attorney, Robert Luskin, who is now with Patton Boggs

(parenthetical addendum added 5/20/2006....firm of Hale Boggs from Louisiana, a Warren Commission member and good friend of Nixon's Comptroller of the US Currency, James E Smith, whose step-son, Andrew Corsi, himself with ties to Houston, may be related to Jerome R Corsi...who according to head of FREE REPUBLIC has a home in "Houston or East Texas".... Corsi was co-author of UNFIT FOR COMMAND, the swiftboat critique of Kerry that helped to drail his campaign. Hale Boggs disappeared in a plane crash in Alaska. Corsi's writing partner David E Oneill, is the brother of a DBA partner in Houston's Cactus Bayou Prod Co, Edward John “Jack” Oneill.)

Comey was Giuliani’s right hand man. COMEY, BOYD AND LUSKIN. Patton Boggs is the law firm for Ms. Italia Federici and the Council on Republican Environmental Advocacy, the money laundering mill and political pressure group influenced by Jack Abramhoff who was funneling money to Tom DeLay and others. Two weeks after Patrick’s death his aunt went to the Grand Coushatta Casino in Kinder, Louisiana to “try to get away from the stress of it all”. (parenthetical addendum added 5/20/06...The Coushatta tribe, a Louisiana/Texas tribe with strong ties to the Presbyterian Church) was one of three whose money was being funneled to Italia Federici’s group. In her testimony before the House Select Committee on Indian Affairs chaired by Senator John McCain from Arizona, she repeatedly denied lying, but the committee members were incredulous (or attempted a good show at looking that way) and stated again and again that they believed Mrs. Federici was lying and that she was the gofer for Abramhoff. Any way you cut it, Abramhoff and Federici are being sacrificed to cover the deeper corruption and to "stop the bleeing" from what is a bigger cancer on the America's political system. She mentioned the connection of her organization to the Teamsters, but wisely avoided pointing out McCain's connections to Lincoln S&L.
James B. Comey was Deputy Attorney General of the United States, serving in President George W. Bush's administration. As Deputy Attorney General, Comey was the second-highest ranking official in the United States Department of Justice(DOJ) and ran the day-to-day operations of the Department. He was appointed to the position after serving as the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York. In August 2005, Comey left the DOJ and he is now General Counsel and Senior Vice President of Lockheed Martin. Comey graduated from College of William & Mary in 1982, and the University of Chicago Law School in 1985.After law school, Comey served as a law clerk for United States District Judge John M. Walker, Jr. in Manhattan. Then, he was a partner for Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher in their New York Office. He next joined the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York, where he worked from 1987 to 1993. While there, he served as Deputy Chief of the Criminal Division.Before becoming Deputy Attorney General, Comey served as United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York from January 2002 to the time of his confirmation. From 1996 through 2001, he served as Managing Assistant U.S. Attorney in charge of the Richmond Division of the United States Attorney's office for the Eastern District of Virginia.In April 2005, Comey announced that he is leaving the DOJ in the fall. In August 2005, Comey was appointed as General Counsel and a Senior Vice Present of Lockheed Martin. This put him close to Bonislaw Mogenis, security at Lockheed Martin and good friend of Buck Revell whose name Revell gave me as the best choice to determine what happened to Patrick after being on the Halliburton/Dresser boat that night. This chain of relationships shows a direct link to the Bush family through Comey to John M Walker and of course thorough Lockheed Martin on whose board sat/sits Mrs. Dick Cheney, wife of the Vice-President.
WH Carr

(Parenthetical Addendum 6/28/06.....Many of the uninformed...and I have been among them.... have claimed that the Bush family connection to Texas is contrived, that they are really from the Northeast, specifically Connecticut. To better understand the depths of the Bush connection to Texas one must remember the importance of railway transportation to Texas beef and to the major cities of America. Then add the firearms used in protecting the Bush family's growing asset base. GWB's good friend from McClennan County and Waco, Senator David Sibley, is the son of Dale and Marilyn McAdams Sibley of Huntsville, TX, home of the biggest cog in the Texas Department of Corrections prison system, Huntsville State Prison. Oliver "Buck" Revell's FBI associate, Robert Wiatt...whose story THE SUGARLAND EXPRESS was made into the first Hollywood movie directed by a young Stephen Speilberg...would stave off the escape attempt of reputed Texas-Mexican Mafia Don, Fred Gomez Carasco, from this prison....and Wiatt would go on to become the head of security at Texas A&M University where he and A&M's new president, a CIA administrator, would oversee the Bush Presidential Library, home to a new display for the Union Pacific Railroad.

Robert Lovett, a Yale Skull & Bonesman from Huntsville, TX. is believed to be the relative of Robert S. Lovett of the Union Pacific Railroad and chief legal counsel to EH Harriman.

David Sibley's mother, Marilyn, who died in January, 2006, was an author and expert on the life of Texas Ranger, Samuel Hamilton Walker. Samuel H Walker survived one of the most important events in Texas history next to the Alamo, the slaughter of Fannin's men, and the Battle of San Jacinto... General Santa Anna's Black Bean Lottery. When a group of Texians were captured by Santa Anna and imprisoned in Mexico, they escaped only to be recaputed. The 172 prisoners were forced to draw from a pot of 172 beans, 17 of which were black beans. Whoever drew a black bean was killed. Samuel H Walker had seen the need for a rapid-fire side arm rather than a slow muzzle loader. Walker went to New York and met with Eli Whitney, inventor of the cotton gin. Whitney, whose family along with names like Taft, Lord, Cheney, Lovett and Bush are among the key names in the Yale Skull & Bones fraternity, introduced Sam Walker to Samuel Colt who upon Walker's suggestion created the famous pistol with a five shot cylinder and then the six shot Walker Colt. This would be the gun that tamed the West. Secretary of the US Treasury, Robert J Walker, ordered 1000 of these pistols for Texas. The connections of the Bush family to New York appear to include colorful NY Mayor Jimmy Walker as well as political connections to William Marcy "Boss" Tweed of Tammany Hall. In the University of Texas Library, Austin, is one of the few surviving printed invitations to the Tammany Hall Ball in NY sent to Samuel H Walker. Also in this collection is a letter from Confederate General Albert Sidney Johnson, a colleague of Texas' Brigadier General Henry Hopkins Sibley, who won the last battle of the Civil War for the Confederary at Val Verde, New Mexico. It doesn't take much imagination to understand why this colorful part of the Bush/Walker family legacy is excluded from popular lore. It would signal the long standing highly profitable privitization of war and the families that have historically profitted most from America's conflicts.

When after Patrick's murder, his father called FBI Agent, Andy Walton, telling him of his son's death on December 1o, 2ooo and explaining the connection of this death to the death of Revell's grandson on December 11, 2000, Walton called back with an arranged joint-meeting with Texas Ranger Robert Garza, a strange deference for the FBI. At that meeting Ranger Garza asked that the case be referred to a special cold case unit of the Rangers in San Antonio, home to not only Oliver North, but to Revell's boss and close friend of Texas Senator David Sibley, Ronald Reagan and the Bushes, former FBI Director, William Sessions whose son, Peter, is the US Representative from the Waco area. The connection of the Feds to the Rangers helps to underscore the longstanding importance of Texas as a type of shadow capital of the U.S. . Kevin Philips put it this way: "The prideful Texas that became a state in 1846 was the only one to have spent a decade as an independent republic before entering the Union. It had its own military shrine: the Alamo....The new state even retained its own paramilitary force, the Texas Rangers. George W. Bush, a particular admirer, bought a ranch near Waco, the home of the Texas Rangers Hall of Fame. There in a reconstruction of old Fort Fisher at the crossing of the Brazos young and old can revisit the legends of the Rangers like Frank Hamer and Deaf Smith and see sketches of Ranger companies preparing preemptive strikes against the Mexicans and Kiowas. Talking tough is part of Texas culture." (American Dynasty, p 296) Phillips overlooked the all-important connection to Ranger Samuel Hamilton Walker which is the most significant of all.

Samuel H Walker's connections to New York City helps one to better understand why NY Mayor Rudy Giuliani would join the historic Texas law firm of Bracewell & Patterson (now Bracewell and Guiliani) and why Richard Ben Vinesti of the 911 Commission works for Weil, Gotschal and Manges, with its connections to Texas con-man/lawyer, Clinton Manges. Averill Harriman of Brown Brother's Harriman....and remember that EH Harriman was founder of the Union Pacific Railroad.... was one of the last NY politicians connected to the remnants of the Tammany Hall political machinery. GWB's grandfather, Prescott Bush, worked for Brown Brothers Harriman Inc. . When the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame was built on IH-35 near Baylor University...and on the Baylor board sat Riggs National Banks' Joe Allbritton as well the brother of Coca-Cola's Charles W Duncan... it was easy to see why the Ranger Museum was in McClennan County, home of the Crawford White House. Samuel H Walker was prominent in the museum along with the other Rangers who survived the infamous black bean incident such as "Big Foot" Wallace. The Bush family connection to weapons production and to the Texas Oil/Military/Industrialist Complex goes back much further than to the Carlyle Group, Lockheed Martin or Halliburton's KBR. Further research may find them selling polished wooden clubs in prehistoric times to parties on both sides of a cave-entrance-domestic-dispute. Commerce of all kinds flows through their veins and they deal harshly with anyone who gets in their way. Kevin Phillip's has written in AMERICAN DYNASTY: Aristocracy, Fortune and the Politics of Deceit in the House of Bush, that "This penchant for armaments and arms deals is rarely high-lighted in biographies of either president. On the dynasty's resume' it is a recurring entry, as we will see---and sometimes to the detriment of regional and world peace." [p. 182] The difference between Samuel H Walker and his ancestors, however, is that he actually used the Colt pistol bearing his name in battles that put him at great personal risk and at a time when the idea of an ever expanding Manifest Destiny seemed warranted. The growing Tower of Babel which some see as a new Pax Americana will require an ever increasing committment to tools of war which, sadly, the planet may not survive. Our current leadership has profitted greatly from the sale and use of these tools while waving the American flag and giving lip service to "peace on earth, goodwill to men".)

Posted by: William Carr January 5, 2006 06:00 AM
Correction in Open Letter to Mr Earle and Mrs. Shapiro.
"Joseph P Fitzgerald" should read "Patrick J Fitzgerald".


Addendum April 8, 2006

from Rev. Carr's notes.....(re. Stanley Spoorkin, General Counsel for the CIA for Iran-Contra and then Judge sitting on the release of the evidence in the Hamiliton Securities law suit from 1996 to 2000 was key figure in both Iran-Contra AND the Hamilton Securites case to J-Hawk and First City Financial in Waco. The release of this evidence in May 2000, the month that Patrick's uncle was in the Bahamas organizing the use of the Halliburton/Dresser boat in Texas, when coupled with the control of the companies in Waco by the elder from Patrick's Houston church proved deadly.) Here's Carr's notes on the Hamilton Securities Case involving Under-Secretary at HUD, Catherine Austin Fitts.....

May, 2000. Evidence in a qui tam law suit, the Hamilton Securities Case, that has been sealed for four years is released by a Federal Judge Stanley Sporkin (now with Weil, Gotschall & Manges, the law firm of 9/11 Commission member Richard Bin Veniste). The case involves former HUD Undersecretary, Catherine Austin Fitts, and reveals a pattern of narco dollar laundering through HUD mortgages with four Texas companies identified. Two of the four companies, First City Financial and J-Hawk Inc., are in McClennan County, site of Crawford White House. SEC documents reveal that 14% controlling interest in First City Financial is owned by Edgar and Thomas Smith from Houston, TX. and members of Grace Presbyterian Church where Reverend Carr was a minister. Edgar Smith is also founder of Commonwealth Mortgage whose Vice-President is Greg Cizik, relative of Robert A Cizik the CEO of Temple-Inland Inc. on whose board is L Paul Bremer, Ambassador to Iraq provisional government and Ashraf Beechloss, CEO of the Carlyle Group.

Search index of Lawrence Walsh's final Iran-Contra report for connection of L Paul Bremer and Stanley Spoorkin to Iran-Contra investigation.

(parenthetical addendum 7/22/06...Stanley Sporkin is on the board of Gavel Consultants Group Inc. with Louis Freeh, former U.S. District Court Judge and Director of the FBI; William Sessions, Buck Revell's boss at the FBI and Judge John Howland Wood's successor in San Antonio and now in private practice in San Antonio; Kenneth Starr, US Solicitor General and independent prosecutor in the Whitewater affair; William Webster, former Director of the CIA, former FBI Director, US Attorney and district court judge. A Washington Post article claimed that Eugene Sullivan, owner of Gavel Consultants Inc. is in violation of US law by profiting from his position as a sitting US judge. The articled titled A CASE OF POOR JUDGEMENT states....A senior federal judge has opened a consulting firm and begun marketing efforts that offer to put "a judge in the boardroom of a corporation" despite federal laws restricting commercial activities of judges and court rules banning the use of judicial titles for profit. Eugene R. Sullivan, a senior judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces, has formed a firm called Gavel Consulting Group, which will advise corporations, law firms and foreign governments on how to handle or avoid "litigation and investigations." He said he had undertaken the venture with five prominent former federal judges, though one of those judges said Sullivan is the owner of the firm and the rest are "advisers" with no financial interest in the firm. )


Posted by: William Carr January 5, 2006 06:28 AM
Open Letter to Senator Florence Shapiro and Travis County District Attorney Ronnie Earle
In my previous letter I said that following the investigation of the death of my son in Houston, I had met with FBI agent and protege' of Oliver "Buck" Revell, Andy Walton in Corpus Christi. At that meeting was Texas Ranger, Robert Garza, from Alice, Texas. This is significant because Jennifer Cave's grandfather is from Alice and I had mentioned to them a specific company in Alice. They were the only two I told of this information. On numerous occassions I called Mr. Walton to ask for a full-scale investigation into my son's death. He said that it involved organized crime and routed me to an organized crime FBI unit in Houston. HOUSTON? Where I had already learned about the HCME's connections to organized crime? I called him back to say that they did nothing. I asked him to intervene. Still NOTHING!
Agent Walton and Ranger Garza were the only two I had told about the company at the end of the Alice, TX airport runway with ties to my son's case. I didn't know at the time that this business was created by Jennifer Cave's grandfather. I had discovered, however that Greg Cizik, the VP for Commonwealth Mortgage, Houston was involved with USA Environmental Inc. and that as VP of Commonwealth he was also an associate of one of my Houston Presbyterian elders who controlled First City Financial, named in a qui tam law suit which involved Undersecretary of HUD, Catherine Austin Fitts, and which revealed a system of narco-dollar laundering which required the knowledge and compliance of the US Treasury and the Comptroller of the US Currency.
Catherine's grandfather is William Chaney Custer. The name of the company is Tetra Technologies Inc.. You will find this company in the web records of the Center for Public Integrity for its involvement as a contractor for the Iraq/Afganistan war/s.
Why is this important? Because Tetra Technologies Inc is a $1.2 Billion recipient of Federal dollars created by the war in Afghanistan and Iraq and on its "team" is another Texas company called USA Environmental Inc...which received $12,000,000 as part of the same government program. Both companies are involved disposing of spent ordanance. In other words, they are part of the waste disposal and clean up from the wars our government initiates. Good job if you can get it...and they can! USA Environmental Inc also does business in Houston with Hub City Environmental Inc., whose owner is a partner with Patrick's uncle....the one who worked with known CIA assest for Iran-Contra, John Mecom.
So how does a Texas company that imports bromide and chlorine across the Mexican border get into dismantling of military weapons?
On the Halliburton/Dresser boat the night of my son's death was Rudy Johnson of Hub City Environmental Inc out of Pearland, TX with significant business relations with USA Environmental. Mr. Johnson was the business partner of my brother-in-law who told me that the Halliburton/Dresser boat was going to make him "fabulously wealthy".
What's more important is that USA Environmental is also doing business with Greg Cizik from Houston and relative of Robert Cizik of Temple-Inland on whose board is L Paul Bremer and Afsaneh Mashayehi Beschloss, President of the Carlyle Group and spouse of famous Presidential Historian, Harvard grad with Bremer and Alberto Gonzalez, Michael Beeschloss....(hey, be sure to write you own history!!!).
Isn't it nice to know that our nation is led by people who, as in the case of the Mena Train Deaths, will kill anyone who gets in their way...even kids. Doesn't this make you proud as pudding to be an American? What did my son so do to deserve being burned to death in his car? What did Jennifer Cave do to deserve to die as she did? The Mena boys? Revell's grandson? Gary Webb?
More to come will be the connection of San Antonio UT student murdered in Austin who lived near Jennifer, Trey Ehrhardt.
Tetra Technologies will show a California address and President, James M Jaska.
Mr. Jaska was formerly VP of Whalen & Co., 3475 Mt Diablo Blvd #360, Lafayette, CA 94549.Address AKA 3475 E Foothill Blvd Fl 3, Pasadena, CA., 91107-6024. (See file # 0013072906 in the Texas Incorporation Records, February 7, 2000)
President of Whalen & Co. was Michael Bush. (10:1 that Michael Bush is member of the Bush family from Conn. and TX....Mr. Earle, you could help out here don't you think?)
One other thing. After Patrick's death we were encouraged by Patrick's uncle and associate of attorney, Robert Fickman, whose wife was in charge of PR for the Houston Police, to see a forensic psychiatrist in Houston named Seth Silverman. According to Patrick's grieving uncle Mr. Silverman would be able to tell us about his what causes a seemingly normal, happy young man to take his life by buring himself to death.
Mr. Silverman, it was learned, was a regular at court trials involving drug dealers in Houston. What's more he was related to Jeffrey Silverman, a New York financier who supposedly committed suicide in 2002. A close contact of George Leon Argyro, who is a close friend of William Stamps Farish. Among those at Jeffrey Silverman's funeral were Rudy Giuliani, Michael Bloomberg, Donald Trump, Ron Perelman, George Pataki and former Governor Hugh Carey. Giuliani, by the way, is now with Giuliani and Bracewell, formerly the law firm of Bracewell & Patterson, Houston for which worked former Comptroller of the Currency, Robert Logan Clarke, whose managing partner, Patrick C Oxford had just bought his Houston home from the president of my seminary, Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, David Stitt. Oxford used my son's little mortgage company owned by his uncle's friend, Patrick Scott Stone. You can see why I am deeply concerned for why the Justice Department's Iran-Contra investigator Michael Bromwich and Patrick J Fitzgerald friend Chuck Rosenberg are so involved with the HCME investigation.
Jeffrey Silverman was previously married to Pam Deutsch. Would either of you know if Pam Deutsch is related to CIA director, John Deutsch, who appeared at the town hall meeting in LA following the public outcry from those reading the Gary Webb discoveries? (Again, Mr. Earle, you could lend a hand here don't you think?)
Jeffrey Silverman and Thomas Hajecate, the son-in-law of the Halliburton/Dresser Executive whose name was on the Coast Guard records for the "Sea Note", previously "Miss Heather", the boat my son was on, have common connections according to and their social diagrams of significant personalities.
Houston psychiatrist, Seth Silverman, owns the Littlefield House, 2604 Rio Grande, Austin. Isn't that interesting?
Posted by: William Carr
January 7, 2006 01:24 PM
Correction:"Catherine's grandfather is William Chaney Custer" should read "Jennifer's grandfather is William Chaney Custer"
Also, Seth Silverman has the following address in the Travis County records. Is Cheryl Wood the assistant to the Dean of Students at UT?:
Posted by: William H Carr
January 7, 2006 04:25 PM
The reason I ask about whether Cheryl Wood who works in the Dean of Student's Office is the Cheryl Wood on Seth Silverman's tax records for 4105 Medical P. Austin, is because the former UT Dean of Students, William Cunningham, is deeply connected with other players in this bizarre tale. The names Mauze, MoRan, Wharton, etc are all well known to me through Presbyterian circles....well, here....Robert Bruce, in the pastor of First Presyterian Church, Austin. Jean Mauze is the son of the former pastor of First Presbyterian Church San Antonio, TX. Perhaps someone can tell me if disgraced politician and Vietnam War Hero, Randy Cunningham is related to William Cunningham of UT and whether or not J Taylor Wharton is related to the prominent Presbyterian Whartons in Austin at the same seminary with Stitt and Curries?
And talking about separation of Church and State!? HAH!
At the outbreak of the Iraq War Bush's boys were asking America's pastor to become like the "black robes" of the American Revolution...the ministers who took up arms against the Brits with G Washington. If we did that we'd have to behead our own President first, don't you think? Does anyone act more like King George?
Here's one of the Rumsfeld/Cunningham/MoRan/Presbyterian connection...
Freeport McMoRan Inc.
Head Office:1615 POYDRAS STREETNEW ORLEANS LouisianaUSA, 70161Phone: (504)-582-4000 Schmidt was a director of Freeport McMoRan Inc. from 1954 until 1997, when he retired and was named chairman emeritus. (Schmidt's bio also lists him as having been a director of Gilead Sciences Inc., where former AHF Trustee and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld had been a director since 1988.) Other directors of Freeport McMoRan have included Robert W. Bruce III, president of The Robert Bruce Management Co. investment managers (1989 to the present); former presidential advisor Henry A. Kissinger (1988-1995); George Putnam, chairman of The Putnam Investment Management Co.; and also J. Taylor Wharton, chairman of the Department of Gynecology at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, and Chancellor of the University of Texas System William H. Cunningham.Freeport McMoRan 1994 DEF 14A / Securities and Exchange Commission In the 1960s and 70s, Jean Mauze, the husband of Abbey Rockefeller, benefactor of the Memorial Center for Cancer and Allied Diseases attack on tobacco, was a director of Freeport Sulfur (see Freeport Sulfur's Powerful Board of Directors; Real History; and $10,000,000 Asked in Cancer Attack, by William L. Laurence. New York Times, March 9, 1954).

Between 1969 and 1972, Robert C. Hills, the President of Freeport Sulphur, and Charles A. Wight, its retired Vice Chairman, were trustees of Lenox Hill Hospital, whose Chairman expressed the gratitude of its Board of Trustees to the Council for Tobacco Research for funding the work of Sheldon Sommers. Sommers was later a member of the CTR's Scientific Advisory Board. Other trustees of Lenox Hill included Benjamin J. Buttenweiser, Limited Partner, and Thomas E. Dewey, Jr., Partner of Kuhn, Loeb & Co.; and Honorary Life Trustee John J. McCloy, then Chairman of the Salk Institute, whose trustees engaged in assorted anti-smoking activism.Paul W. DouglasPaul W. Douglas was the President, CEO, and Chairman of the Executive Committee of Freeport Minerals Company (1975-81) and Freeport McMoRan (1981-83); also Chairman of The Pittston Corp. 1984-91, and a director of Phelps Dodge Corp. from 1983-1999. He was elected to the board of directors of Philip Morris when Mary Woodard Lasker's stepson, Edward Lasker, retired in 1980. Douglas was on the board of Philip Morris until 1995. Paul W. Douglas was the son of Sen. Paul H. Douglas (D-IL), who in 1965 was one of four Senators who urged President Johnson to veto the Cigarette Advertising and Labelling Act because of its provision postponing the Federal Trade Commission's rule requiring health hazard warning in cigarette advertising. His son, Philip Le Breton Douglas, married Elizabeth S. Kean, the niece of anti-smoker Gov. Thomas H. Kean of New Jersey. (Elizabeth S. Kean Affianced. New York Times, Dec. 12, 1982.)
Posted by: William Carr
January 7, 2006 05:14 PM

(Parenthetical addendum 5/20/ January, 1996 after an intial invitation to dinner at Elmo's Diner on Water Street in Corpus Christi from Rev. Michael Barry, pastor of Victoria, TX's First Presbyteran Church, the church where "Tex" Hill's brother, Rev. Sam Hill was pastor, I received a follow-up visit from Rev. Barry during which he strongly recommended that I leave my Corpus Christi church. Rev. Barry was a product of San Antonio's First Presyterian Church where Sam and "Tex" Hill's father was pastor. I would later discover that the Rev. Dr. Barry had not only left the PCUSA denomination, but that he went to work for CANCER TREATMENT CENTERS OF AMERICA as their head of pastoral care. Cancer Treatment Centers of America had their start in the home city of SCI Inc, Houston. Texas State incorporation records show CANCER TREATMENT CENTERS OF AMERICA INC, 3 RIVERWAY STE 1710, c/o JOSE E KAUACHI, HOUSTON, TX 77056-1910. Jose E Kauachi is not only on the board of Mexico's leading drug money laundering bank, Banamex, recently bought out by CITIBANK on whose board is the former CIA director, John Deutsch...and remember that Deutsch is a grad of Amherst Prep School…like Patrick J Fitzgerald’s friend, Chuck Rosenberg, now the US attorney for the Southern District, Houston ...and that Rosenberg is a former member of the FBI’s Counter-Terrorism Task Force which reported to Revell. Jose E Kauachi was Director of Mexico Division of Financiera de Nuevo Leon, SA de CV, a Mexican investment bank. This is significant because Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld Law Firm's, Michael W Wood, also from Houston, handled the negotiation and acquisition of the Cancun Water Concession and water for the the cities of Leon and Torreon, Mexico. Roberto Hernandez and Banamex hired the Washington law firm of Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Feld to sue both Menendez's Por Esto (the third largest daily in the Mexico) and NarcoNews for unspecified damages in New York City charging libel, slander and damage to Banamex business...a case that was thrown out of court in Mexico. Akin Gump is the seventh largest law firm in the US, and was until recently headed by Clinton crony Vernon Jordan)

(parenthetical addendum added 05/21/06...for an independent assessment of the story on Banamex's legal battle see,cotts,20841,6.html and for the credentials of Village Voice author Cynthia Cotts, faculty member at Columbia School of Journalism see

(parenthetical addendum added 07/07/06...also on the Citibank board which merged with Banamex is Peter Georgescu of Young & Rubicam Advertising Agency of Atlanta. A principal in this company which created the Willie Horton ad for the GHWB presidential race and which was responsible for the passing of NAFTA and whose other executive, Ed Ney, was Ambassador to Canada, is Refugio, Texas resident William Christopher Bush. Chris Bush also owns property in Robstown, Texas along the Texas-Mexico railway near the intersection of NAFTA's Corridor 69 and Hwy 44. Georgescu is a Rumanian whose family fought Nazi occupation of his homeland and who ended up in a communist prison camp after the war. Georgescu came to the US where five months later he was enrolled as a student at Phillips Exeter Academy, alma mater of both GWB and GHWB. Georgescu then went on to Princeton and then to Stanford University. Writer Jay Matthews [in article titled AMERICAN IMAGE MAKER, from ], said of Georgescu..."To Georgescu, heroes persevere in order to make the world a place where the hardest thing a 15-year-old boy must do is persuade the girl he loves to go to the movies. If sweet breath helps him, what is more important than the design and marketing of the right product? And what is more interesting than turning the fruits of peacetime science into devices that will enrich millions of lives?" Gary Webb, Peter Brewton, Kevin Phillips, Robert Baer, Richard Clarke, Anthony Sutton and others have showed Mr. Georgescu and the rest of us that thanks to the Bush family connections to war and drugs there are much harder things facing 15-year-olds in America and that peacetime science runs a far distant second to the profits of these dark alliances. The world's children have very little time to figure this out before they are hit with the harsh realities that Mr. Georgescu and colleague, Christopher Bush, disguise in their marketing campaigns. Jay Matthews went on to write...."Loyalty was also important to a boy whose father, an executive for Standard Oil of New Jersey, kept a spy network intact for three years from his Bucharest prison cell, where he was held from 1941 to 1944 by a government that was allied with Nazi Germany." Was Mr. Georgescu aware that Standard Oil's, John D. Rockefeller, had at Ludlow, Colorado turned machine guns on American workers when they struck for better working conditions? [for a summary of the Ludlow massacre see ] Is Mr. Georgescu aware that it took Congressional action to prevent the Harriman/Bush machine to cease its sale of weapons to the Nazis? In order to counter criticism Prescott Bush took action in typical Madison Avenue fashion. Kevin Phillips writes...."Bush had elevated his patriotic profile in February 1942 by becoming chairman of the United Service Organization [USO] annual fund drive, which raised $33 million that year to entertain soldiers and sailors. He was in no way a political target of government prosecutors---unlike William S. Farish, the publically pilloried chairman of Standard Oil of New Jersey." [Phillips, American Dynasty, p 190]. Highly respected CIA agent and author, Richard Baer employed Florida attorney John Loftus, himself an author, as Baer's agent. Loftus has maintained unflinchingly the Standard Oil/Nazi symbiosis during World War II. US / Nazi corporate activities is explored in "The Secret War Against the Jews," by Mark Aarons and John Loftus. Here is their version of the events from which one can see the developing anti-American Military Industrialist machine headed by the increasingly global-American corporations bedded with fascist-Muslim monarchies and using groups like Al Qaeda in increasingly dark alliances: "Before the war Standard of New Jersey had forged a synthetic oil and rubber cartel with the Nazi-controlled I.G. Farben," which "worked well until the United States joined the war in 1941. . . . Next to the Rockefellers, I.G. Farben owned the largest share of stock in Standard Oil of New Jersey. Among other things, Standard had provided Farben with its synthetic rubber patents and technical knowledge, while Farben had kept its patents to itself, under strict instructions from the Nazi government." Evidence which Thurman Arnold turned over to the Truman Committee, which Truman would declare "treasonous," included "Standard's 1939 letter renewing its agreement, which made it clear that the Rockefellers' company was prepared to work with the Nazis whether their own government was at war with the Third Reich or not. Truman's Senate Committee on the National Defense was outraged and began to probe into the whole scandalous arrangement, much to the discomfort of John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Suddenly, however, the whole matter was dropped. "What was the reason for Rockefeller's escape: blackmail. US intelligence officers interviewed on this point said that the blackmail was simple and powerful: The Dulles brothers [John Foster, later Secretary of State, and Allen, later director of the CIA] had one of their clients intimidate US political leaders with the threat of interrupting the U.S. oil supply during wartime. The American government had no choice but to go along if it wanted to win the war." [From The Secret War Against the Jews, p. 45f]. I G Farben also held the patends on Zyklon B used to gas Jews at Auschwitz as well as for Methodone which was acquired by Eli Lilly Inc. of Indianapolis, IN. and sold through a subsidiary of Tyco International....another example of the Hegelian dialectic principle at work....Methodone was tightly controlled until 1991 as the solution for opiate and heroin addiction.)

(Parenthetical addendum 7/21/06...Refugio County, Texas in extremely significant in understanding the Walker connection to Bush and Texas. Remember that Samuel Hamilton Walker, father of the Walker-Colt pistol went with Eli Whitney to U.S. Treasurer Robert Walker for funding for the first 1000 Walker-Colts. Not much changes over the years and the family ties within this powerful group remain paramount. It was the same for the monarchies of Europe as for the Pharoahs of Egypt. David M Walker is currently the US Comptroller of the Currency, the nation's chief compliance officer on fiscal responsibility and Congressional oversight. Mr. Walker from Birmingham, Alabama and Florida was a high ranking executive with Arthur Anderson, the company that provided cover in Houston for Enron. With the death of Enron's Ken Lay and US Attorney, Michael Shelby, who recrused himself from the Enron case citing numerous family members employed by Enron, the truth about David M Walker's connections may never be known. Appointed to his post by Bill Clinton...and again at these levels both political parties trade straw-men and women with ease... David M Walker's case against Vice-President Cheney by Congress in its attempt to change Bush's energy policy, provide for Mr. Cheney and Bush a firewall against further investigation. Between 1989 and 1998, David M Walker worked at Arthur Andersen LLP, where he was a partner and global managing director of the human capital services practice based in Atlanta, Georgia. He was also a member of the board of Arthur Andersen Financial Advisors, a registered investment advisor. While a partner at Arthur Andersen, he was a Public Trustee for Social Security and Medicare from 1990 to 1995. This corresponds with the period that Richard Scott, protege' of GWB's Texan Baseball Franchise partner Richard Rainwater, was raping the public through Columbia Hospitals and its homehealth agencies. While the Columbia investigation boiled during this time, Walker jettisoned the trusteeship just before the 1997 indictments and removal of Scott and other Columbia executives. Mr. Walker was Assistant Secretary of Labor for Pension and Welfare Benefit Programs from 1987 to 1989 and in 1985, was Acting Executive Director of the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation. This is the government office established by the Social Security Act that provides government bailout of an increasing number of defunct corporate pension programs at tax payer expense. If the Hamilton Securites case showed that Iran-Contra-era-money-laundering needed the knowledge and compliance of the Comptroller of the Currency, David M Walker's appointment to that position guaranteed a continuation of the slash-and-burn status quo. Of Refugio, Texas judge and historian Hobart Huson wrote: "A few years before the Civil War, Samuel Colt, inventor of the Colt Revolver, James B Colt, Erastus Williams, Samuel Tuttle and Randolph B Marcy, a general in the United States Army, bought an interest in the Lamar townsite, and established a munitions works near Lamar. This project was stopped by the Civil War. It is said that Samuel Colt on a visit to Lamar, met Major Walker of the Texas Rangers, and got from him the idea of the Colt-Walker pistol" [from TWO SEA CAPTAINS AND SOME OF THEIR JOHNSON FRIENDS, p. 6, TXRef 976.4119 Hus, Corpus Christi Library] Huson's information was confirmed by a local historian with the Corpus Christi Caller Times, Murphy Givens. Janet Reno fired Revell's boss, William Sessions, and replaced him with Louis Freeh on July 19, 1993, the day before the body of Vince Foster was found in Fort Marcy Park, a park named after Randolph B Marcy who traveled to Refugio County with Samuel and James Colt to meet Ranger Samuel H Walker. As with the Matt Gannon/Jeff Gannon connection, or the discovery of Patrick's body near Ellington Field or the date of Gary Webb's murder on December 10th...the anniversary of Patrick's.... death, timing, locale and other cirumstances are meant to send cryptic messages to perceived insiders. Randolph B Marcy's protege' was General George B McClellan who also worked in the 1850's under Jefferson Davis, future president of the Confederacy. McClellan, who married General Randolph Marcy's daughter, often opposed Lincoln, even ran against him as a Democrat, and was an enigma to his commander Ulysses S Grant and was finally replaced by Lincoln with General Sheridan. Most important, however, is the fact that even then the railroad's robber barons were pulling the strings. McClellan, and it is not yet known whether Mark and Scott McClellan, head of Medicare/Medicaid/Food & Drug Administration and White House spokesperson, respectively, are descendants of George B McClellan, was in charge of mapping the course for the Harriman/Stanford Transcontinental Railroad route. This meant, of course, that McClellan was a member of the elite Army Corp of Engineers having graduated second in his class at West Point. Mark Barr McClellan and brother Scott are sons of Barr McClellan and Texas State Comptroller, Carole Keeton Rylander McClellan Strayhorn who hired the law firm of Colton Pitonyak, Tom DeLay and "Austin Yogurt Shop Murder" defenants of the young Harbison girls....the firm of Roy Q Minton. Mrs. Strayhorn hired the venerable Minton to wage a political battle with the state to allow her to be called "Grandma" on the state ballot for an upcoming gubernatorial election. Mark and Scott's father Barr, an attorney and author claims to have paid off LBJ's psychiatrist in order to keep the lid on the truth about LBJ's part in the JFK assasination. Paige Keeton, Mark and Scott's grandfather, was the long-time head of the the Texas Bar Association. I ask you, would any thinking president want these connections in stalls at the front of his stable of administrators? So what were Connecticut Yankees doing looking to build a munitions shop in Confederate Texas just before the impending American Civil War? IT'S ALL ABOUT MONEY! )

(Parenthetical addendum, 11/05/06….George B McClellan, like Colt and Walker, was knee-deep in the earlier version of the American military industrialist complex. Rather than Humvees or Bradley fighting vehicles, McClellan’s legacy was the McClellan cavalry saddle. McClellan’s chief ordinance officer who arranged the purchase of the saddle for the government was Daniel Webster Flagler, a West Point grad from New York State who ran the Rock Island Arsenal in Illinois. Flagler’s son was also a West Point grad and member of the elite Army Corp of Engineers. Clement Alexander Finley Flagler - (1867-1922) was born in Georgia but graduated from West Point (1889), and was an instructor in civil and military engineering at West Point (1894-95). Another important New York Flagler, who would need the expertise of the Army Corps of Engineers to build his railroad to Miami along Florida’s Gold Coast, was famed industrialist, Henry Flagler. Henry was a partner with John D. Rockefeller in Standard Oil of New Jersey and it is Flagler’s famous West Palm Beach Hotel that is today the spawning ground for Great Gatsby perennials meeting in social circles of ever-narrower exclusivity...British Royals, Trump, as well as the historic robber baron families of the U.S. . The Union Pacific/Harriman/Walker/Bush/Farish connections to the Flager/Rockefeller/Standard Oil/Farish connection in Texas and Florida help to underscore how the political machinery in these two states have been monopolized by Bush politicos. It appears that they keep key players within the family, but not within the closer loop that would make tracking their connections easier. Add their control of the major media outlets as well as control of historians like Beechloss others to the and the waters become thoroughly muddied to their advantage.

Back in Texas, Judge Hobart Huson's kin of the same name, I suspect embittered by the way he may have perceived as the hypocracy all around him, in 2003 went on-line and in publication under the pen-name "Strike" and wrote a production manual for the street drug ECSTASY, which along with crystal-meth has been significantly cutting into the sale of other illegal street drugs in America. Hobart Huson's book, still available, was titled TOTAL SYSNTHESIS II and on the day that DEA agents raided one of California's biggest Ecstasy labs, they also arrested Hobart Huson in San Antonio for providing the blueprint for their operations. All this focuses on Refugio County where Lamar townsite at the time of the Samuel Colt visit with Samuel Hamilton Walker was located near the present-day town of Aransas Pass across the Bay from Corpus Christi. More important is the connection of an another Judge to Refugio County... Judge John Howland Wood, whose family home still sits overlooking Copano Bay at Bayside, Texas and for whom is named the community of Woodsboro five miles west of the Refugio on NAFTA's Corridor 69. It is not known at this writing whether or not Shannon Wood Bush, wife of William Christopher Bush of Young & Rubicam Advertising, is related to John Howland Wood, but it seems highly probable given the prominence of the Wood name in Refugio County. Judge Wood was murdered in San Antonio, Texas, after he had served as visiting-judge in Judge William Sessions' El Paso District. Sessions, Buck Revell's boss at the FBI and inheritor of Judge Wood's vacated San Antonio bench, then moved to the more prestigious San Antonio District. Known as "Maximum John" for the severity of his sentences for drug dealers, Wood is ironically from what is known as "Texas' meth-lab corridor", Refugio County. Sara Norris whose home in Corpus Christi is where Patrick attended a party days before his death, said that Judge John Howland Wood would baby-sit her and her brothers when she was a child growing up in the Alamo Heights section of San Antonio. Wood's killer, Charles Harrelson, father of screen actor Woody Harrelson, is from Brazoria County, there the Halliburton-Dresser boat was normally moored at the Bridge Harbor Marina after being returned to Texas from Melbourne, Florida. Before becoming an actor, Woody went to a Presbyterian College in the Midwest on a Presbyterian scholoarship. With Charles Harrelson supposedly hired by Mexican drug dealer, Jimmy Chagra, the murder was said to be in retaliation for Wood's impatience with drug pushers. The two US Federal Marshalls assigned to investigate the Judge Wood murder, Jack Compton who became Police Chief in Alice, Texas....home of Houston's new DA, Chuck Rosenthall....and Thomas Draeger, quit the US Marshall Service after the investigation. Draeger, now a school teacher in San Antonio told me "anything is possible with respect to the Judge Wood murder case." I spoke of the rarity of a murder of a US District Judge and asked if it might be a Michael Corleone-style payback of a corrupt government official, or a step-up for whoever succeeded Judge Wood in his prestigious San Antonio courtroom....Draeger said emphatically, "ANYTHING is possible.")

Here's why I ask about William Cunningham (correction...former UT President and Chancellor) and Randy because of the proximity of DeLay to this mess....AGAIN...MR. EARLE....YOU CAN GIVE US SOME HELP HERE!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!
"• Texas prosecutors are investigating possible ties between Rep. Tom DeLay and lobbyist Brent Wilkes, who was linked to former Rep. Randy Cunningham."

Posted by: William Carr January 7, 2006 05:29 PM
Trey Ehrhardt's grandparents are, like Jennifer Cave's and Laura Hall's, from the Corpus Christi area. They were married by Presbyterian Minister, Hal Bray, a top Presbyterian Executive in the Synod of the Sun and head of the Denomination's news service. He taught school in Taft, Texas only a few miles from Corpus Christi, a city named after the brother of William Howard Taft, Charles P Taft, who owned the Rincon Ranch there, a favorite hunting site for the president. William Howard Taft shares with GWB a legacy in the Yale Skull & Bones secret society club. The nation's most secretive political administration has its roots in an organization which has been characterized as a type of mafia.

Dear Mr. Turley:
First, several months ago I wrote you concerning the death of my son in Texas on December 10, 2000 and the death of the grandson of the highest ranking non-appointed FBI agent under William Sessions, the grandson of my parishioner Oliver "Buck" Revell the following morning, December 11, 2000. It was on this day that Al Gore made his decision to drop his claim to the presidency. My brother-in-law in Houston had been working for John Mecom, partner of Gore's former campaign manager, Tony Coelho.
These dates and the connections, social and geographical, of these boys to the political circumstances in America underscore your concerns that we have Commander-In-Chief who is out of control.
I would appreciate it if you would circulate the following website among your connections.
Secondly, are you related to the Turley Law Firm, home of Sylvia Demarest in Dallas Texas? Do you know if Ms. Demarest is related to presidential speech writer, David F Demarest, former colleague of Chase Untermeyer and Peggy Noonan and now at Condalezza Rice's Stanford University where he is heavily involved in Biometrics, a program concerned with facial recognition software technology being pushed in the wake of 9/11. This was the pet project of Ms. Rice when she was there.
William H
Posted by: William Carr
January 24, 2006 08:12 AM
Open Letter to Florence Shapiro and Ronnie Earle
Since you two are in Austin, do you know if Harry M Whittington, who was appointed by Governor George Bush to the top funeral regulation agency in Texas at the height of a scandal involving SCI, the corporation of Iran-Contra asset, John Mecom, and former Gore campaign manager, Tony Coelho, is related to the Whittington boys who were working with Gary Levitz mentioned in my previous post? Gary Levitz was working with Don and Bill Whittington from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Mrs. Armstrong is on the board of the King Ranch with a Fort Meyers sugar and lumber magnate named Hilliard only 40 miles from Wally Hilliard's Venice Florida Flying School where Mohammed Atta trained. Bill and Don Whittington owned a Lear Jet owned by Barry Seal, the governments key witness in Iran-Contra who was murdered in Baton Rouge, LA before he was able to testify.
Mrs. Armstong sat on the board of Braniff with Iran-Contra asset Walter Mischer, the Houston Developer who Peter Brewton shows had purchased the 700,000 acre Iran-Contra training ground in Belize with Coca-Cola's CEO, Charles W Duncan.
Next door to Hilliard's Huffman Flying school in Venice Florida is Duncan Aero, which traces back to the Duncan's in Texas.
Florence, you know that I know Braniff, since the Braniff CEO, Howard Putnam, was a member of my Plano Church along with the FBI's Oliver "Buck" Revell.
We are in the midst of a HUGE CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS!
Posted by: William H Carr
February 15, 2006 09:15 PM
Open Letter To Molly Ivins
Dear Ms. Ivins:
You say in a recent editorial that Mr. Cheney was vice-chair of the committee that investigated Iran-Contra and that he was author of the minority report. WELL HELLO!
Then will you PLEASE ask your friends in the media to drop their Democratic and Republican bull crap and start a serious investigation of the slimy weasels that are killing kids...not only on the battlefields of Vietnam and Iraq, the backstreets of foreign nations, but in our own communities.
The reason that the hunting incident in South Texas was dropped first to the CC paper is that this paper has a history. Brown & Root...KBR, now...built the military base in CC for the Johnson Admin during the Vietnam War. Bell Helicopters were repaired here throughout the Vietnam War. Indeed the President of West Point has a homesite on Mustang Island where a decision of the Army Corp of Engineers to build a pass to the Gulf of Mexico just pumped the land values of not only General Lennox, but of many others including the K-TEAM USA properties....K-TEAM....I suspect from K Street...and identified as one of Oliver North's code names for Iran-Contra (parenthetical addendum added 06/03/06...see FBI agent Richard Taus' testimony . K-Team USA Inc properties are located on North Padre Island near Corpus Christi). Send a covey of reporter to the Nueces County Courthouse and see for yourself, and then ask who owns/owned these properties and why.

(parenthetical addendum 8/23/07...from Rev. Carr's notes....K-TEAM. According to Richard Taus, the FBI agent who blew the whistle on Iran-gate and Iraq-gate, the North/Poindexter Operation was using the name "the enterprise" and also "the K-Team". The new subdivision on North Padre Island, CC, TX., has many K-Team properties in it. This is on record in the Nueces County Courthouse. Among the owners is Christel and Gerhard Peemoeller, Gerhard is/was the head of security for the Unification Church in Central, South America and the Carribean. The Unification Church owns the second biggest newspaper in Washington, D.C., but more importantly Kevin Phillips points out that“….a further Bush controversy lay in making belief in Jesus fit alongside collaboration with Sun Myung Moon---a self-pronounced messiah---and his international Unification Church. This controversial associateion began with the elder Bush. During 1995 and 1996, two years after leaving the White House he made at least nine paid appearances in Buneos Aires, Montevideo, Tokyo, Washington, and elsewhere on behalf of Moon. The Korean businessman and evangelist, who dismissed Jesus as a failure and styled himself “the Lord of the Second Advent,” was said to be paying the former president $100,000 per speech. The Argentine newspaper La Nation also reported rumors that Bush and Moon might do business together in South America.” [American Dynasty, Kevin Phillips, Penguin, NY, 2004, pp. 233-234])

(Parenthetical addendum 7/26/06...Gary Webbs' employer was The San Jose Mercury News owned by Knight Ridder, whose star war correspondent was Joseph Galloway. Galloway, author of WE WERE SOLDIERS ONCE AND YOUNG, saw his book made into a Mel Gibson movie written by BRAVEHEART and PEARL HARBOR author, Randall Wallace. Much of Wallace's movie, Pearl Harbor, was filmed onboard the USS Lexington which is moored at Corpus Christi. Galloway, who is from Judge Hobart Huson's hometown of Refugio, now lives in the Judge John Howland Wood hometown of Bayside about twenty miles from Refugio. Knight Ridder refused to stand behind the work of its star reporter, Webb, who made the CIA/Contra/Drug connection in his articles and book titled DARK ALLIANCE. Headed by Tony Ridder, and in opposition to Galloway's rejection of Bush's 2003 war in Iraq, all Knight Ridder newspapers supported it. True to the Bush family's dialectical thinking and to take a line from the Randall's Wallace's BRAVEHEART, the puss-faced, nacrotic-skinned father of Robert Bruce tells his royal heir..."you will support the rebellion from our lands in the South, while I will oppose it from our lands in the North." Wallace rightly perceived that the stress of holding to this forked-tongued dialectic inflicts its own price on the human soul, psyche and body. For an overview of the Bush/Harriman connection to this German dialectic paradigm see the chapter titled "Memorandum Number One: Created Conflict and the Dialectic Process, in AMERICA'S SECRET ESTABLISHMENT, by Stanford Professor, Anthony Sutton, Triune Day, 2002, pp. 117-123. And for the connection of Knight-Ridder's historical grounding in Fascism and its roots in the same dialectic-chaos-making, see . Denenberger is a professor at the Wharton School. Famed attorney, Louis Nizer, in chapter 4 of his classic courtroom book MY LIFE IN COURT, Doubleday, 1961, covers the Ridder connection to Fascism. It was his book WHAT TO DO WITH GERMANY, that so impressed Dwight D Eisenhower that he passed Nizer's book among his top brass in post-war Germany. German dialectic thinking has its counterpart in Christianity's Neo-Orthodoxy which is the dominant view taught in most American mainline churches including Austin Presbyterian Seminary. There, New Testament professors aren't considered trained unless or until they have credentials from German seminaries. One such Austin seminary professor who sits with GWB and Karl Rove on the Texas Philosophy Society and who is an independently wealthy member of one of the big German ranch families from Refugio County has numerous real estate dealings in Houston with Adnan Koshoggi's colleague, Monzer Hourani. Koshoggi's connections to Iran-Contra are well documented and Hourani is the money man behind Healthsouth Inc. and it's medicare woes similar to that of Columbia Healthcare Inc..

Mel Gibson was drunk while shouting anti-semitic slurs when recently arrested. His film Braveheart was written by Randall Wallace. That film was released in 1995 and spoke of the warrior spirit among the Christianized Scots, Irish and English. Randall Wallace also penned Pearl Harbor which was filmed in Corpus Christi the summer of 2000. I know because I sat with Patrick's uncle atop the Republic of Texas Bar and Grill of the Omni Hotel overlooking the USS Lexington when the crew of the film came in. It was then that he was describing to me how the Halliburton/Dresser boat would make him fabulously wealthy. Why did we need a remake of a Pearl Harbor movie to be released in 2001...and one that has the main character going to Britain to join the Brits...nearly our only ally in our battles for empire extension? It looks to me that this was a manipulation of the film industry to appeal to the Northern European/American warrior sentiments and/or to prep us for 9/11. Michael Bromwich and William Howard Taft IV had already united the Irish Catholic/WASP sensibilities in their partnership in the Fried Frank Harris Shriver & Jacobson LLP law firm that brought together the Kennedy (Harvard) and Skull & Bones (Yale) syndicates. Whether or not Senator Jim Webb of Virginia, former Secretary of the Navy, who served under Caspar Weinberger and Frank Carlucci, who wrote his celebration of Celtic warriors, BORN FIGHTING, and who sold some of his bookrights to Hollywood and argued for Reagan's 600 ship navy to William Howard Taft IV is a true independent or a political shill remains to be seen.

Then Gibson does The Passion of Christ which many claimed was anti-semitic. Was it? Apparently so if we judge from Gibson's actions and can read one's head by one's heart under the influence. Why would Christendom need to revisit the brutality against Christ in such graphic form in a culture that is increasingly brutal? Then Randall Wallace pens the screenplay for Joe Galloway's We Were Soldiers Once and Young which stars Mel Gibson and appeals to the average US vets' sense of patriotism. Galloway...and Ridder...a known Fascist connection in the media and the company that owned the San Jose Mercury News? For nine years, the nephew of Houston Harriman Harte, Christopher M Harte, was a senior level executive for Knight Ridder having served as president of two of their major papers. The Knight Ridder and Harte-Hanks papers including the Corpus Christi Caller Times and the San Jose Mercury News are married at the highest levels of leadership. This was the Texas/California connection that Gary Webb had not yet exposed but which made his research exceedingly dangerous in as much as it could have showed the intermarriage of the media, entertainment and oil industries with the US government's longstanding political and intelligence leaders. Mel Gibson's partner in Braveheart was Alan Ladd Jr., husband of Cheryl Ladd who starred with Corpus Christi's Farah Fawcett in Charlie's Angels. A question for Mr. Ladd: An Alan Ladd owned property in Houston and the following is registered in the Harris County, Houston, clerk's records....

File No: B948046 Grantor:LADD ALAN EST ETAL Grantee:AMERADA PETR CORP ETAL FC: 015380240 Date:19640828 Type:ASSGN Desc:FRY F, P 155 ACS Section: Lot: Block: Misc: Vol-Page:1731396

Is this Alan Ladd Jr or his father doing business with Bush connected Amerada Petroleum Corp which became Amerada Hess? Former Bush Secretary of the Treasury Nicholas Brady and a former Bush assistant, Edith E. Holiday, are both on the board of directors of Amerada Hess. Founded by Everette DeGolyer, Amerada Petroleum, now Amerada Hess is an American petroleum firm currently teaming up with several powerful Saudi families to develop oil fields in Azerbaijan. )

(Parenthetical addendum 8/4/06....Okay, some expansion on Mel Gibson Story...Mel Gibson was born in New York State. His father was a railroad worker for the New York Central Railroad who happened to have won big in the TV show Jeopardy which aired from NBC's Rockefeller Center, New York...remember that the Northeastern Railways were the province of America's Robber Baron families like Gould and Harriman. The Gibson family moved to Austrailia when Mel was in elementary school. It's there that he attend acting classes before returning to the US. However, Mel's father has close ties to American's shadow capital, Houston, TX. His home church is St. Jude Chapel in Stafford, TX. only a few miles from Sugarland, TX. home of Imperial Sugar and Tom DeLay...although Imperial is historically linked to the ultra-powerful Jewish Rothschilds which Gibson couldn't like. It's their bank that is currently asking "WHAT'S IN YOUR WALLETT?" using Mel-look-a-likes of the Hunish variety. Imperial Sugar and Coca-Cola have a symbiotic relationship and Coca-Cola was responsible for providing Oliver North his training ground for the Contras in Belize. The ultra-conservative Latin church services that Mel and his father like so much were much in the news in the early 80's when a renegade Bishop named Marcelle Lefevre ran an all Latin church in Dickinson, TX. St. Judes Chapel in Stafford is an offshoot of this movement. Mel's father who sometimes goes by the name John Hutton P Gibson married Teddy Joye Hicks who appears to have significant ties to Houston, a city filled with oil empire elites and its ancillary underworld. Stafford, Texas is significant for another reason and that's its connection to R Steven Hicks, whose brother, Tom Hicks was head of UTIMCO, the multi-billion dollar investment company of the University of Texas at Austin, which many claim was commandeered by GWB with the appointment of Hicks while Bush was governor. Tom Hicks purchased the TEXAS RANGERS baseball franchise from GWB and Richard Rainwater. Since the business school at UT uses high profile business leaders as teachers the assumption is that the investments of the university are solid. UTIMCO is heavily invested in mainline defense contracting companies like Honeywell, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin and Carlyle Group. Hicks was responsible for the $1.2 billion purchase of Regal Cinemas, the nations largest movie chain. There seems to be another connection with Gibson to the name O'Connor which is a very rich and powerful Catholic ranching family in Texas with a great deal invested in American foreign policy especially in Latin America and major connections with America's predominant northeastern establishment of which GWB, Cheney and others have long been a part...the WASP side of things. In fact, BRAVEHEART, helped to solidify the historical ties between these two groups and to appeal to their inherent militarism...I should know, I'm Scot and wore out two Braveheart tapes and learned every song that James Horner wrote for it. Scotland in Willam Wallace's time was Catholic... there's a strange inconsistency between a film that cries for freedom from tyrants from a man who hates Jews. It was afterall, Oliver Cromwell who invited the Jews to come back to England after Longshanks expelled them PRECISELY because they were some of the best artisans in the world and could help to rebuilt England after Cromwell's rebellion....PLUS....they are anti-primogeniture....all that first born favoritism that Thomas Jefferson had been commissioned by the First Continental Congress to write out of America's laws. In recent years the United States has turned its back on this aspect of it revolutionary spirit in favor of the old way as family business dynasties of the Miltary Complex solidified their control. Where does primogeniture endure? Among America's business and religious elites....Robert Schuler and Billy Graham mimic these values as they pass the keys of their religious kingdoms on to their first-born sons in similar fashion. These values are strongest in the Moslem world, as well, where women and younger siblings are either used or endured. They are top down, pyramidal and monarchial forms of ancient sun god worship. The Enlightenment, Reformation and Western democracy rejected this paradigm as a blight on the human psyche and spirit and as a leadership model rejected by Biblical revelation. Kevin Phillips in American Dynasty chronicles the reversals Americans have allowed by uncritically accepting this Machavellian model within the House of Bush. It is well documented that even members of the Bush clan did not expect that GWB would become America's president when his credentials an abilities were compared with other potential Bush family candidates.

Israel's King David, you remember, was a youngest child and the runt of the litter at that. Mel Gibson came very close to the truth of it when he said in the film "it's God who makes people what they are." That's Hebrew through and through. Mel's sister lives in Houston, and appears to have addresses in Tomball, Cypress and an old one in Westbury near Bellaire which is, ironically, THE Jewish section of Houston. Bellaire High is known as Hebrew High.
It's in Houston that oil money from the Saudis, the Brits, rich Texans and others find their way to Hollywood to underwrite movies...which when you think about it aren't unlike oil wells. Stephen Speilbergs first film was made in Texas and was the story provided by FBI agent Robert Wiatt who headed up security at Texas A&M until his recent retirement. Funding for this and other Speilberg movies came from the husband of Texan Helen Gurley Brown of Cosmopolitan Magazine...part of the Brown Brothers Harrimand/Brown & Root connection? It's also her husband who produced JAWS with Spielberg. Anyway, if you look in the Harris County Clerk's records you'll find the public data on property ownership and in the DBA's something else with JUMP OUT AT YOU. The former head of the motion picture industry, Jack J Valenti, has numeous DBA's with America's S&L scandal elites as well as an assortment of key figures in the Iran Contra scandal....which was a type of pro-capitalism-anti-communist-near-fascist-program....selling drugs to fund the Contras in Central America. That's what Gary Webb discovered.
Texan, Henry Catto, whose family co-owned with the Hobby family Channel 6 Television in Houston was US Ambassador to El Salvador and he also headed the US Information Agency....our CIA-linked PR firm worldwide. His connections to the media and to Hollywood go down about as deep as a Spindletop well. Remember John Ford the great US military documentarian who came back from WWII to do films that helped to rekindle our sense of Manifest Destiny. Well if you look at the timing, plots and nature of Mel's films...he's kinda like Ford. Gibson, like Cecile B DeMille, knows the power of religion in the human soul and psyche. I'd say he is a puppet in the hands of America's Military Industrialist Complex. Braveheart, The Patriot, The Passion of the Christ, We Were Soldiers Once and Young. Brown and Root....from Brown Brothers Harriman....not to mention Halliburton, Carlyle Group....they all LOVE HIM! If there is a connection between anti-semitism, Hutton Gibson's holocaust denial and the strict Roman Catholic Latin Mass which Mel promotes it is that Latin was the language, not of God, but of the Roman Empire. Adolph Hitler replicated this top-down pyramidal order for his Third Reich and the Nazi "rat lines" following WWII which helped usher Nazi war criminal's to South America are known to have had major help from the Vatican. Given Yale's Skull & Bones' use of symbols sacred to Hitler's SS and found as a universal warning on bottles of poison, is the Bush sponsored porous nature of America's southern border, his ties to the British House of Hanover....whose young Prince Harry dawned a Nazi uniform for a costume party and his business partnerships with previously pro-Nazi Moslems a concern? It should be. Mohammed Atta was in school in Hanover, Germany studying urban planning.

Journalist S. Svenek wrote...The French Archbishop MarcelLefevre (also rendered Lefebvre) set up the Society of Pious X, the firstTraditionalist order, to keep the old rite alive. He was excommunicated by the Pope in 1988 after appointing bishops without Vatican approval. Many Traditionalist practitioners are simply nostalgic for the Latin mass. For others the attraction is more sinister: it was with Vatican II that collective Jewish responsibility for the death of Christ was first officially rejected as Church doctrine.The movement, claiming a few hundred thousand followers worldwide, is now fractured, with strains assuming different degrees of distance from theVatican--and of open nostalgia for the clerical fascism of Franco and Mussolini. The most hardline Traditionalists consider all the popes sinceVatican II "precursors to the anti-Christ," and subscribe to conspiracy theories about manipulation of the papal elections by sinister forces. Recent media reports have overlooked some unsavory episodes in the movement's history. In 1989, Paul Touvier--a key aide to Gestapo chief Klaus Barbie, the "Butcher of Lyon"--was arrested by French police at a Traditionalist priory in Nice. Touvier, charged in the death of several Jews, was the first Frenchman to be accused of World War II atrocities. He had been sheltered for 44 years by a network of convents and monasteries--most recently by Traditionalists.

On Thursday night of the 2004 Republican National Convention which focused on Dick Cheney, the benediction was pronounced by Corpus Christi former Catholic Bishop, Rene Gracida, an ex-navy aviator. Texas is the tail that wags the rest of the US and hence the world. Old armies ran on oats and hay. Modern ones run on oil. Dig around a little more and you'll find that in Houston Hitler's money man, Fritz Thyssen, and his companies are front and center and hooked at the hip with Bush's companies...authors Kevin Phillips and Anthony Sutton have both covered this relationship in their writings. It's a known fact that the reason the US Congress went light on indicting Harriman related companies during WWII for trading with the Nazi's was because we needed their oil to fight the war and if we nationalized the oil and everything else we needed to do the job we'd look like commies...the tradeoff was the upward spiraling weapons business. Standard Oil was one of the biggest companies to profit from the war and the president of Standard Oil's son, William Stamp Farrish, is now head of GWB's blind trust.

An important question is "What gave Regal Cinemas the notion that they could short change Gibson and Ladd's ICON Pictures Inc. $40 million on the PASSION OF THE CHRIST? An insider deal gone bad?

See..... )

(Parenthetical Addendum 7/26/06...on the cover of Joe Gallaway's book We Were Soldiers Once and Young is a now famous photograph of theAmerican soldier in Vietnam and character from his book, Rick Rescorla. Mr. Rescorla, originally from England, moved to the US to become a US citizen and joined the US military. He won a Silver Star in Vietnam. He was working for Morgan Stanley Dean Witter Inc., as head of security in its World Trade Center Tower II headquarters on 9/11. Rescorla surely knew former FBI agent, John Oneill, who had been tracking Osama Bin Laden when frustrated by the persistent obsticles placed in front of him by the Bureau he took a new job as head of security for the World Trade Center. The incident within the Bureau that precipitated John Oneill's early retirement and his migration to the World Trade Center position happened at the height of the growing tensions in Texas, July 2000. Oneill died along with Rescorla in the 9/11 attack. Oneill had been on the job for only two days. Studies have shown that stock of Morgan Stanley Inc., Rescorla's company where he was Oneill's counterpart for security, traded at 27 times the national average in the week preceeding the 9/11 disaster. What is apparent is that these men were very close to the war on terror and Rescorla, through Joe Galloway, was surely aware of the public relations battle that would be waged for the hearts and minds of the American people in the days following any attack on American soil. Is it coincidence that two such high profile men would have died there together in the same incident and that Oneill was feeling targeted by FBI brass in the summer of 2000? Could such pressure have been brought on by the bureaucratic paranoia of the FBI and CIA by the apparent infiltration of the old Iran-Contra network in Houston requiring a reversal of Revell's prior damage-keeping role? I don't know, but I do know this. The first story following the 9/11 attack to make the connection between John Oneill's FBI work on Osama Bin Laden was written from Texas by Lawrence Wright. THE NEW YORKER supposedly held up the presses in order to capture his hurried article from Austin. Wright, whose job at the UN coincided with George HW Bush's Ambassadorship at the UN, is also a member of the Council On Foreign Relations headed by John D. Rockefeller's heir, David Rockefeller. Wright is a next-door neighbor of Scott and Mark McClellan's mother's attorney, Roy Q. Minton whose law firm represents Tom DeLay, Colton Pitonyak and the Harbison girl's supposed murders, now serving time in Texas prison. Wright is also a screenwriter who wrote The Seige, a film with Bruce Willis about a similar terrorist attack to 9/11. Wright, who has also written a book on the life of Panama's Manuel Noriega, worked in Egypt for a number of years as part of his job at the U.N.. Egypt was the original home of Al Qaeda which Robert Baer claims the CIA-within-the-CIA was using to do our dirty work. It was in Egypt that Wright, fluent in Farsi, claims he learned of Al Qaeda which he incorporated into his books and screenplay. He went to the American School in Cairo, a school that has since 9/11 seen an dramatic increase in CIA and Defense Department workers seeking to learn Farsi. Wright, a Tulane grad, is a self-proclaimed protege' of Louisiana writer, Walker Percy. From Rev. Carr's notes.....“His [Walker Percy’s] grandfather was named Walker Percy, his great-grandfather’s brother was John Walker Percy and his great-great-grandfather’s wife’s brother-in-law, John Williams Walker, had a son, Leroy Pope Walker, who was Secretary of War under Confederate President Jefferson Davis and a Brigadier General in the Confederate Army," [from chapter one, WALKER PERCY: A Life By Patrick H. Samway, S.J. Farrar, Straus and Giroux(C) 1997 ] It's these connection that lead one to believe that Bush's McClellan boys are related to General George B McClellan. In addition, Walker Percy's name is linked historically to Mary Pratt DeBardeleben Percy and the Debardeleben name is linked to Daniel Pratt who built his Prattville, Alabama cotton ginning business with the help of Eli Whitney who had the first patent on the cotton gin. As shown elsewhere in this document, Samuel Hamilton Walker's connection to both Samuel Colt of Colt Arms Co. and Robert Walker, US Treasury Secretary, was Eli Whitney. It is not yet certain for this writer whether or not Pratt & Whitney Co. was the conjoining of Eli Whitney and Daniel Pratt or whether the Pratt brothers of Hollywood Casinos Inc. for which Oliver "Buck" Revell was working at the time of the death of the two boys trace their lineage to Daniel Pratt. However, at the height of the Iran-Contra scandal Eustace Mullins wrote the following.... "In the United States, the Rockefeller interests continue to play the major political role. Old John D. Rockefeller's treasurer at Standard Oil, Charles Pratt, bequeathed his New York mansion to the Council on Foreign Relations as its world headquarters. His grandson, George Pratt Shultz, is now Secretary of State. " Charles Pratt's brother, Herbert, was CEO of Standard Oil. Herbert donated his home on Long Island to the Webb Institute named for William H Webb the primary naval architect for Kenneth Starr's uncle, Cornelius V. Starr. Is former Navy Secretary Jim Webb, Senator of Virginia relatedto William H Webb? Is CIA director Robert Gates related to Texas' Harriman partner, John Warne Gates?)

The irony of the Walker Percy connection to the Bush/Walker family in Texas is that Percy knew all too well the sin of his kin. I am reminded that a prophet is without honor in his own country because in Biblical times a prophet was always from and sent to his own people. He knows them all too well. Percy shares the Southern regret for the South as a Lost Eden and he clearly identifies the South's original sin and its perpetrators. Dr. Thomas More, the protagonist of Percy's third novel, Love in the Ruins (1971), anguishes over what Gary Webb would discover later in Los Angeles. Percy tips his hat to what he, Mel Gibson, Jim Webb and others know of the Western European warrior spirit: "What a bad joke: God saying, here it is, the new Eden, and it is yours because you're the apple of my eye; because you the lordly Westerners, the fierce Caucasian-Gentile-Visigoths, believed in me and in the outlandish Jewish event. . . . so I gave it all to you, gave you Israel and Greece and science and art and the lordship of the earth, and finally even gave you the new world that I blessed for you. And all you had to do was pass one little test, which was surely child's play for you because you had already passed the big one. One little test: here's a helpless man in Africa, all you have to do is not violate him. That's all. One little test: you flunk! (p. 54)"

The South cannot take all the credit for being the Lost Eden, nor should it listen uncritically to Walker Percy as an apologist for Southern guilt considering his deep ties to the Northern robber barons who unleashed the worst abuses of Reconstruction on the South only to use these abuses as a bargaining chip in the presidential election of 1876. The end of the Underground Railroad was Canada, not the burroughs of New York or Boston and Africans were slavers before the Dutch or Portugese. Corruption is colorblind. It was America as a whole that the Puritans saw as the New Jerusalem when they enjoyed their first Thanksgiving among welcoming Indians at Plymouth and they had no grand vision of Manifest Destiny as it would develop under the power of a rolling Westward expansion fueled in large part by the railroad and weapons tycoons of the industrialized North.

Are we flunking the same test in Iraq and Darfour as we did here in America in leading brother against brother and sister against sister into civil war? Anthony Sutton claims that this is the ongoing, relentless legacy of the Skull & Bones brotherhood.

Both Walker Percy and Flannery O'Connor, two of America's best Southern writers and both influential Roman Catholics used the same editor, Caroline Gordon. Flannery O'Connor kept a home in Bush country, Connecticutt, but she is burried in Milledgeville, Georgia, a place of much significance as noted elsewhere in this report where Flannery's father was mayor for many years. O'Connor's influence on Mel Gibson's work has also been noted...and that both hold strongly to Pre-Vatican Council II views, as has been said of Walker Percy, is also noteworthy. Susan Jacobse has said "Mel Gibson's film 'The Passion of the Christ' shares much in common with the fiction of Flannery O'Connor. O'Connor, a Catholic writer who died an early death in 1964, used grotesque images in her writing. She rarely, if ever, employed overtly Catholic themes or settings. Yet her devout, pre-Vatican II Catholicism shaped every word she wrote." O'Connor has had a wide following in Texas. Her correspondence from 1954 states: "I got word the other day that I had been reappointed a Kenyon Fellow, so that means the Rockefellars [the Foundation supplied funds for the fellowships] will see to my blood and ACTH for another year and I will have to keep on praying for the repose of John D.'s soul." (Everything that Rises Must Converge, 1956, p. xxi). ACTH was medications for Lupus which inflicted O'Connor. Another of Flannery and Percy Walker's close friends and fellow Southern writer, Brainard Cheney, was born in the town of Fitzgerald, Georgia, a few miles from Milledgville. He moved to Tennessee where he became involved in Tennessee politics. His letters are domiciled at East Tennessee State University in Johnson City, TN. where Oliver "Buck" Revell received his undergraduate degree.

(Parenthetical addendum October 15, 2006....On November 22, 2004 a plane which was to transport GHWB to a speaking engagement in Ecuador crashed at Houston's Hobby Airport killing the pilot, co-pilot and hostess. Hobby is across the Gulf Freeway from Houston Gulf Manor and Ellington Field. A law suit was filed against Robert J Wright of Business Jet Inc the Dallas firm that provided the plane. On November 28, six days later, a plane crash in Colorado would claim the life of the son of ABC's Dick Ebersole and actress Susan Saint James. An attempt was made to find the family connection between Karl Rove's ex-wife Valerie Wainright Rove Ebersole, but nothing has yet surfaced, except that a Richard E. Ebersole had lived on Glenlea St, Houston near Hobby Airport and that his home was owned by Elaine Wright Ebersole and Paul E Ebersole, a LEM project manager for NASA. It was on this short street that Patrick's mother and uncle had gown up in Houston. The two plane crashes within a week could have provided a significant warning to insiders in Houston and Colorado. In 2005 another Colorado plane crash would claim the life of another interesting personality and friend of Congresswoman, Pat Schroeder, from Neil Bush and Silverado Savings’ hometown of Denver. Schroeder, whose husband, Jim Schroeder, was long-time proponent of NAFTA, endorsed a controversial psychological treatment for troubled youth which some say was the equivalent of child abuse. Created by Evergreen, Colorado psychiatrist, Foster Cline, the therapy was similar to that used to “break” elephants in India and Sri Lanka and amounted to holding a youth down until they trusted that nothing bad was going to happen to them. Law suits ensued after the practice was linked to the deaths of several youth. Pat Schroeder left her undefeated career in congress to become the head of the American Association of American Publishers which has recently teamed up with Jack J Valenti of the Motion Picture Association to further America’s intellectual property laws in the US other nations…see
The book that Pat Schroeder endorsed, High Risk: Children Without A Conscience, was co-written by Carole A. McKelvey and Ken Magid who, like Dick Ebersole's son, also died in a plane cash in Colorado on Saturday, August 13th, 2005. He was married to Laurie Riggs Magid ...connection to Riggs National Bank or to Riggs’ founder whose Corcoran Gallery in Washington was also the site of a recent appearance by Pat Schroeder and some of the AAAP’s client-authors? Magid and McKelvey’s book furthered the questionable work of Foster Cline. Meanwhile, Pat Schroeder was being interviewed by Rick Karr in her new role with the AAAP for National Public Radio. Karr, a colleague of Texan and former LBJ staffer with Jack Valenti, Bill Moyers, has a last name that is now familiar in Colorado, the nation and world. He lives in New York with his wife who is a documentary filmmaker from Germany. Karr interviewed Valenti and Schroeder who both laid out the need for privacy in digitized imaging… . That John Ramsey’s business, ACCESS GRAPHIC, was digitizing images is surely no coincidence in as much as the entertainment industry was a key component of his business which Lockheed-Martin acquired.

Susan Stafford, a regular on Merv Griffin's Wheel of Fortune and Dick Ebersoles previous wife, had filled in for her replacement, Vanna White, when Vanna took time off from Wheel of Fortune to mourn the death of her beau, John Gibson.

Hutton P Gibson won Merv Griffin's Jeopardy in 1968 which had taken the place of the scandal ridden Sixty-Four-Thousand-Dollar Question and shortly afterwards he moved his family to Australia to avoid the Vietnam draft that threatened to claim Mel and his brothers. Jeopardy like Wheel of Fortune was the brianchild of Merv Griffin.
From Wikopedia, but available elswehere…..“In 1975, NBC cancelled Jeopardy! after moving it twice on their daytime schedule, despite having an additional year on its network contract left to fulfill. Griffin was allowed to produce the show's successor,
Wheel of Fortune. A modest hit on daytime television with Chuck Woolery and Susan Stafford as host and hostess, it became a phenomenon in 1983 in the syndication market with Pat Sajak and Vanna White in the same respective roles. (Jeopardy would also start airing in first-run syndication in 1984.) Although Griffin had produced other game shows as well, these two would make him an extremely wealthy man. Upon his retirement, he sold his production company, Merv Griffin Enterprises, to Coca-Cola's Columbia Pictures Television unit for $250 million, which was the largest acquisition of an entertainment company owned by a single individual at that time. Following the sale, Forbes named him the richest Hollywood performer in history. He retained the title of executive producer of both shows.” Griffin had, thanks to the coffers of Coca-Cola, taken his place alongside Charles W Duncan as another American mogul. More interesting to this writer is the fact that Dick Ebersole of NBC had been married to Susan Stafford the original Wheel of Fortune hostess. Is Susan Stafford related to the Stafford family from Texas which is the site of the Hutton Gibson's Texas church?)

The CC Caller Times was until recently owned by Houston Harriman Harte. in BROWN BROTHERS HARRIMAN, the company of the Bush family. He's the close kin of Edward Stettinius (wrongly spelled Stittinius above...but for a specific purpose since none of my "friends" at Stitt's seminary wouldn't tell the truth about the Stitt/Oxford/Stettinius/Harte)connections. Oh, and here's a kicker....Stettinius' Dad was close buddies with Joseph P Kennedy...which means....well....what might that mean?
Who do you think runs this country? INTO THE GROUND!
I was a chaplain in the Christus Spohn Memorial Hospital where Mr. Whittington was taken after his "accident."
Give these morons warrantless searches and we'll reap a firestorm and NOT from Al Qaeda which is the real story in Richard Baer's book SLEEPING WITH THE DEVIL as well as Bath's connections to Khalid Bin Mahfouz and the Bin Laden family in Houston, ie. the Houston Gulf Manor Airport. Don't think that if you saw George Clooney's SYRIANA that you saw the impact of Baer's knowledge on the issue. Here it is....our leaders were employing Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood from Saudi Arabia to do their dirty work across the Muslim world. That's what Thomas Tweeton's son-in-law, Matthew Gannon was returning to the US to press. "WHY DO FIELD AGENTS HAVE NOTHING IN THEIR FILES ON THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD?"
Well IT BACKFIRED! The crows flew up their kazoo and dropped a big one and now you and I get to live with more of their leadership with warrantless searches? PLEASE! Let's all put our head in a meatgrinder and crank the handle ourselves!
Posted by: William H Carr
February 17, 2006 10:50 AM
Open Letter To Ronnie Earle and Florence Shapiro:
It's Sunday night and I just watched the 60 Minutes program on global warming and the testimony of the Reagan era scientist who's been working on it for years....the cause, he says, is US!He said that storms like Katrina will become common place, even as we continue to struggle to dig out of the mess of previous storms and irresponsible giving Carlos Marcello a levy around Churchill Farm when the City's levee desparately needed upgrading.
Afterward I watched Tim Russert, Molly Matlan, Maureen Dowd and others discussing Vice-President Cheney's handling of the shooting of Harry Whittington.
At first I believed that it was the underworld that killed Patrick and Revell. But they wouldn't be that bold without approval from someone even more powerful. And there was a horrific convergence of factors that brought these boys into the crosshairs.
At the Thursday night Republican National Convention during the 2004 election, a night that focused on VP Cheney, Jack Kemp was front and center...and remember Kemp was Catherine Austin Fitts' boss. Zell Miller ranted about wanting to live again in an age where duels were the norm so that he could shoot Chris Matthews (let Zell go hunting with Dick!) followed by Rene Gracida, retired Bishop of Corpus Christi and head of the Kenedy Foundation...a Texas money pot rife with intrigue and named after the same family as Kenedy County where the shooting took place.
Secretive Mr. Cheney, angry at how his empire and Mr. Bush's was being penetrated, invited Mr. Whittington to go hunting in order to send a message to him and everyone else in the organization. When Mr. Whittington didn't die with the first shot, it was a little difficult to pump another shot or two into him in front of so many witnesses...some unwitting to be sure.
AfterTim Russert I watched the story of our soldiers who have lost limbs in Iraq and Afganistan. I decided THIS IS ENOUGH. ENOUGH!

The week before the shooting of Mr. Whittington I sent a letter to a Washington journalist (the journalist was Margie Burns who article "Bush-Linked Company Handled Security for the WTC, Dulles and United" was ublished on Tuesday, February 4, 2003.... ....orignally in Prince George's Journal. This article disclosed that George W. Bush's brother was on the board of directors of a company providing electronic security for the World Trade Center, Dulles International Airport and United Airlines, according to public records. The security company was backed by an investment firm, the Kuwait-American Corp., also linked for years to the Bush family. Her article went on to say that "The security company, formerly named Securacom and now named Stratesec, is in Sterling, Va.. Its CEO, Barry McDaniel, said the company had a ``completion contract" to handle some of the security at the World Trade Center ``up to the day the buildings fell down." It also had a three-year contract to maintain electronic security systems at Dulles Airport, according to a Dulles contracting official. Securacom/Stratesec also handled some security for United Airlines in the 1990s, according to McDaniel, but it had been completed before his arriving on the board in 1998. "

(parenthetical addendum 8.13.06....Margie Burns' article shows that Marvin P Bush, the president's brother who headed these companies, was prevoiusly with Houston Casualty Co. with an address of 1200 Smith St., Houston, TX. Houston Casualty Co. owned the Northwest Atrium building at 2040 NW Loop 410, Houston, home to McNair Transportation owned by the brother of Coca-Cola's, Charles W Duncan, John H Duncan and Edward J Mosher of Mosher Steel Inc. Also at the 1200 Smith St. are attorneys William O Grimsinger and Byron L Willeford with the law firm of Chamberlain, Hrdlicka, White, Williams & Martin.)

My letter to Margie Burns was sent through computers located in England but which handle the sensitive medical information of Americans and which is supposed to be protected by HIPPA laws. Remember that the brother of White House spokesperson, Scott McClellan, is head of Medicare/Medicaid and that Bush buddy, Richard Rainwater, was the money behind Columbia Healthcare...the company with the biggest Medicare/Medicaid fraud case in US history. This letter, I believe, triggered the shooting at the Armstrong Ranch. These computers connect to parties at SCI, the company Mr. Whittington represented in a messy Texas scandal involving President Bush. R. Gow, the man who first gave Mr. Bush a job in Houston is even part of the twist in his relationship to a company called TRIBUTE DIRECT which services the same SCI clients. SCI is as tied to the Democrats and Republicans as Molly is tied to James Carvill or as Clinton and Bush Sr. are tied to Mena, Arkansas. As previously mentioned SCI employs Iran-Contra assets as well as the former campaign manager for Al Gore a partner with John Mecom for whom Patrick's uncle ferried boats across the Gulf. These computers are linked to parties close to the British Royal Family and, of course, Mrs. Armstrong as Ambassador to Great Britain, is close to the British Royal Family from which our leaders learned the ins an out narco-dollar laundering and funding of covert activities from the Brits' Opium War experience. Indeed the owner of the computer company is on the board of the Royal London Opera House.
The week before his death, my son, wanting to earn more than he was making at his mortgage company, applied for a part-time job at Pappadeaux's on the Jimmy Walker's/Landry's Seafood Pier at Kemah near where he died.

(parenthetical addendum 8/7/06...The manager at Pappadeaux's on Kipp street at the Kemah Landing sent a sympathy card and indicated in a follow-up conversation that Patrick had been hired to start a week later after a much anticipated duck hunting trip to Stuttgart, Arkansas with his uncle. His clothes were all packed for this trip and laying on his bed. A triathelete, Patrick had also worked out at his health spa the day before his supposed suicide. He was to hunt at Wingmeade Farms, owned by Jimmy Lyons, benefactor to Presbyterian related Lyon College. Lyon, Arkansas' biggest Coca-Cola distributor was also Wal-Mart's biggest RCA distributor. For years RCA was headed by Robert this document for CIZIK)

Patrick also went to Landry's Jimmy Walker's Seafood Restaurant at 210 Kipp. Landry's is owned by the Feritta's. GWB's partner in the TEXANS baseball franchise, Richard Rainwater, Richard Scott's partner in Columbia Healthcare, was one of the biggest investors in Fertitta's Stations Casinos.) What's important about this is that at 310 Kipp is the office of this man.....
Mcginty Jerry 310 Kipp Ave Kemah TX 77565-2846 281-334-6552 9607 9703 R N 29.546220 -95.017800 3 USA 48167 - Galveston County 2920 - Galveston-Texas City, TX PMSA Jerry McGinty Rt 3 Box 379 Huntsville, TXother addresses....12 Greenway Plaza #2006009 Richmond #20011711 Memorial #113300 Todville Rd603 Bradford715 Oak Rd
What's important about this? If this is the Jerry McGinty I believe it is...he is the head of Finance for the Texas Department of Corrections, on whose board is, yep, Harry M Whittington.
I already know how the Houston Police Department is controlled and how the corruption at the Harris County Medical Examiner's office evolved.

(parenthetical addendum 8/8/06...the same way they are controlled in LA. Here's how it works...beyond the Serpico stuff....or DA Holmes hand picking his succesor...attached to nearly every police force in the US is a group that raises money for the families of fallen officers. In Houston it's called the 100 CLUB. The biggest benefactors have the darkest alliances.)

Patrick was for a year an intern with the Texas Parks and Wildlife in Rockport, TX., but with numerous connection in Corpus Christi among TPWL rangers. It was TPWL who was called to the Armstrong Ranch to help investigate the accident. Remember that TPWL is a unique fraternity overseeing the numerous public lands and parks that are portals to the Texas Coast. Remember, too, that Johnny B Holmes is the relative of Ned S Holmes a longstanding board member of TPWL and that both are related to Iran-Contra asset John H "Jack" Modesett who teachs Sunday school at First Presbyterian Church, Houston. Ned S Holmes is on the board of Prosperity Bank whose CEO is Robert A Garske, the relative of First Presbyterian Church, Corpus Christi, business manager, Carl Garske, the same church as that of Arnott Ward who married Randall DeLay, brother of Tom. Can you begin to see the picture? This was the church where Peggy Noonan attended the funeral of the neighbor of Gary Levitz.
The letter featured this web site along with concerns for the scandal involving a historic Washington bank that has had the accounts of 95% of the foreign embassys.
Here it is, preceeded by some notes that hopefully helped to set the context......and by the way, Catherine Austin Fitts had contacted me through a journalist named Linda Minor, asking if it was Joe Allbritton who had tipped me off. I told her I hadn't heard from Joe Allbritton, nor did I then know about his connection to Iran-Contra players in Houston at the time. Brewton had only one reference to Mr. Allbritton in his book. I since confirmed his importance with Peter.
Again, here is what was sent thorough the computer in England....
Joe Lewis Allbritton married Barbara Jean Balfanz on 2/17/1967 in Harris County. L#0336946. She lived at 5507 Lynbrook. He lived at Mecom’s Warwick Hotel #927. Minister was W R White.
Patrick Carr's uncle, Kevin Severance, worked for John Mecom ferrying his boats across the Gulf of Mexico. Multiple discussions with Pete Brewton re. Mecom's connection to Iran-Contra and Mischer. Brother-in-law scared to confirm publically connection of Mecom to Allbritton, Riggs National and Bush family.
Pete Brewton, Austin College grad. His father was Austin Seminary grad like me. Managing partner or Bracewell & Patterson, now Giuliani & Patterson, Patrick C Oxford, law firm of Comptroller of the Currency, Robert Logan Clarke, whom qui tam law suit involving Catherine Austin Fitts said had to know of narco-dollar laundering through HUD mortgages, bought Houston home of David Stitt, former president of Austin Seminary.

(Parenthetical addendum 6/17/ 1996 Patrick's father was asked by Dr. Jack Stotts, president of Austin Seminary, if he'd ask the governing board of First Presbyterian Church, Corpus Christi to underwrite the Doctor of Ministry degree for Rev. Carlos Emilio Ham, the moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Cuba. Patrick's father presented the request which was made to one of the most conservative boards in one of the most conservative communities in the free world. In spite of its ties to the Democratic Party, Nueces County and Corpus Christi remained indisoluably linked to the American military industrialist complex which has sought to oust Cuba's Fiedel Castro in numerous ways dating back to the Bay of invasion planned by Republican President Eisenhower and continued by Democratic President Kennedy. Vietnam and Iran-Contra, seen by many to be an extension of this intervention rooted in either aggressive American foreign policy or New World Order imperialism, was, because of its connection to narco-terrorism also the darkest side of capitalism masquestading under the cloak of patriotism. Few Americans seemed to care as evidenced by the continuation of Bush agenda with the election of GWB. A Gore victory in 2000 would have provided little change considering Coelho's alignment with Mexican money sources. On 06/15/06 Patrick's father called Dr. Jack Stotts in Austin to ask if he was aware at the time of the request the great danger that this request brought with it. "No, I guess not," he told Patrick's father. "Where is Dr. Ham now?" asked Patrick's father. "He's head of evangelism for the World Council of Churches in Geneva," said Stotts.)

Agusto Pinochet's banker, Joe Lewis Allbritton, lived on the street with Leigh Flowers Bonner, Andrew Dossett McCullough, Betty Bingham Munson, Joseph L Cutler (ties to John L Wortham & Sons), Walter Randall Corson, John W Bebout, Richard E Bean and David and Nicolle Domercq Zarr (Schlumberger & Heritage Homes Inc...Heritage being the company responsible for the liquidation of the Bin Laden's Houston Gulf Manor Airport) in Houston. Allbritton was born in D’Lo, Mississippi. “Joe was always looking three furlongs down the road,” says Jack Valenti, an old Houston friend who became head of the Motion Picture Association and a director of Riggs. “Joe was always seeing clearly in this veil thing we call the future.”
Valenti has multiple DBA's in Harris County/Houston with JT Trotter, a major player in S&L scandal and major figure in Brewton's MAFIA, CIA and GEORGE BUSH. Trotter, head of Lloyd Benson's blind trust. Benson was US Treasury Secretary.
“President Gerald Ford invited Joe L Allbritton to watch the July 4 fireworks from the Truman Balcony.”
“The recent regulatory scandal---a blow to Rigg’s golden reputation---has been painful to the family.”
“They’v just been devoting 24-7 trying to clear that up and nothing has been enough,” says Charles Hall, a Houston friend and lawyer of Joe Allbritton’s.
Charles W Hall 1301 McKinney St Fl 51, Fulbright & Jaworski, Houston, 3417 Ella Lee, River Oaks Sec 72409 Stanmore Charles W and Mary L Hall, $1.1m.
Charles Washington Hall married Mary Louise Watkins 7/29/57 by Thos W Sumners.
Thos W Sumners is the minister link to Susan Garwood via his marriages performed for Leigh Flowers Bonner, Andrew Dossett McCullough and Betty Bingham Munson. See Susan Garwood in Brewton's index. See other notes on Susan Garwood.
Charles W Hall has RE deals in Harris Cty with Philip G Hoffman and Mary Harding Hoffman.
First City, outed by Judge Stanley Spoorkin's release of the Hamiliton Security Case evidence, is also connected to horse racing and scandal in Kentucky and Texas...."First City struggled with economic woes after Calumet, one of the bank's biggest loan clients, folded. Shortly after the horse stables in bluegrass country declared bankruptcy, the Houston bank failed. The stables were later bought at auction.
First City Bancorp vice chairman Frank Cihak and four associates were later convicted on fraud and money laundering charges. Cihak was sentenced to more than 12 years in federal prison in 1994." of Directors include: C. Ivan Wilson who had been the CEO of Merchantile Bank, N.A., Corpus Christi. Richard E. Bean is on the board. Mr. Bean lives in Houston on Lynbrook. At 5656 Lynbrook is Robert Corson, Jr. son of ...."Houston good old boy and developer who owned Vision Banc Savings in Kingsville; Walter Mischer's former son-in-law; CIA mule; indicted along with Mike Atkinson for $200 million S&L land deal in Florida." -from Peter Brewton THE MAFIA, CIA AND GEORGE BUSH.

Dear Ms. Burns:
I am sending you some material, but just by visiting the blog address I sent you will help to give you an overview. The first letter from Walker Freeman was mine. I finally said, "the hell with it" and sent the letter to Florence Shapiro and to Ronnie Earle.
Why do you think that the Riggs scandal came out in 2004? Pinochet, for example, was a long time ago, what possible value would there be in the government bringing that out as late as 2004 if it wasn't to distance themselves from the Texas connections that are coming unraveled.
These people will stop at nothing to control information.

(parenthetical addendum added 5/20/06...Joe L Allbritton and Riggs National Bank had made significant money as bankers for Chile's tyrannical dictator Agusto Pinochet...this regime's infamy was the focus of the Jack Lemon and Sissy Spacek movie MISSING...connections showed American complaince with Pinochet's brutality, just as with our backing of Saddam Hussein and the Shah of Iran. The journalist who had made the connection between Banamex and the Mexican drug cartels, Al Giordano, had previously shown the documented evidence of how US Ambassador to Mexico, Jeffrey Davidow, had aided Pinochet's murderous regime. Pinochet had a penchant for fascist causes. For his connection to Nazis relocating to Chile and to their connections to torture during the Penochet years see .)

(Parenthetical ADDENDUM MAY 3, 2oo6Below is a summary of Craig B Hulet's assessment of the US empire building strategy that keeps Mr. Azima as a key member of the USACC and why, I now suspect, that Mr. Azima ...remained unnamed in the Lawrence Walsh report and why my letter concerning Riggs National Bank sent days before the Whittington shooting was so significant. Karl Mattison of Riggs is/was the USACC treasurer.

"Azerbaijan is key to understanding the region and the power. During the past decade the only western source of power and force projection into the region was with the USACC: The United States Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce. It was this body that has, and remains, the source of negotiations, planning and structure in the region. Prior to many of its board members entering the present White House along with Mr. Bush, they were the force behind the U.S. Congressional effort called the Silk Road Strategy of 1996-1998; the Caspian initiative; Black Sea pipeline routes and the division of the Caspian Sea, etc. The USACC Advisory Board consisted of “only” these seven men: Dr. Henry Kissinger, James A Baker III, Lloyd Bentsen, Zibigniew Brzezinski, Dick Cheney, Brent Scowcroft, John Sununu. It is noted here that the current Vice President’s daughter, Elizabeth Cheney-Perry, has been named Assistant Secretary of State for Near East Affairs for regional economic issues; she left Armitage Associates for the job. The USACC Vice-Chairman of the Board is James A Baker IV (Baker Botts, L.L.P.); Chairman Emeritus is T. Don Stacy (VP, Amoco); with Richard Armitage as Board President, until he resigned to become Colin Powell’s Deputy, which rounds out the US elite running the USACC in the past and whose policies remain in place. The remaining Board of Directors are a who’s who of the oil and gas multinational corporate interests of the west and specifically the United States. On the Board of Trustees of USACC the latter interests hold sway again with three primary exceptions: Senator Sam Brownback (R-KS) and Joseph R. Pitts (R-PA) (whose efforts formed the 1996 legislative backbone of the House/Senate Silk Road Strategy for Afghanistan, [Unocal, Texaco] et al) and Richard Perle (US Defense Policy Board). The Legal Counsel for USACC is Ted Jones of the Texas Law firm Baker Botts L.L.P. (James A Baker III & IV’s law firm.); Treasurer is Karl Mattison (VP, Riggs Bank, NA). It was the James A. Baker III Institute of Rice University which outlined the Cheney Strategic Energy Initiative which later became the Administration’s Strategic Energy National Security Policy. (Clearly Dick Cheney wouldn’t be interested in giving Congress the names of those whom he consulted on the Energy Initiative as they would amount to the remainder of the Board of Directors and Board of Trustees of USACC.) .........The argument made here remains theoretical and analytical. If anyone can outline a better explanation as to what Bush’s interests, not necessarily the American citizens' interests, are in the region, this analyst would bend in humble humility before it. Facts are facts regardless of how they may be interpreted. There is no denying the Bush Administration and the above named beneficiaries are out to achieve political objectives the American people, indeed the world’s people, are unaware of. Then “in whose interests” does Bush work? It is this analyst’s theory that Mr. Bush will attempt to achieve the objectives of a unique kind of American-led corporate Empire: HHMMS is what it has been called: the Hollywood Harvard McDonalds Microsoft Syndrome. Americans may think an American-led empire will benefit them as Romans benefited from Rome; they are wrong."

What's important about Mr. Cheney's showdown with Whittington is that he's now doing his own killing. That's good news!
Posted by: William Carr
February 19, 2006 11:23 PM)

In Corpus Christi where Mr. Whittington was taken to the hospital is, as I wrote above, K-TEAM USA properties that were used as payola for Iran-contra players and other friends of the "family". The channel cut through to the Gulf of Mexico pumped land values so anyone with the inside scoop on the ACE decision would simply have to hold the land and wait. It took a decision on the part of the Army Corp of Engineers...the elite group from each graduating class at West Point with trememdous power in determining fortunes, as with the Louisiana levees and the nation building exploits in distant lands.
Of decisions concerning the New Orleans has to wonder there too...."Churchhill Farms was one of Marcello's great pride and joys. It's where he went to do a lot of his scheming. He had grandiose plans for it too. First, he had gotten the state of Louisiana to put dikes around the swampland, and then he had had the state install huge drain pumps to drain it. The next thing he wasnted was a superhighway going though it." (THE MAFIA, CIA and GEORGE BUSH, 1992, p. 314)
Both the Louisiana levee and highway would have required the approval of the Army Corp of Engineers like the Packery Channel between Padre Island and Mustang Island were the President of West Point has a home.
Who is the biggest promoter of this development? E Paul Schexnailder, 7801 Escala, Austin, TX.
Proximity, Proximity, Proximity.
Who's his neighbor at 7723 Escala? Joe M Allbaugh, Governor Bush's chief of staff, a third of the "Iron Triangle" with Carl Rove and Karen Hughes and the damage controller along with Harry Whittington in the Bush/SCI scandal.
When they get confused they can go down the street and talk with James R Moffett at 7849 Escala whose office is (or was before Katrina) at 1615 Poydras, New Orleans, LA.
Allbaugh preceeded Mr. Brown as head of FEMA. And 1615 Poydras? That's the address of FREEPORT-MCMORAN SULPHUR INC. (read above).
In the spring of 2000 I sat in a living room in Texas listening to reports of hurricane coming ashore. There were two employees of a Florida contractor that supplies communication equipment to FEMA and the CIA. "I'm glad FEMA's getting geared up," I said. "You don't really think that FEMA is about disaster response do you?" one said. "What do you mean?" I asked. He smiled. I looked at the other and asked him what he meant. He smiled at his friend, "Ah, nothin'," he said.
Americans have a right to know this stuff don't you think since it's your tax dollars going to pay for it?
Posted by: William Carr
February 22, 2006 01:22 PM
Joe M Allbaugh was not only Bush's chief of staff for the Governor's office and damage controller for FUNERALGATE, he, was also Bush's 2000 election campaign manager which put him toe-to-tow with SCI's Tony Coelho, Gore's campaign manager working with John Mecom at Houston's SCI, who he was covering for in FUNERALGATE. So when my son was on the Halliburton-Dresser boat in Clear Lake......
Where are you Revell? This was your grandson, for Christ's sake. Whittington what do you have to lose, now, another face of buckshot? I'll lend you my BRAVEHEART tape. FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by: William Carr
February 23, 2006 02:37 PM
Open Letter to Ronnie Earl, Florence Shapiro, and Molly Ivins:
If you look closely, and you don't have to mine the information, simply check out the obituaries in the newspapers. You will find a connection between Jennifer Cave and the name Willeford in South Texas.
You will also find that not only in 2000 was Dr. George Willeford, husband of Ambassador Willeford, assigned in 2000 (a rather important year politically) to oversee the Texas Prison System's Healthcare program, but that this program was missing about $20,000,000. You can see my concern about Mr. Whittington's connection to the Texas Prison System and to SCI, a company that interfaces rather closely with the healthcare industry as well as to the nursing home industry.
You will find that the company tied to Austin Gastronentrologists PA is Bailey Square Inc, One Park Plaza, Nashville, TN and that its officers are related to Colombia Health Care system mentioned above, now HCA after the collapse of Colombia and directly linked to Tennessee Senator Thomas Frist.
I would suggest that since the last bidder on the UAE ports deal was Singapore and that their last bid was on February 10, 2006, and that it has not been thirty days since that date, the media is being duped or feeding us a crock when telling us that the deal was speeded up to only thirty days review instead of the requisite 45 days. Why would they do that?
Can you think of a better way of deflecting attention away from Texas and the story brewing here even if the port story makes the administration look like baffoons?
Now a word of caution. This corruption is NOT a Republican problem or Democrat problem. IT IS OUR PROBLEM! Why should we trust either camp just now?
Posted by: William Carr
March 2, 2006 06:38 PM
Open Letter To Ronnie Earle, Florence Shapiro and Molly Ivins:
Ambassador Willeford's husband, Dr. George Willeford, was appointed by then Governor George Bush to the Texas Department of Corrections Health Care Committee that split inmate care of 150,000 prisoners between UTMB, Galveston and Texas Tech. Willeford's appointment coincided with the appointement of Dr. Ben Raimer as UTMB's representative as chair of the committee.
May 2000 UTMB In The Headlines
Archived Headlines March 2000
Local/national newsGalveston Daily NewsHouston Chronicle CNN UTMB’S Raimer Appointed to Chair TDCJ Health Care Committee
GALVESTON—Dr. Ben G. Raimer, vice president of community outreach at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, was named chair of the Texas Correctional Managed Health Care Committee by Gov. George W. Bush last month.
The committee was created to develop a statewide managed health care network that provides correctional system clients with timely access to quality health care while also controlling costs. Raimer and the committee will work to improve the health status of the Texas prison population by applying basic public health prevention and education.
Dr. Raimer was Patrick Carr's doctor. Being our neighbor, Patrick used to swing on the swing set in Ben's front yard on Church St.
Posted by: William Carr
March 2, 2006 09:26 PM


In December, 1996 after a period of conflict in my congregation related to the release of a church employee (search for the name "Garske" above and "U-2" in this document) I received a phone call from the Rev. Dr. Frank Harrington of Peachtree Presbyterian Church, Atlanta, GA. "I hear you could do with a move, how would you like to come to Peachtree?" he asked. He went on to ask "what's going on in Corpus Christi?" I told him "I guess I made the wrong wealthy people angry." One must remember that I had known Dr. Harrington since the mid-80's at Grace Presbyterian Church, Houston and that I knew that he had on his church board the CEO of Coca-Cola who had succeeded Houston's Charles W Duncan. After Harrington's death Peachtree would tap First Presbyterian Church, Houston home of John H. "Jack" Modessett, for Harrington's replacement. It was there that the funeral of Texas Senator and Secretary of the US Treasury was attended by GHWB, Secretary Madeline Albright, Secretary Roger Altman, Dan Arnold, Morris Atlas, Secretary James Baker, Governor Ben Barnes, Paul Barnhart, Glenn Biggs, Jack Blanton, George Bristol, Congressman Jack Brooks, , Charles Butt, President Bill Clinton, Dr. Denton Cooley, Pete Coneway, Ed Cox, Governor Mike Dukakis, Secretary of Energy and Coca-Cola CEO Charles W Duncan, his brother John H Duncan, Henijio Garza Laquire, Secretary Pete Geren, Chairman Alan Greenspan, Jenard Gross, Lloyd Hand, Jess Hay, Judge John Hill, Gerald Hines, Governor Bill Hobby, Howard Horne, Harry Hubbard, Joe Jamail, Lady Bird Johnson, Travis Johnson, John Joiner, Vernon Jordan, Herb Kelleher, Mayor Ron Kirk, Secretary Henry Kissinger, Ed Knight, Dr. John Lancaster, Mayor Bob Lanier, Michael Levy, Jose Llado, Barry Margolis, Jack Martin, Charles Miller, John Mobley, Secretary Robert Mosbacher, Joe O'Neill, Ed Randall, Governor Ann Richards, Secretary Robert Rubin, Ambassador Robert Strauss, Secretary Larry Summers, Russell Train, Jack Tillman Trotter who with John H Duncan had handled Bentsen's blind trust while he was in public office, Jack J Valenti head of the Motion Picture Industry, Governor Mark White, Mayor Bill White, Dr. James Willerson, Congressman Charlie Wilson, Speaker Jim Wright, Oscar S. Wyatt, Jr of Corpus Christi's Coastal Refineries. I had known the Rev. Dr. Jack Lancaster for years and the Presbytery's offices were located on the campus behnind the FPC Sanctuary across the street and down a block from Mecom's Warwick Hotel.

Days after Harrington's call on Christmas Eve of that year, 1996, Jon Benet Ramsey was murdered in Boulder, Colorado and the following week her family was in Atlanta at Peachtree Presbyterian where Dr. Harrington was conducting the funeral. I saw it on all the news channels but until then did not know who the Ramseys were nor of a connection to Harrington and Peachtree. It wouldn't be until after Patrick's death and my call to the FBI's Oliver "Buck" Revell and his connection to Lockheed Martin's Bronislaw Mogenis, that I began to question who is John Ramsey. His company, Access Graphics Inc., was bought by Lockheed Martin. Ramsey stayed on with Lockheed Martin and was working for them when his daughter was killed. When in 2006 John Mark Karr came forward confessing to the killing another pattern appeared to emerge. John Mark Karr was from Atlanta and Alabama and the Karr name could be significant (Kerr, Carr, Karr are all from the Scottish lineage). His mother, Patricia Elaine Adcock Karr, shared another common last name with my mother....Adcock. A reporter from ABC broke the connection of Karr's mother to her death in Sewickley County, PA, but there had been no obituary released to the papers and the only reference to it was to the October 9, 2000 Pittsburg Post Gazette. A search of this paper's online obituaries revealed no obituary for Patricia Elaine Adcock Karr. A phone call to the paper provided only a clerk's verbal reference to it and no explanation other than a reference to Sunday, March 16, 2000 and Joseph W Nickles Funeral Home in Herminie, 404 Sewickley Ave. 446-7251. The ABC reporter breaking this lead was Chris Francescani, who also appears to have an address in Talahassee, Florida, home to the president's brother, Jeb Bush and the Florida State Capital.

A George McCrary was, according to media reports, the major source of information on the Karr family in Atlanta, a 40-year-long friend of Wexford Karr, John Mark's father. From available phone records McCrary appeared to be from Stone Mountain, Georgia, long-time home of the KKK and minutes from my mother's hometown of Monroe, Georgia. Stone Mountain is or was the headquarters of the Georgia National Guard which frequently shares military talent with other states especially Texas. McCrary reported that Karr's mother had been admitted to a state mental institution in Milledgeville, Georgia, the post-civil war capital of the South and home to the Georgia Military Academy not far away. LBJ's Georgia member of his "Suite F8 Group", Richard "Dick" Brevard Russell went to school at GMA where Zell Miller has a meeting hall named after him. Milledgville's history surely influenced Zell Miller's "spitwad" and "I'd like to challenge you to a duel" comments at the 2004 Republican National Convention when he addressed TV host of HARDBALL, Chris Matthews. It is home to the "father of the two ocean navy", Carl Vinson, grand uncle of Georgia Senator Sam Nunn, who asserted, "The most expensive thing in the world is a cheap Army and Navy." One must remember, also, Richard Brevard Russel's connection to the Russell Trust, parent organization of Skull & Bones and that among the members of LBJ's "Suite F8 Group" were John Connolly, Herman Brown of Brown and Root and Gus Sessions Wortham from Mexia, TX and founder of Pure Oil Co. In Washington, after he became president, LBJ would keep Dick Russell as his close counsel with Sam Taliafero Rayburn, whose family ties go back to Taliafero County, Georgia, in what LBJ and others called Rayburn's "Board of Education". The ''Suite 8F Group" had used attorney Tommy "the Cork" Corcoran as their frequent counsel. It was Corcoran who had, along with Lauchlin Currie, run Claire Chennault's Flying Tigers operation out of the White House. Richard Russell was a key member of the Warren Commission.

Frank Harrington's former Christian Education Director and a fellow colleague of mine at Houston's Grace Presbyterian Church had become the pastor of the Texas church where the son of Rev. PB Hill (search "Tex" Hill and Sam Hill in this article) was pastor.

Questions: As tragic as the death of Jon Benet Ramsey is, what specifically made this tragedy the target of the media and tabloids? Was the press coverage unexplainably extensive? Why? What could possibly possesses John Mark Karr to confess of a murder he didn't commit and then have a major city's law enforcement program buy it without due dilligence? What is the significance of the name George McCrary? How significant is that name historically? Besides being the home of the US Air Force Academy, what is Boulder Colorado's place in the powerful US Military Industrial Complex today? John Mark Karr was enrolled in an online university in Albany, NY, Excelsior College, which was formerly Regents College, John E. Ebersole, president. Ebersole's connections to Boulder via the optics programs of the US military are extensive and he shares a common last name with the former wife of Karl Rove, Valerie Wainright Rove Ebersole, as well as that of the radiologist at Walter Reed Hospital who conducted the x-rays on the body of JFK, also a John Ebersole. Ebersole holds an optics patent (patent #4,025,195, "image subtraction, addition system" issued in 1976) co-created with another important engineer, James C Wyant, who worked in the 60’s and 70’s for ITEK Inc., the company that did the government's study in 1977 of all the films related to the murder of JFK and filmed by witnesses that day in Dealy Plaza. One of Wyant's inventions recorded the millisecond timing of movie frames. A professor at the primier optics/astronomy college, the University of Arizona, Wyant also worked with Dr. Julius Feinleib, another ITEK engineer and an expert in laser technology the backbone of the military's Star Wars intitiative. Indeed, Wyant was working on particle beams while at ITEK in the 70's as evidenced by his 1975 article "Rotating Difraction Grating Laser Beam Scanner" published in Vol. 14, p. 1057 of APPLIED OPTICS, May, 1975. The article concludes with..."Major portions of this work were performed while the author was at the Itek Corporation, Lexington, Mass. 02173. The work was partially supported by the USAF Space and Missile Systems Organization under Contract FO4695-67-C-0197."

Some have speculated that as with Iran-Contra's unconventional methods of fund raising for covert activities a similar dark alliance was being taken in regards to the funding of Star Wars and could explain the creepy dimensions of the Ramsey murder/Karr connection.

(for an overview of the nation's laser weapon program see HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH's web site . HRW is ironically partially funded by the Rockefeller Foundation. One of the ten programs listed by HRW is called DAZER and was the province of Allied-Signal, a company created by the merger of Allied Chemical and Signal Oil. It's EXACTLY here, that the symbiotic relationship between US oil and weapons that between oil and the movie industry comes clearly into focus. Chester M. Brown (Brown Brothers Harriman) was CEO of Allied Chemical and a graduate of South East Missouri State University, Cape Gireadeau, Missouri. In 1968 he shared the honor of Outstanding Alumni with the Superintendent of Schools in Sikeston, Missouri and Rev. Carr's neighbor, Dr. Lynn Twitty. A previous recipient of this award was the father of Rush Limbaugh, Rush Limbaugh, Sr.. In 1967 Chester M. Brown visited Sikeston with J Howard Marshall, head of Allied Chemical's Union Texas Petroleum subsidiary. Much younger then, Marshall was the rich businessman who married Anna Nicole Smith the buxom playgirl from Gus Sessions Wortham's hometown of Mexia, TX. Union Texas Petroleum is a company whose African explorations are mentioned in Anthony Sutton's book America's Secret Establishment with ties to the Russell Trust/Harriman/Yale syndicate. Patrick Carr's grandfather was UTP's Director of Advertising. UTP's chief legal counsel was Judge Elliot Flower father-in-law of SCI board member and famed race car driver, AJ Foyt.)

Author Mimi Schwartz in an article titled How To Marry A Millonaire in Texas Monthly Magazine, October, 1994, p. 156 chronicled Marshall's connection to Yale, Rockefeller and William S Farish's Standard Oil. Indeed, it was Marshall who was in a position to be the point man for holding the US hostage during WWII over the military oil requirements to win the war which Standard Oil controlled. Having worked for Harold Ickes in the Department of Interior, Marshall was as close as he could get to the Brown Brothers Harriman/Russell Trust syndicate. Schwartz wrote that Marshall landed...“In the Oklahoma fields, in 1931 while researching an article for the Yale Law Journal. It was the beginning of the great East Texas boom. Two years later, while assistant dean of the law school, the 28-year-old Marshall was asked by Secretary for the Interior Harold Ickes to investigate the “hot oil” wars between Texas Railroad Commission regulators and the oil producers who exceeded the legal maximums. In his work Marshall stormed refineries, dodged bullets, and made the kinds of contacts, including the vastly rich geologist Everette DeGolyer, that facilitate later fortunes. He also found his life’s work, which was, essentially, devising ways to regulate what he called the “high-risk, speculative, rough and tumble” oil business without stifling it. Like many classic oilmen, he would become an expert at turning rules to his his advantage. And his country’s. During World War II, after a stint with Standard Oil in California, Marshall served as chief counsel to the Petroleum Administration for War, which ran the domestic oil industry. In 1944 he moved on to executive positions, helping Ashland Oil emerge from independent status to become a major company and, alter, greatly expanding the properties and profits of Signal Oil and Gas. At Signal in California, in the fifties, he learned to take an ownership stake rather than a salary increase for his expertise in dealmaking, significantly adding to his wealth. He was lured to Houston in 1961 to work on the various mergers that would create Allied Chemical. Local oilman Jay Grubb recalls that working with Marshall then was “a pretty fast run, very stimulating, tremendous fun.”

Marshall’s friends included Fred Koch of Koch Industries and Oscar Wyatt of Coastal Refineries. His friend DeGolyger had lived not only in Tampico, Mexico, as had Coca-Cola/Grupo's Burton A Grossman, but he had also moved to Dallas where he operated in the highest levels of Dallas society as a ranking member of the Texas oil cartel, having negotiated the earliest contracts with PEMEX, the Mexican oil cartel.

Within these circles in Dallas were powerful personalities at Highland Park Presybyterian Church where the brother of Rev. Billy Graham's wife was pastor, Dr. Clayton Bell. Rev. Carr remembers listening to Dr. Bell speak of his pain at his daughter's discovery of Greek secret societies in college and the rejection experienced by so many of her friends during "hell week". "The problem is that if you are selected you always feel superior and if you are rejected you feel worthless," he said in response to her experiences. Meanwhile, church members Bunker Hunt and his brother were secretly trying to corner the world-wide silver market while church member Ross Perot was secretly negotiating the release of Willam F. Buckley, the CIA's Beirut Bureau Chief with a $2 milllion ransom handled by Oliver North. The attempt was stalled by CIA director William Webster and the FBI's Oliver "Buck" Revell.

Ross Perot's 1992 presidential bid as an independent candidate greatly threatened the GHWB campaign. Perot had strongly opposed the first Gulf War two years earlier. Did Perot, who had successfully rescued his employees from their hostage-status in Iran know more about the Middle East realities than the Bushes? We have only to look at Iraq today to know. When Perot oddly complained that his daughter was receiving threats causing his withdrawl from the presidential race, the nation looked on in disbelief. "What's wrong with this guy?" people wondered. Answer: He was scared! When he sought help from the FBI who was in charge of the Dallas office? Buck Revell. After an attempted sting operation on the culprits, Revell reported that there was nothing there....conveniently giving the Republican's the ammunition they needed to get Perot to drop out of the race while bolstering the Bush/Quayle ticket. For an account of Gerald Posner's investigation into the assualt on Perot see This article chronicles the strange episode and lack of response from the Dallas FBI headed by Revell.

Jay Grubb, J Howard Marshall's head of safety for Union Texas Petroleum Inc. was well known to Patrick Carr's grandfather. His office was on the same floor with Grubbs in the 3000 Richmond Bldg., Houston. On Sunday, September 24, 2006 while having dinner with his mother Patrick's father told her about John Mark Karr's mother, Patricia Adcock Karr, and that she was from Georgia. Karr's mother had been at the state mental hospital at Milledgville. Then he told her about the connection of Georgia Senator Richard Russell to LBJ's inner circle and to Sam Rayburn. He pointed out that the Georgia Military Academy at Milledgville was home to Miller Hall named after Zell Miller and about Russell's connection to the Russell Trust and his membership in LBJ's "Suite AF group" with Herman Brown and the others. She said "your grandfather and uncle and aunt were also at that hospital and Richard Russell's brother was the principal of my high school. Dick Russell's family lived five miles away from mine." It was a sobering moment. Carr's uncle had returned from WWII with PTS disorder and stayed for a while at the Milledgville hospital. His grandfather had been there for a medical condition related to a stroke and not a mental one, or so the story goes. Shirley Adcock, Karr's grandmother, is from McDonough, Georgia, forty miles from Senator Richard Russel's homestead. Carr hasn't yet been able to confirm or deny a direct family connection to Shirley Adcock, but the probabilities seem high, given that she lives only forty miles from my grandfather's place.

That J Howard Marshall moved on from involvement in war-related oil issues in 1944 is significant since it was proven that Standard Oil was involved in supplying the Nazi's up until 1944. For an overview of this story see which states...

"Regrettably, the Congressional committees did not explore an even more ominous aspect of this Standard Oil — I.G. Farben collusion: that at this time directors of Standard Oil of New Jersey had not only strategic warfare affiliations to I.G. Farben, but had other links with Hitler's Germany — even to the extent of contributing, through German subsidiary companies, to Heinrich Himmler's personal fund and with membership in Himmler's Circle of Friends as late as 1944."

By the time it was apparent to Congress that this war within the war must be won, the chairs were already being shuffled and the key players were moving on to new and different fronts.

For more on this period in US history see Robert Franklin Maddox's book The War Within World War II: The United States and International Cartels.

For an answer to the importance of the name George McCrary one has to look at the connection of Skull & Bones to the premature end of Southern Reconstruction through the Presidential Election of 1876...and to the importance of the Electoral College in that election, not dissimilar to the 2000 election standoff in Florida. A concordat was forged in 1876-77 by the Electoral College's actions to solidify the power of the political and industrial elites of the North and South.

Rutherford B. Hayes who together with Alphonso Taft (father of William Howard Taft, whose brother, Charles P Taft, was the original owner of the Rincon Ranch in Taft, TX. between Refugio and Corpus Christi) started Skull & Bones out of their 1833 Yale class. They saw a tremendous opportunity to expand the power, graft and corruption of the Tammany Society. Running on an anti-corruption platform, Hayes' opponent, Samuel J. Tilden, won the popular vote by over 200,000 ballots, but....NOT UNLIKE the election of 2000.... lacked 20 electoral votes from Southern states needed to seal Tilden's victory. The two houses of congress created an Electoral Commission to investigate and decide on a winner. George McCrary was appointed by US Attorney General (1876-77) Alphonso Taft as head of the Electoral Commission that gave Hayes the remaining 20 votes but for a price. After the announcement of Hayes as President, McCrary was appointed Hayes' Secretary of War and he immediately withdrew troops from the South thus ending Reconstruction and setting aside the hope of reform for a hundred years. Most historians agree that Reconstruction lasted from 1865-1877 when this Electoral Commission action was taken. Alphonso Taft was grandfather of Robert Alphonso Taft, William Howard Taft's son, who co-sponsored the Taft-Hartley Act. Harry S Truman termed Taft-Hartley "the Slave Labor Act" which is mostly still in force and was a major irritant to John F. Kennedy who was a young senator at its passing. It's these factors which Gary Webb and others sensed was prologue to the Iran-Contra scandal and crack cocaine epidemic in LA, with built-in comtempt for America' poor....though Webb concluded before his death that it was ultimately simply about money, the love of which the Bible tells us " is the root..."....well, you know the rest.

While Secretary of the Navy during the Reagan Administration, Virginia Senator James H. Webb, a classmate of Oliver North, worked closely with William Howard Taft IV born on September 13, 1945 in Washington, D.C., the son of William Howard Taft III and the great-grandson of U.S. President William Howard Taft. From 1970 to 1973, Taft was the principal assistant to Iran-Contra conspirator Caspar W. Weinberger. Taft assisted Weinberger in the management of the budgetary process, policy review, and program oversight for the entire federal government.
In February
1981, President Ronald Reagan appointed Taft as general counsel of the U.S. Department of Defense. From Januray 1984 to April 1989 Taft was then appointed Deputy Secretary of Defense. He served as acting Secretary of Defense from January to March 1989 after George H. W. Bush became president. John Tower, Bush's primary nominee was not confirmed by the Senate after much debate. Richard B. Cheney, was inserted into the process when Tower's name was withdrawn. As acting Secretary of Defense, though never confirmed as the permanent Secretary, William Howard Taft IV became the third member of his family to hold the post, formerly known as Secretary of War....following his great-great-grandfather Alphonso Taft (under President Ulysses S. Grant) and his great-grandfather William Howard Taft (under President Theodore Roosevelt). During tht Clinton Administration, William Howard Taft IV entered private practice with the Washington, D.C., law firm of Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson, the same law firm of Michael Bromwich, the Harris County Medical Examiner's independent investigator and friend of Patrick Fitzgerald.

(parethentical addendum 10/26/06...Gary Webb's book agent, Phillipa Brophy, is now president of Sterling Lord Literistic Inc., in New York. Sterling Lord has an important history that Webb probably didn't fully comprehend at the time he contracted with his publisher through the Sterling Lord agency and Phillipa Brophy. Among the papers of Jean Edward Smith at Georgetown University, Box: 3 Fold: 23 Publishers 1969 is the following...DESCRIPTION: Correspondence dated 1969 between Jean Edward Smith and publishers about Smith's biography of Lucius Clay. Correspondents include Little, Brown and Company Publishers and Sterling Lord Agency. Includes reference of Little, Brown and Company's submission of Smith's "Germany Beyond the Wall" for a Pulitzer Prize. General Lucius Clay was in charge of the reconstruction of Germany following WWII and his closest associate was Harriman colleague Allen Dulles who helped to create the Nazi rat line known as ODESSA. Dulles was head of the CIA and he worked closely with Chennault's White House go-between, Tommy "the cork" Corcoran. Also among Smith's papers were personal correspondence with her friend the personal secretary of W. Averill Harriman. Gary Webb was not standing among friends when he handed over his manuscript of DARK ALLIANCE which outted the depths of the CIA's corruption, but without making the connection between what he had discover in LA with its roots in Texas. Nor was he among friends when working at the San Jose Mercury News. There is an old saying in Texas that still applies today..."The only ones to come to Texas are outlaws, preachers and sons-of-bitches. Which one are you?".)

You say, how can there be something worse than death? Well, just think for about two minutes. If somebody threatens your children or your wife or your parents, it's very easy to be worse than death. And these people spent a lot of time figuring out how to terrorize and intimidate people.
-Paul Wolfowitz
-Edmund Burke
In all, I have tried to follow the injunction of our forefathers, who in proclaiming their thesis in the Declaration of Independence, states: '....let facts be submitted to a candid world.'
-Peter Brewton
The beneficiaries of a free society have a duty to pursue the truth and to protect the freedom of expression that makes possible the search for a new enlightenment.
-Norman Dorsen
My illness helped me to see that what was missing in society is what was missing in me: a little heart, a lot of brotherhood. The '80s were about acquiring -- acquiring wealth, power, prestige. I know. I acquired more wealth, power, and prestige than most. But you can acquire all you want and still feel empty. What power wouldn't I trade for a little more time with my family? What price wouldn't I pay for an evening with friends? It took a deadly illness to put me eye to eye with that truth, but it is a truth that the country, caught up in its ruthless ambitions and moral decay, can learn on my dime. I don't know who will lead us through the '90s, but they must be made to speak to this spiritual vaccumn at the heart of American society, this tumor of the soul.
-Lee Atwater
In what countries is the care for the young, generosity to friends and heroism of patriots not approved? Go further: in all the sacred writings of all the great religions would not mercy, truth, justice, purity and honesty appear so regularly that you could draw the conclusion men the world over were responding with their reason to an objective Law of Nature?
-C.S. Lewis
Were we to know God's Natural Law
distilled from life's red nectar
And promise not to break it once
With resolve like Troy's great Hector
Achilles heel would split in two
and drop us to our knees
For you and I are flawed my friend
and riddled with disease
God will bring his truth to light
and set us captives free
While passing through the needle's eye
Will take it's toll on me.
Relieved of sin's great burden
I'll pray my journey ends
Where faith and hope and love abide
and my soul my God defends.
-W.H. Carr
Powers keep on lyin'
While your people keep on dyin'
World keep on turnin'
Cause it won't be too long.
-Stevie Wonder


Jaime Kenedeño said...

the Center for an Informed America

March 10, 2006

Cheney's Got a Gun: Part 3

According to the report filed by Gilberto San Miguel Jr., the sheriff's deputy who allegedly questioned Cheney the day after the incident, potential witnesses to the shooting included: Richard Cheney, the current Vice-President of the United States; Pamela Pitzer Willeford, the current US ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein; Harry Whittington, a wealthy Texas attorney and Republican Party operative; Katharine Armstrong, the hunting party's hostess and the daughter of the owner of the ranch; Sarita Armstrong Hixon, some random member of the Armstrong family; Michael Andrew "Bo" Hubert, the hunting guide; and Oscar and Gerardo "Jerry" Medellin, the outriders.

Curiously, there is no mention in the deputy's report of the Secret Service agents or the medical personnel who accompanied the hunting party, though they obviously were all potential witnesses as well. And even more curiously, no report on the incident has been released by the Secret Service, though you would think that they would weigh in on a shooting involving the Vice-President that occurred on their watch.

It's hard not to notice, by the way, that two alleged members of the hunting party just happen to have the same last name as the police constable who determined in record time that "this in fact is an accident." Small world, isn't it? It's also hard not to notice that the name of another member of the party contains the names of two of the handful of towns that make up Kenedy County, Texas: Armstrong and Sarita. One wonders if Kenedy County is little more than the Armstrong family's private fiefdom. Perhaps this is a good time to take a quick look at some Armstrong family history.

The 50,000-acre Armstrong Ranch was established by John Barclay Armstrong, great-grandfather of star witness Katharine Armstrong. As Wikipedia tells it, "Armstrong was born in Tennessee, and moved to Texas in 1871. After a short experience as a lawman, in 1875 he joined the Special Force under Captain Leander H. McNelly, a newly created quasi-military branch of the Texas Rangers that was to operate in southern Texas. His role as McNelly's second in command and right hand earned him the promotion to sergeant and the nickname 'McNelly's Bulldog.'"

The Handbook of Texas Online provides some additional context to the story: "American settlement in the region [that was to become Kenedy County] was slow but increased after the Mexican War. New settlers were generally welcomed by the Mexican rancheros, and a number of the newcomers married into prominent local families. Ethnic relations began to change during the second half of the nineteenth century, however, when steadily growing numbers of Anglo-Americans began to settle in South Texas. Increasingly, Mexican landholding families found their titles in jeopardy in the courts or were subjected to violence. The so-called 'skinning wars' of the early 1870s were indicative of mounting ethnic and racial tensions in the area. Because of rising prices for hides and the large number of mavericks, or free-ranging cattle, some ranchers went on skinning raids, killing the animals and taking their hides, a practice that often pitted Mexican and Anglo ranchers against each other. Tensions grew in 1875 after a group of Anglos attacked several ranches in the future Kenedy County in retaliation for raids made by Mexican ranchers. Vigilantes and outlaws from Corpus Christi raided the area, killing virtually all of the adult males on four ranches-La Atravesada, El Peñascal, Corral de Piedra, and El Mesquite-and burning the stores and buildings; many of the remaining Mexican rancheros were forced out."

Elsewhere in the Handbook, we find that "in 1874 the state Democrats returned to power, and so did the rangers. Texas was 'overrun with bad men,' with Indians ravaging the western frontier, with Mexican bandits pillaging and murdering along the Rio Grande. The legislature authorized two unique military groups to meet this emergency. The first was the Special Force of Rangers under Capt. Leander H. McNelly. In 1874 he and his men helped curb lawlessness engendered by the deadly Sutton-Taylor Feud in Dewitt County. In the spring of 1875 they moved into the Nueces Strip (between Corpus Christi and the Rio Grande) to combat Cortina's 'favorite bravos.' After eight months of fighting, the rangers had largely restored order, if not peace, in the area. In 1875 the Special Force enhanced its fearful reputation by stacking twelve dead rustlers 'like cordwood' in the Brownsville square as a lethal response to the death of one ranger." (

(Before moving on, a quick clarification is in order here: when The Handbook of Texas Online says that Indians were "ravaging the western frontier" and Mexicans were "pillaging and murdering along the Rio Grande," what they really mean, in a politically correct sort of way, is that indigenous peoples were doing their best to defend their land and their way of life from brutal and barbaric foreign invaders, much as the people of Iraq are trying to do today.)

Julian Borger, writing for the Guardian, informs us that "the Armstrong Ranch ... [was] founded in 1877 by John Barclay Armstrong." Borger adds that Tobin Armstrong, Katharine's recently deceased father, "helped get Cheney his job running the oil services company, Halliburton, and his backing ensured Karl Rove's fledgling political consultancy became a success." Other sources, it should be noted, claim that the Armstrong Ranch was established in 1881 or 1882. My guess is that the land was acquired in 1877 and the ranch was built on that land a few years later.

Let's briefly review what we have learned here thus far. In 1875, John Barclay Armstrong joined a Special Forces unit of the Texas Rangers (which was itself formed as something of a Special Forces unit, tasked with 'protecting' the Western frontier from 'marauding' Mexicans and Native Americans). Armstrong's unit proved to be a particularly brutal one, engaging in psy-war tactics such as building gruesome displays of dead bodies (can you say Phoenix Program?). In the spring of 1875, the unit was operating in the Nueces Strip, which just happens to be where Kenedy County is now located. That very same year, a group of unnamed Anglo terrorists laid waste to what would become Kenedy County, wantonly slaughtering the native residents and destroying their homes. Just two years later, John Barclay Armstrong took possession of a 50,000-acre chunk of that very same bloodstained plot of land.

Now, I'm not suggesting here that the Armstrong land was acquired through an act of mass murder ... well, actually, if we're to be perfectly honest, that is exactly what I am suggesting. There isn't likely to be any documentation in the official record to prove that the "vigilantes and outlaws from Corpus Christi" were in fact elements of John Armstrong's Special Forces unit, but the pieces of the puzzle certainly seem to fit together nicely.

Armstrong was certainly no stranger to the ways of the gun. During his checkered law enforcement career, he killed or assisted in the killing of at least a half dozen men, and probably considerably more. His biggest claim to fame was the capture of the nearly mythical figure of John Wesley Hardin in 1877, for which he reportedly received a $4,000 reward, a considerable bounty in those days. It was with that money that he reportedly built the Armstrong Ranch.
( and John Cloud "Inside the Shooting at the Ranch," Time Magazine, February 27, 2006)

Who John Wesley Hardin really was is difficult to determine, though we do know that he was also no stranger to the ways of the gun. As with other Western 'outlaws,' the true story of Hardin undoubtedly bears little resemblance to the grandiose legend. The fact that there was more to the Hardin story than what is revealed in the fictionalized accounts that pass for history was strongly hinted at when Hardin, credited with some 30-40 murders, including the killing of numerous soldiers and law enforcement officers, was ultimately pardoned and released from prison, after which he promptly was admitted to the bar and magically transformed himself into a successful attorney. But here, alas, I have digressed.
( and

Returning to The Handbook of Texas Online, we find that "most of the land [in Kenedy County] still remains in the hands of the Armstrong, King, Kenedy, and Yturria interests." Reading on, we find that these four families are closely interwoven through marriages and business partnerships. The King Ranch was "founded in 1847 by Mifflin Kenedy and his partner Richard King, who acquired their vast holdings by both legal and questionable means. In the early 1880s, for example, Kenedy reportedly fenced in a lake that by tradition belonged to Doña Euliana Tijerina of the La Atravesada grant. To enforce their rule the Kings often called on the Texas Rangers, whom locals sometimes referred to as los rinches de la Kineña - the King Ranch Texas Rangers. Commenting on such practices, an anonymous newspaper article in 1878 averred that it was not unusual for King's neighbors 'to mysteriously disappear whilst his territory extends over entire counties.'" (

So we see that the Kenedy and King families have been business partners for more than a century and a half. And so it is with the Yturria family as well: "Mexican-born Don Francisco Yturria founded the [Yturria] ranch and Brownsville’s first private bank in the mid-Nineteenth Century. A Confederate war profiteer, Francisco Yturria formed a shipping company with several partners, including legendary King Ranch founder Richard King. The company monopolized the region’s Civil War trade by registering ships in Yturria’s name, sailing under Mexican flags and thereby moving through Union blockades."

In 1944, so as not to feel left out, Katharine Armstrong's uncle (Tobin's brother) "wed an heir of legendary King Ranch, linking two of the biggest ranches in Texas. The Armstrong Ranch has since gone global, with tracts in Australia and South America." ( Thus we see that the four families that own Kenedy County are essentially just one big, happy family. And one extremely wealthy family. Among the "Armstrong, King, Kenedy, and Yturria interests" is oil; "between 1947 and January 1, 1991, a total of 31,800,494 barrels was produced" from wells in Kenedy County. At today's prices, that's roughly $2 billion worth of oil. Not too shabby. (

Some other interesting facts about this most unusual Texas county emerge on a website run by a guy who apparently has an obsession with visiting the highest point of land in each of Texas' 254 counties. Why? I have no idea, but here is a portion of his report on Kenedy County: "Kenedy County is one of those peculiar counties created at the behest of wealthy ranchers (in this case, the King Ranch) so that the county can be run as a sort of fiefdom. About 400 people live in the county, most of them in the little town of Sarita. Only one paved highway enters the county: US-77, which makes a straight shot north-south. Aside from the few roads in Sarita, the entire county is essentially company land, and access is not permitted anywhere without permission. The maps show virtually no realistic road network near the Kenedy highpoint from within Kenedy County ... One other interesting side note: Kenedy County is the only county out of the 254 in Texas not to have any secondary Farm to Market (FM) highways within its boundaries. Somewhere (I forget where) I read that there are only 7 miles of paved road in the entire county, not counting US-77." (

And now, after that lengthy digression, it is time to return to where we left off with our story. In case you have forgotten, we were discussing the Sheriff Department's official report, as co-authored by Sheriff Ramon Salinas III and Chief Deputy Gilberto San Miguel, Jr.. And when we left off, Deputy San Miguel had just finished identifying for us the members of the alleged hunting party, whom he claims to have deposed, although no such written statements have ever seen the light of day and probably don't actually exist.

There is little information of value in San Miguel's 2½-page "Incident Report." The first page contains an account of his arrival at the ranch, his greeting by Secret Service and Border Patrol agents, his meeting of Dick Cheney, and Cheney's one-paragraph account of the shooting, including the bizarre claim that "Mr. Whittington was standing on ground that was lower than the one he [Cheney] was standing on." (

On page two, San Miguel briefly describes the weapon Cheney was using. He then claims that he spoke briefly with Katharine Armstrong, "who told [him] pretty much the same story" as Cheney. San Miguel then parenthetically advises readers to "See her written statement for further details," which is, of course, rather difficult to do since no such statement is actually attached to the report.

San Miguel next describes his visit the following day with the hospitalized victim, Harry Whittington. The deputy claims, rather preposterously, that he "asked Mr. Whittington if we could record our conversation and Mr. Whittington requested not to be recorded due to his voice being raspy. It was then I requested a written affidavit be done and Mr. Whittington gladly agreed to do one as soon as he returned back to his office." There is, needless to say, no indication that such a statement has ever been taken.

According to San Miguel, "Whittington did speak of the incident and explained foremost that there was no alcohol during the hunt and everyone was wearing the proper hunting attire of blaze orange." Before Whittington could discuss how the shooting occurred, however, "a nurse came in the room and asked Lt. [Juan J.] Guzman and I to kind of hurry up so Mr. Whittington could rest. Mr Whittington again reiterated that this incident was just an accident." So Whittington apparently had enough energy to preemptively deny that there was any misconduct involved, but not enough to discuss what actually happened.

On the final page of the report, San Miguel gives a very brief description of his alleged visit to "the area were [sic] the incident occurred." The deputy reveals nothing of significance about the shooting site, offering only that he "was able to understand more how Mr. Cheney and Katharine Armstrong described the area in their statement." There was no need, of course, to take any photographs at the scene or attempt to gather any sort of evidence.

San Miguel ends his report with the claim that he had obtained, or planned to obtain, sworn statements from each of the named witnesses. But as we know, no such statements have ever been released, just as no sworn statements by the shooter and victim have ever been released, no Secret Service report has ever been released, no medical report on the victim's condition upon admission to the hospital has ever been released, and no evidence has ever been gathered and analyzed. There has been no mention by anyone, for example, of what became of Whittington's alleged hunting garb and other clothing, though such items would obviously contain evidence of the shot pattern and the amount of blood shed by the victim.

The report authored by San Miguel, and the supplemental report added by his boss, Salinas, are quite obviously tailored to accomplish several goals: absolve Dick Cheney of any responsibility for the shooting; deny that the Secret Service overstepped its authority by denying an investigating officer access to a potential crime scene; deny that the Sheriff's Department offered preferential treatment to the shooter; downplay the gravity of Whittington's wounds; and, finally, do all that while revealing as little as possible about the actual shooting.

There is little doubt that even if all the witnesses had been questioned, none of them would have deliberately contradicted the official account. In the vernacular of organized crime (which seems appropriate when dealing with members of the Bush Administration), these were all "made men." We know this because we know that only Cheney's most trusted friends and associates can get anywhere near him with a loaded weapon. So it seems a pretty safe bet that none of the alleged witnesses would openly contradict the tall tale told by Cheney and Armstrong. However, the official story is so sketchily defined, and so fundamentally absurd, that it is a given that if it were to be told in sworn statements by multiple parties, those witness accounts would contain numerous obfuscations and unintentional contradictions.

Unfortunately, we don't have access to those statements, which in all likelihood don't even exist. But from what little evidence is available, we can safely conclude that the official story of the shooting incident is yet another web of transparent lies being sold to the American people. Harry Whittington was not shot from 30 yards away and he almost certainly wasn't shagging a downed bird, and Dick Cheney wasn't likely shooting at a bird. Considering that Whittington was shot at fairly close range, and that the shot was apparently centered approximately on his right collarbone, it is inconceivable that Cheney could have thought he was firing at a quail at the time he pulled the trigger.

And yet, strangely enough, it seems safe to assume that Dick Cheney did not intend to shoot Harry Whittington. We know this because if he had intentionally shot Whittington in the face and chest from close range, it is a foregone conclusion that Harry would have never made it to the hospital alive. You just don't normally shoot someone with the intent to kill and then shuttle them off to the hospital to recover and tell their tale. It's considered bad form among criminals of the caliber of Dick Cheney.

So what really did happen at the Armstrong Ranch that day? How are we to explain a shooting that is difficult to interpret as being accidental, and yet doesn't appear to have been intentional, and that has been presented to the American people through a tapestry of obvious lies?

The most prevalent theory that briefly circulated in alternative media circles adds the consumption of alcohol to the equation. And to be sure, there are clear indications that the boys were doing some drinking that day. As with all other aspects of this story, the alcohol question has elicited contradictory answers from the 'witnesses.' Armstrong first claimed that there was no alcohol involved, "zero, zippo," and then later allowed that maybe some members of the party were drinking, but that the drinkers weren't doing the shooting. Cheney was initially said to have not been drinking at all, but he later acknowledged knocking back a beer at lunch, which of course contradicted both of Armstrong's versions of events. References to alcohol consumption mysteriously went missing from posted media reports and interview transcripts. Both the Parks and Wildlife Report and the Sheriff's Department Report proclaim Cheney to have been alcohol free, but he was not even questioned for more than twelve hours after the incident, so he was obviously never tested for drug or alcohol consumption, or even observed for signs of intoxication. And doctors, as previously noted, have refused to release the results of Whittington's blood-alcohol tests.

So was alcohol involved? There is little doubt that it was, possibly along with other intoxicants as well. And it is tempting to conjure up the mental image of a hopelessly drunk Dick Cheney recklessly swinging his shotgun around and blasting poor Harry Whittington in the face ... and then possibly slurring out orders for someone to clean up his mess while he stumbled off in search of more phantom prey. Alternately, some have suggested that Cheney didn't actually shoot Whittington at all, but rather drunkenly dropped his gun, causing it to accidentally discharge.

Both of those are possibilities, I suppose, but I suspect that something darker and more sinister lies beneath this hastily assembled cover-up. If Cheney were inclined to get so drunk on hunting excursions that he could accidentally shoot a partner in the face and chest from close range, then you would think that he might have a bit of trouble finding hunting partners -- as well as guides, hosts, security personnel, and medical attendants. And if he had dropped the gun and it accidentally discharged, wouldn't it have been much easier to just go with that story, rather than cooking up an obviously fraudulent one? Would dropping the gun have cast Cheney in a worse light than spinning around and shooting someone in the face? After all, you don't have to be drunk to drop a gun -- just careless, which is certainly no worse than being reckless.

The fact that "Cheney was drunk" theories got a considerable amount of play on obviously fraudulent 'progressive' websites (Arianna Huffington's blog being a prime example) tends to indicate, to skeptics such as myself, that the alcohol angle is a classic case of a "limited hang-out." (I've probably explained this before, but as a courtesy to new readers, I'll do so once again: within the intelligence community, a "limited hang-out" is a damage-control tactic that basically involves pleading guilty to jaywalking in the hopes that the judge won't notice that you are also a mass murderer.)

So again we must ask: what really happened at the Armstrong Ranch that day? Perhaps what we need to do here in order to answer that question is think 'outside the box.' Perhaps we need to look beyond those aspects of the official story that have been universally accepted as true. Perhaps we need to question the basic premise that this shooting occurred while some gentleman hunters were out on a quail hunting expedition.

I have never quite believed that Dick Cheney has any real interest in hunting quail (and I have an even harder time picturing Karl Rove out on a quail hunt, though he is also said to hunt at the Armstrong Ranch). And though no one seems to have noticed, the official cover story spun by Cheney and Rove tends to strongly indicate that neither of the two knows the first thing about quail hunting. In fact, it would appear that I have learned more about the sport of quail hunting by spending a couple of afternoons on the Internet than Cheney has learned by allegedly spending a lifetime out in the brush.

Let's be honest here: Dick Cheney is a good-ole-boy quail hunter from Wisconsin in the same way that George W. Bush is a good-ole-boy Texas rancher. Like Bush, Richard Cheney was born a blue-blood elite. The media-crafted public persona has no basis in reality; it exists only in the collective mind.

Consider that Cheney and Rove had almost an entire day to craft some sort of credible cover story for the shooting. And they were free to invent virtually any scenario they saw fit to invent, since all the witnesses were going to go along with the charade, and the fully-owned Keystone Cops of Kenedy County were ready to close the case before Whittington had even hit the ground. And yet the Seasoned Hunter, working hand-in-hand with The Great Spinmeister, concocted what has to be about the lamest possible story they could have come up with. And incredibly enough, the pair actually thought that the fable they had constructed completely exonerated Cheney!

In fact, it is safe to say that portraying Cheney as blameless was the primary concern of our two script writers. And yet the story they produced, after mulling it over for quite some time, failed miserably in achieving that goal. The most likely reason for that failure is that the dynamic duo have virtually no knowledge of safe, time-honored hunting practices.

But if the party wasn't out on a quail hunt, then what were they doing that day, and how did Whittington end up with a chest full of birdshot? The best we can do is take an educated guess based on the following, which are the most reasonable conclusions that can be drawn from the available evidence.

* Harry Whittington was not shagging a downed bird when he was shot, and he probably wasn't wearing hunting gear.
* Cheney almost certainly wasn't shooting at a bird when he blasted Whittington.
* Whittington was hit in the kill zone from relatively short range with a stationary (point and shoot) shot fired from Cheney's gun, which strongly suggests that the shot was fired intentionally.
* Nevertheless, Harry Whittington was likely not the intended target.
* The incident took place in Kenedy County -- a sprawling, 1,500-square-mile patch of land in South Texas that is fully owned and controlled by a network of wealthy families, and that is - with the exception of a few public roads - completely inaccessible to the general public, and that is, by all appearances, beyond the reach of any law enforcement agencies.
* The Armstrong Ranch, and Kenedy County in general, would be the ideal place for a sociopath like Dick Cheney to indulge in his most depraved fantasies.
* Dick Cheney could not possibly have mistaken Harry Whittington for a bird.
* Cheney could, however, have easily mistaken Whittington for another person.

The scenario that best fits these facts, although it is an entirely speculative one, is that Dick Cheney shot Harry Whittington accidentally when he thought he was taking aim at someone else. As Whittington would have had to be directly involved in the activities being pursued, it was obviously in his best interests to go along with the Cheney/Rove story and discourage anyone from looking too closely at the facts of the case.

And that, my friends, is my best guess as to what occurred on the Armstrong Ranch at approximately 5:30 PM on February 11, 2006. Not that it matters, of course. As Time Magazine opined, "What took place in the hours before and after the shooting is a largely mundane tale that became extraordinary" only because Cheney, for several days, "seemed unwilling to tell it." Of course, there is, as Time acknowledged,"a small and geeky but persistent debate over whether Cheney might have been closer to Whittington than 30 yds., the figure in the sheriff's report." Luckily though, 'real' reporters don't engage in "geeky" debates, so the American people have been spared from exposure to such trivialities.
(John Cloud "Inside the Shooting at the Ranch," Time Magazine, February 27, 2006)

After the passing of just a few short weeks, the shooting incident has become little more than an obscure historical footnote. It may provide fodder for an occasional late night joke, but it hardly merits any serious discussion. There is, however, one final observation that can be made here: if Cheney was destined to have such a hunting 'accident,' he could at least have had the decency to let it happen a couple of years ago, when he was out on an alleged duck hunt with a certain Supreme Court justice. Quack, quack.


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