Sunday, October 07, 2007

Google Yourself Corpus Christi: Gossip of South Texas Chismosos, go for it guys, y'all got yourselves a humdinger of a scoop! LOL!


In the latest South Texas Independent Journalists Association (STIJA) survey, the public is demanding that Congressman Solomon Ortiz, his former aide Lencho "El Pescado" Rendon and State Senator "Sucio" Eddie Lucio should spend time in prison for their roles in the $21 million Port of Brownsville heist.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Appt by Gov. "Rick James" Perry; Kingsville is stuck w/ a Malicious Pros. Court Officers refer to him as Hitler until he is voted out Nov 2

John John You will Never win an election as long as I am around.

Frank Alvarez to seek DA’s post

Frank Alvarez
- Kingsville attorney Frank Alvarez has announced his candidacy for the office of Kleberg and Kenedy County District Attorney in the Democratic Primary in March 2008.
He said he would formally file for the office within the next two weeks.
Alvarez is challenging John Hubert who was sworn as district attorney for Kleberg and Kenedy counties Sept. 1 in Austin.
Hubert, a Republican, was appointed by Gov. Rick Perry.
Hubert’s term continues until the general election in November 2008.Alvarez said he has a broad knowledge of the legal system and wants to become a public servant, using the experiences he has gained in the private sector. Alvarez has been in private practice in Kingsville since 1996.
He said he has 11 and a half years of criminal law experience, and he has worked in all aspects of criminal law that includes juvenile, misdemeanor, and felonies, and Alvarez has also practiced in the federal courts.
He has several years experience as a court appointed attorney.
He has been admitted to practice in the Southern and Western district federal courts, as well as, the fifth circuit court of appeals.
“The position of district attorney requires someone who has the experience and qualifications to handle all the cases that come through this office,” Alvarez said.
“I can provide the experience in the office because I have handled a broad range of cases,” he said.
“At this point in my life it’s time to become a public servant, using my experience that I have gained in the private sector,” Alvarez said.
Alvarez has also worked for Justice Jack Hightower, a Texas Supreme Court judge.
A lifelong Kingsville resident, Alvarez received a B.S. degree in political science from the University of Texas in San Antonio. He earned a law degree from the South Texas College of Law in Houston in December 1995. He is a 1987 H.M. King High graduate.
The majority of his continuing legal education has been in criminal law. As an attorney he has taken continuing education classes in criminal law.
Alvarez has served as the past president for the Kleberg-Kenedy Bar Association.
He also serves as president of the Kingsville Affordable Houses that handles Kings Crossings Phase 1 and 2 and Courts Las Palomas. These are apartments for low-income housing.
He and his wife Courtney, Kingsville city attorney, have been married 12 years. They have four sons who are Austin, 9, Carson 7, Riley 5 and Max six months.
The family are members of St. Gertrude’s Catholic Church.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

BurkaBlog: Split Decision

A BurkaBlog: A Kenedeno Responds to Paul Burka Article with a knockout in the Article Entitled, "Solomon P. Ortiz Jr. Defeats Mikal Watts at his Own Game. Or Perhaps GOD intervened.: "August 22, 2006"

Solly's opponent claimed he had endorsements in writing and he in fact had them but that is the key, ....... he "had them". We are dealing with human beings who will change their mind if and when they see a better deal. Now whether that means more honest, more for the voter, or getting their eyes poked with the Silver Tongue talking like a multi ventriloquist that is for us to find out. Endorsements dont mean anything unless it is on the day they vote. Ask the NY Mets about that phenomenon as they will sit at home this October after leading the whole season.

BurkaBlog:Some Insight Into WATT Endorsements Mean in South Texas?