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Remember the Cucuy vs Two Fer adversarial relationship and how the perpetuated is perpetuated


A few observations before we dig in:

Remember the Cucuy vs Two Fer adversarial relationship and how the perpetuated is perpetuated; carried out with the Police Union as the activating medium, a means to an end if you are Rene Rodriguez.

Remember when the CCCT printed the Capelo Transcript with TWO FER asking the questions?
Q: Do you know, sir, whether or not you aided and -- you were aided and abetted by Rene Rodriguez in depriving Citgo of its honest service of its lawyer -- you, sir, whether you sold out -- you sold out to Rene Rodriguez?

A I did not.

Q You did not sell out. Have you ever heard the word in Spanish called "Vendido", V-E-N-D-I-D-O?

A Yes, I have.

Q And that's what you are, right, sir, a "Vendido"?

A No, I think that was -- the term was used for you and your family during the senatorial race.

Q Yes, sir. Yes, sir. That's what you are, right?

A No, that's not.

Q Yes, sir.

A I think that's one of the reasons why you're so upset.

Q I'm upset because I cannot stand a corrupt lawyer like you, sir.

Another intangible that undoubtedly figures in, is the position of Commander David Torres and the position he took questioning the integrity of some of his superiors and subjective investigations within the department; "In his suit, CCPD Commander David Torres claims he was the victim of retaliation after he raised questions about some investigations and some actions by his superiors".
Commander Torres says his problems began with the investigation into allegations that some officers were using their position to buy vehicles out of the impound lot. He claims he began looking into those allegations, and for his trouble, he ended up being named a suspect.
From outside the arena and upon watching and listening to Commander Torres, it appears he has not a conflict with the impound lot players as he is most troubled over the actions by his superiors.

No doubt, one of the Officers caught up in the impound lot overstep is a very charismatic and influential leader within the rank and file. No doubt Bryan Smith would breath easier with the threat removed. Commander Torres is the scapegoat here in this scenario. Who wanted the charismatic officer gone more, Torres or Chief Smith?

Now, with Celis, (and I dont give a damn about defending him, he is a big boy and can take care of himself); with Cucuy YANQUI'ing Celis, it is about bringing in the DRAMA factor, the intrigue and following the path to strongarm and dismember our Nueces Democratic Party so as to hijack & control a ready made party structure for themselves. So by bringing in Celis he helps the Republican ticket or so they believe. It is truly "whore-iffic" when one YANQUIS his own Culture worse than the MAN himself. Rene Rodriguez, Terry Shamsie, Jaime Capelo, and the like are aligned for the time being with the Mamons De La Solomons.

Last night after the 10 o'clock news we received several calls, some of our community leaders and from both sides of the aisle. Only one went on the record, American GI Forum Joe A Ortiz reasoned it out this way, he said it was wrong to drag Celis back out in the public eye! why did he do it he didnt need to do that?

In my response to Joe My feelings for Mr Celis and his SNAFU are far outweighed by the community's good and I was not going to defend him because we (@Los Kenedenos) had already given him the opportunity to shelter underneath our umbrella. So anyway, Joe says to me it is not about defending Celis (he is a big boy) it is just how Cucuy used one of his own culture to disparage and create a circus like atmosphere. I concur in that from a Civil Rights POV and with the progress we work so hard to exemplify Rene went out and did the very thing we ask everyone else to refrain from; he YANQUI'D another Mejicano and in doing so strikes a blow to our Nueces Democratic Party and possibly touching the run for the oval office. It is OK if that is how you want it to be>>>>>> YOU GOT IT,....... TAKE IT AWAY........ ESSO>>>>>>>>>

Oh yes, and for the record the publication cited by KIII news is not where this info originated, YOURS TRULY put it in writing over the last 2 1/2 years. Those guys like to use our stuff as their own in a futile attempt to feed their lacking self confidence. I have tried to read it but, there is no punch, no faith and definitely, no spirit.

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