Wednesday, August 15, 2007

GI Forum National Report: "KC Rove quit to help Junior John"

GI Forum National Report: "KC Rove quit to help Junior John" Corpus Christi Watchdog Authority: Fwd: [Telemundo South Texas] Senatorial Prevarication: Will Texas Allow Junior Joh...

"Did K C Rove quit to help John Cornyn?"

Jaime Kenedeño said... Didn't you mean to say, "KC Rove quit to help Junior John"?

Of course he wanted to have more family time, isn't that the standard line now days.

He is coming to TEXAS to play ball in our ball park.


Finally, he comes out to play with the big boys.

I'm Waiting............................

Welcome to the Texas WEB KC
go ahead and mosey on down to
the little feathers who flock together.

A Democraddick Melodrama Entitled, ...........

The Roved, the Sycophant and the Tasteless.

Where the Roved and the Tasteless will now lob direct rebuke tomahawks
at the USAG, the President and other favorite targets the left so passionately rag on daily.


Jaime Kenedeño said...

Que Onda danielthomas?

WATT do U want KC?

Jaime Kenedeño said...

Jack BLACK or is it Black Jack......
Posted on August 30, 2007 at 02:34:31 AM by Jaime Kenedeno

It is Judge Jack

And Lungs Black

in twenty or thirty

it will be hard to breathe

and a constant hack hack hack

and that junk science is just a bunch of smack

and for any who claim no harm is done

for you guys by all means let us help to a sack

Silica or Asbestos take one and past the rest to the back

inhale and enjoy

today is today and you are only an employ

Now as the years go by the Golden Years are full of joy

Pleural Thickening, Mesothelioma, Silicosis OH BOY!

If you worked around with the shit flying round in the air

It dont take a rocket scientist to figure it out

U R Screwed because no matter how hard you breathe, you cant get no frickin air.

Pay the damn bill!